Loon. Morris’s subtle concession to uniformity is his hairstyle loose and flowing for the Sorceress and tied back for Dido.

Don’t worry if opera isn’t your usual cup of

tea. The singing in Dido and Aeneas takes place in the pit with the stage reserved for

the dancers. ‘I think it’s because I love music

so much that my dances are based on it.’

Morris admits. ‘Singing and dancing have so

much to do with each other because there’s nothing between you and the people you’re performing for.’ He also reads musical scores, which might be why his dance steps seem to translate the music for us. While sometimes the movements mimic the song

words (and Morris often has them printed in

the programme). at other times he and his dancers move contrapuntally, against the melody. picking up subtle undertones. Quite often it is the music that creates the structure for the dance and yet he is able to produce dance that heightens the power of the score.

‘I think classically, and it‘s always interesting,’ says Morris, declining to describe his work further. ‘They’re fabulous. fabulous dancers, and we don’t look like a team of robots.’

Dido and Aeneas (International Festival) Mark Morris Dance Group, King 's Theatre,

225 5756, 18—20 Aug, 8pm; 20 Aug, 2.30pm,

£5—£ I 8. 50.

Mixed Bill (International Festival) Mark Morris Dance Group, Playhouse Theatre, 225 5756, 22—24 Aug, 7.30pm; 23 Aug, 2.30pm, £5—£18.50.

He has a penchant for reversing stereotypical roles, and uses wild mixtures of dance styles from ethnic, ballet, jazz and modern sources.

Mark Morris: Rangasayee

{ -.


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