mins. 8.15pm. The first ofSyberberg‘s Historical Trilogy reflects on the life of eccentric monarch Ludwig 11 ofBavaria. I Swoon (Tom Kalin. US. 1992) 82 mins. 10.30pm. A splendid version ofthe infamous 1924 casein which two law students kidnapped and murdered a young boy in order to prove their intellectual superiority.


I Animation Industry Initiative 120 mins. 10am. A special session. held in the Drambuie Film Festival Pavilion. examining the future ofanimation in Scotland.

I Post Office McLaren Award 1 oilmins. 12.45pm. A programme of new British animated works.

I The Last Run (Richard Fleischer. US. 1971 ) 99 mins. 2pm. An ex-Chicago gangster takes on one last job. Screenedas part of a tribute to Scottish screenwriter Alan Sharp.

I Acoustic Routes (Jan Leman. Scotland. l992)7(lmins. 2.15pm. Adocumentary following guitarist Bert Jansehon a journey to the heart of American Blues. I New British Shorts 92 mins. 6pm. Four short films from Britain: [Fall Therefore] Am. Capoeiera. Dirty Diamonds and Can 'I Stop Me Dreaming.

I Piotr Dumala RetroSpective 64 mins. 6.15pm. The work of Polish animator Dumala shows a rich sense ofblack humour in its exploration of the darker side oflife.

I Karl May (Hans Jiirgen Syberbcrg. Germany. 1974)187 mins. 7.45pm. Sy'berberg's Historical Trilogy continues with a probe inside the head of the 19th

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century German writer.

I Ginevra (lngemo Engstrom. Germany. 1991) 152 mins. 7.50pm. This contemporary version of the Arthurian myth has an actress torn between two men and the two sets of ideas theyembody.

I Highway To Hell (Ate De Jong. US.

199())94 mins. 10.35pm. Atecnager travels the surreal landscapes ofHell in search of his kidnapped girlfriend. One of the few horror comedies that really works.


I Hitler-A Film From Germany ( i Ians

1 Jiirgen Syberbcrg. Germany 1977) 437 5 mins. 2pm. The final instalment inthe

Historical Trilogy examines the phenomenon of Hitler and the culture of German Fascism. Shown in four parts with intervals. ,

I Hobo (John T. Davis. UK. 1991)94 mins. 2.15pm. An exemplary documentary that follows America's

? railroad tramps across thousands ofmiles


of steel tracks.

I Immaculate Conception (Jamil Dehlavi. UK. 1992) 12(1mins. 6pm. Anightmare begins when a childless western couple travel to a fertility shrine in India. IJuice (Ernest R. Dickerson. US. 1992) 92 mins. 10.30pm. Hyped up by an explosive rap soundtrack. the directorial debut of acclaimed cinematographer Dickerson tells of four young men from Harlem.


I Iain Smith Masterclass 60 mins. 12.45pm. The Scots-born producer of Local Hero and The Mission discusses his career and the trials of film production.

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its: rum; mm

i-nuo'oi ti Gains THE THIRD outth

14!!! - 23rd l0 AM - 7PM DAILY


I Billy Two Hats (Ted Kotcheff. US. 1973) 99 mins. 2pm. An ageing Scot and an Indian half-breed find themselves on the run in the old West. Shown as part ofthe tribute to Scottish screenwriter Alan Sharp.

I Confessions of a Suburban Girl (Susan Seidelman. US/UK. 1992) and I Dreamtl Woke Up (John Boorman. UK. 1991). 2.15pm. Two 50-minute documentaries commissioned by BBC Scotland for its The Director's Place series. Confessions looks at life in a 60s Philadelphia suburb. while] Dreamll Woke Up is a quasi-mystical exploration of the inspiration Boorman draws from his County Wicklow estate.

I Lothian Industry Initiative 9() mins. 4.30pm. An open industry meeting looking at the future offilm. television and video in Edinburgh.

I Hedd Wyn (Paul Turner. Wales. 1992) 123 mins. 6pm. A beautifully crafted epic telling of a young Welsh poet. called up duringthe Great War.

I Penthesilea (Hans Jiirgen Syberbcrg. Germany. 1987) 240 mins. 6. 15pm. Edith Clever performs a version of Kleist‘s celebrated inner monologue. an update of the Greek legend of an Amazon‘s love for Achilles.

I Family Portrait (Luis GalvaoTeles. Portugal. 1991) 102 mins. 8.15pm. A photographer kidnaps his own daughter in order to win back her circus performer mother.

I Slacker(Richard Linklater. US. 1991) 97 mins. 10.30pm. A snapshot look at the overlapping lives of around a hundred of America's new generation ofbcatniks. many playing themselves in fictional situations.


I Alan Sharp Masterclass 60 mins. 12.45pm. The acclaimed screenwriter discusses a career that has spanned four decades. working all over the world in film. television and radio.

I Ulzana's Raid (Robert Aldrich. US. 1972) 103 mins. 2pm. A cavalry troop sets out to capture a marauding Apache gang. Alan Sharp‘s script examines the causes of racial warfare.

I Daddy and the Muscle Academy ( Ilppo Pohjola. Finland. 1991) 57 mins. 2.15pm. A retrospective documentary on the work of Tom of Finland. creator ofsome ofthe world‘s most distinctive gay icons.

I Colin Vaines Industry Initiative 60 mins. 4.30pm. The former head ofthe National Film Development Fund examines the full process of script development.

I Inside My Head I’m Not The One You See (Judith Klinger. Germany. 1991 ) 96mins. 6pm. An inventive documentary which looks at the Bay City Rollers' effect on a legion of fans.

I Die Marquise von 0 (HansJurgen Syberbcrg. Germany. 1989) 224 mins. 6.15pm. Edith Clever performsa monologue version of the Kleist novella detailing one woman‘s stand against social conventions after being raped.

I Secret Nation (Mike Jones. Canada. 1992) 1 10mins. 8.15pm. A Ph.D.studcnt begins a quest to find out the truth about Newfoundland nationalism.

I Emma and Elvis (Julia Reichert. US. 1992) 105 mins. 10.30pm. A middle-aged documentarist strikes up an unlikely relationship with a young video-maker. revealing the differences and similarities in their ideals.




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