Ialn McColl ol Borderline Theatre Co as Tommy ln 'Waitlng lor Tommy'.


The index lists every show (alphabetically by title) which appears in this week’s List, and gives the page on which each show is reviewed or previewed. Cabaret, comedy theatre, revues and stand-up have all been listed under the heading CABARET. Folk, Rock, Jazz and Classical performances are all listed under MUSIC.


Below the Belt Northern Productions The Big Tease Grassmarket Project Breaking the Sound Banter Hannoch

Rosenn 31 Butchers Giro Theatre 38 Couples Caeciotore Fabbno 43 The Clearing American Connexion 43 Crumblies The Cambridge Mummers 31 Wrano Communicado 41 Denied CTDWDS Exacting Theatre 27 Desdernona - It you had only spoken!

Eleanor Bron 32

Dougal and the Blue Cat Cunnineg Caned 28 Dorothy Parker is Dead Gilded Balloon 28 Dylan Thomas: Return Journey Bob Kingdom

Eclipsed Punchbag

End ol the Tunnel Philippe Gaulier

47 29 32

Face to lace fecund Theatre 27 Flipside Hip Webster 7A Frankie and Tommy llull Truck 37 Fresh Oysters Chekhov Players 38 Fuente Oveluna Royal National Theatre 35

The Glri Who Couldn't Stop Laughing

The Cambridge Mummers 31 Grimm - The Telling ol Tales IZUTC 44 Guid Sisters Tron Theatre 35 Hatchet Plans Parti-pris 23 How Far Can You Go? Watson and Co 43 l Celebrate Mysell Nottinghamshire Education 24 invasion Werewoll Johnny Myers 53 Kepler Fifth Iistate 43 A Little Older Clyde Unity 31 tile Oi Sill" Traverse 29 Mad Grassmarket Project 35 Madame Mao’s Memoires Traverse 27 Magic Jack Cambridge Mummers 31 Me Mysell U8 John McKay and Forbes Masson 41 Melting Wings Theatre Du N 24 Misogynist Tom liickcy 29 Notlalls Belau Theatre YBY 28 The Orange Penguin Risk Theatre 28 Orchids in the Moonlight Southern Development Trust 38 Orlando Red Shift 27 Peer Gynt Bastinado 27 The People Who Could Fly Shoestring Players 27 Persona Sandra Duncan 23 Playboy Boilerhouse 47 Bamsays Oi Edinburgh Dragon Theatre 31 Redemplive Giro Theatre 38 Real Time 'l'mu-Na 37 Revelations - The Testament ol Salome Traverse 37 Savages Frantic 53 Scenic Flights Paines Plough 44 Schippel Greenwich Theatre Company 35 Sex Alter Supper Erotica Poetica 48 Ship Ol Fools Benchtours 32 Slatzer’s Bouquet Playback Theatre 44

The Shaw's Not Over ’Til The Fat Lady Sings Magnet Theatre

The Story at the Last ol the Just The Besht Tellers

Ubtl Nada Theatre

Voice ol the Sea Patois

Waiting lor Tommy Borderline Walking on Sticks Sarah Cathcart


Alive Alive-Oh Tommy Cockles Angels and Amazons Ra-Ra Zoo

Porn Boyd Pom Boyd

The Dum ShOW The Dum Show

The Electronic Dark Age Dark Age Flies Harry ilill

G-Force Playful Theatre Company

Hi8 Master’s Bass Jim Tavare

Holsten lmpro Gilded Balloon

Eddie lzzard Eddie luard

Paul Morocco and the EC Big Band Paul Morocco

Moulin RUSS Moscow State University


Mommy’s Little Girl Jenny Eclair

RU 127 Between The Lines

Sean Live Scan Hughes

Seen Anything Good? Mcrvyn Stuttcr Sin Bruce Morton

Three Men and a Baby Grand Three Men and Baby Grand

Tutti Flutti Jane Rutter

Variete Chamaleon Assembly

Thea Vidale Thea Vidale

Yeltsin. Trotsky and the Betting Shop Mark Steel

Mitchell Zeidtvig Mitchell Zcidwig Zuberaree Corky and the Juice Pigs

Paul Clement Flying Chesty Coils Flying Chesty Coffs



53 16



23 23

Fred's Famous Storybook Herrick Theatre 23

Magic Music Box Magic Music Box Mario's Magnilicenl Marvels Magic Carpet theatre company



Appalachian Patchwork: Bluegrass Ballet

Cumberland Dance Ensemble

Area One Contemporary Dance Area One

Contemporary Dance Dido and Aeneas Mark Morris Birthday at the lnlanta Vestris


Devil’s Gonna Get You Bessie and the Boys

Lady Day at Emerson‘s Bar and Grill Chris Calloway

Bagad Kernperr Leith Town Hall Beethoven’s llammerklavier Richard Goode

Beethoven's 33 Variations on a Waltz Benjamin Frith

Clan Alba Aegis Productions

Hell Bent. Heaven Bound Christine Collister, lungr and Parker, lan Shaw Mahler‘s Oas Lied Von Der Erde Edinburgh Festival Ensemble Mahler’s Oas Lied Von Der Erde Ann

2A 14 24



57 57

57 55



Murray. Philip Langn'dge. Peter Donohoe 57

More Jam Tomorrow Neil Innes Moses and Aaron BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra

Peter Nardlnl Acoustic Music Centre The Oprlchnik Scottish Opera Romances Dmitri Hvorostovsky

The Spirit at Scotland Malt Whisky Society

Tchaikovsky Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra

2( 57 57 S7 55 57


The List l4—20August 19923