on. With the kind of act he has, I would have I added a disclaimer at the end: “I’d like you to know that I was only playing, it wasjust a

Thea Vidaie

‘ln American soap

joke." But see. he didn‘t do that. operas we have

‘I male-bash, I think men should be seen people kimng [0|k, and not heard, much like children and dogs. we have lots 0' sex But I don’t gay-bash and I only white-bash _' need sex and

by saying what is true. I’m not angry with white people, I’m angry because they don’t

have enough sense or integrity to do the right thing, but I don’t hate them. What I give people in Europe credit for is that they’re all really realistic, they want the truth as opposed to telling some fairy-tale shit like in America. We always wanna colour it up, but the truth is the truth.’

And the truth is, that Thea Vidale should not be classed alongside all of those comics mentioned earlier. But Americans being so in need of a compartment to put someone in, where does she see herself? ‘A kinda cross between Eddie Murphy and Oprah. And I look like Tina Turner; well my body doesn’t. I look like Tina Turner on steroids. Tina Turner on steroids going bad.’

garbage in my Iite’

Thea Vidale (Fringe) Assembly at the Meadows (Venue 116) 229 9281, I4 Aug—4 Sept (n0t18, 27, 1), 10pm, £6.50 (£5.50).

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