PRE-ZOTH CENTURY . I NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND The Mound, 556 8921 . Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2—5pm.

The home of a fine collection of works. from the Renaissance to Post-Impressionism. including Velazquez, El Greco, Rembrandt. Gainsborough, Degas, Van Gogh and Scottish Colourists. Entry to permanent collection is free. Dutch Art and Scotland: A Reflection olTaste Until 18 Oct. £3/£l .50. There have been commercial, intellectual and artistic links between Scotland and the Netherlands since the fifteenth century. This collection includes works by Rembrandt, Cuyp and others that form, or have formed, part of major Scottish collections.

Dutch Drawings or the 17th Century Until 18 Oct. A complementary selection of 50 drawings from the gallery‘s permanent collection.

Scottish Painters and Holland Until 18 Oct. Works by Raeburn, Wilkie, Guthrie and the Glasgow Boys reveal the diverse ways in which Dutch art has influenced Scottish painters.

I OPEN EYE GALLERY 75 Cumberland Street, 557 1020. Mon—Fri 10am—6pm. Sat 10am—4pm.

Rembrandt llarmensz Van Iiln Until 3 Sept. 17th, 18th and 19th century prints.

I PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 556 8921. Mon—Sat 10am-5pm; Sun-5pm. [D]. Cafe.

Allan Ramsay 1713-1784 Until 27 Sept. £3/£1.50. The definitive retrospective ofa revolutionary portrait painter whose fame was later eclipsed by Reynolds and Gainsborough. Horace Walpole described him as ‘all delicacy‘.


I ACROSS THE MERSEY THEATRE Infirmary Street, 557 9659. Daily llam-late. Licensed Bar.

Peter Swanson: Sweet Disorder Until 5 Sept. New works on paper.

I ASSEMBLY ROOMS George Street . 226 2428. Daily llam—midnight. Sat l()am—midnight.

David Hughes Throughout Festival. Performance artist-in-residence, known for his anarchic contributions to The Observer, The Times Saturday Review and Punch. Hughes will create a unique exhibition at Assembly.

I CHESSEL GALLERY Moray House, Royal Mile, 5568455. Mon—Sat l()am—Spm. Group Show Mon 17 Aug—4 Sept. Ceramics, painting and jewellery by local artists, as well as Peter Standon‘s beautiful, though apocalyptic vision of a future, ruined Edinburgh, all desert and palm trees on Princes Street.

I CITIZENS STUDIOS 17—21 Assembly Street, Leith, 554 1649. Tue—Sun noon—5pm; Wed noon—8pm.

Lelth Open '92 Sat 15 Aug—6 Sept. An open submission show at one of the city‘s most exciting young galleries.

I LEONE COCKBURN 21 Dean Park Mews, 343 2840. Mon-Fri 11.30am—5.30pm: Sat 11.30am—1.30pm.

Jennifer Irvine: Paintings Fri 14—22 Aug. Colours that ‘fairly zing from the canvas in joyous profusion‘.

I COLLECTIVE GALLERY 22—28 Cockburn Street, 220 1260. Tue—Sat 1 1am—5pm.

On Real Tue 18 Aug—5 Sept. Reading-based artists Susan Brind. Marcus Cole and Celia Hayes collaborate ! on three sensory installations - artistic variations on the subject of ‘heat‘.

f I EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART Lauriston ' Place, 2299311. Daily 10am—6pm.

: All exhibitions Sun 16 Aug—5 Sept:




A collection 01 Mirb’s sculptures, on show at the Royal Scottish Academy

Word and Image Contemporary prints, drawings, paintings and sculpture by nine artists, all of whom explore the relationship between the written and the visual.

Cornucopia Paintings and sculpture. Elspeth Lamb: Prints and paperwottts Postgraduate Students: Paintings and Prints I EDINBURGH PRINTMAKERS WORKSHOP AND GALLERY 23 Union Street, 557 2479. Mon—Sat 10am—5.3()pm.

Peterelaite: Alphabet. Sat 15 Aug—12 Sept. A new suite of works, one for each letter of the alphabet. by the famous Pop Artist who designed the album cover for Sergeant Pepper.

, 112';


"r, ..

Edith Simon: Woman Emerging from a Crack in the Wait


Bristo Square, 650 2656. Mon—Sat


New Works Until 5 Sept. Including sculpture, audio-visual works and video. Simon is as zany as ever.

I FIGUREHEAD GALLERY 65 Queen Charlotte Street. Leith. Mon—Sat l()am—Spm. Geollrey Roper. Paintings Sat 15 Aug—5 Sept.

I FLYING COLOURS GALLERY 35 William Street. 225 6776. Tue—Fri 11am—6pm; Sat 10am—1pm.

Caroline Buchanan: Watercolour: Until 29 Aug. Scottish scenes by an Edinburgh artist.

I FRASER FINE ART 33 Allva Street, 225 2782. Tue—Fri 11am-5pm; Sat l()am—lpm. Alan Alexander Recent Paintings Until 28 Aug. Exuberant works in sumptuous colours.

I FRUITMARKET GALLERY Market Street. 225 2383. Tue—Sat 11am—6pm; Sun noon—5pm. Cafe.

Andy Goldsworthy: Ice and Snow Drawings and The Throws Sat 15 Aug—12 Sept. Goldsworthy‘s extraordinary large-scale images are made by letting ice and snow. mixed with natural materials melt onto paper. The Throws are vivid photographs in which the artist juggles with nature and chaos. throwing different substances into the air: Australian sand at Ayres Rock. for example.

Raimund Girlie: Paintings Sat 15 Aug—l2 Sept. Works in which white brush strokes work against shades ofgrcy to create a tension which has been described as ‘a drama ofstillness‘. Raimund Girke will discuss his work at 2pm on Sun 16. Contact gallery for details oftalks. children's workshops and the Order, Chaos and Creativin conference.

I GALLERY OF MODERN ART Belford Road, 556 8921 . Mon—Sat l()am—Spm; Sun 2—5pm. [D] Cafe.

The gallery‘s justly renowned cafe is open Mon—Sat 1().30am—4.30pm: Sun 2.30—4.20pm. Entry to the permanent collection is free. and features works by Picasso. Matisse. Mondrian and 20th century Scottish artists.

James Pryde1866-1941 Until l 1 Oct. £3/£1.50. The first major retrospective of the Scottish painter’s oeuvre since a memorial exhibition after his death. Pryde's dramatic oil paintings combine his fascination with Edinburgh‘s Old Town low-life and his love of the theatre and theatricality.

I ITALIAN CULTURAL INSTITUTE 82 Nicolson Street. 668 2232. Mon—Fri 10am—5pm.

Ernesto Treccani: Drawings and Lithographs Until 25 Sept.

I OPEN EYE GALLERY 75 Cumberland Street. 557 1020. Mon-Fri 10am—6pm,Sat 10am—4pm.

Sylvia von Hartmann “W: A Year in the Lire oi Until 3 Sept. A tribute to a mostoriginal artist her works are amalgams ofwax and watercolour.

Michael Lythgoe Until 3 Sept. Sculpture on an ornithological theme.

I PELICAN BAR Cowgate, 225 5413. Daily. 7pm—2am.

Forest Until 5 Sept. A collaborative installation created by sculptor Peter Linnett. painter Virginia Hunt and composer Paul Nieman.

I DUEEN'S HALL Clerk Street, 668 3456. Daily 10am—6pm or later on concert nights.

Three Dimensions of Printmaking Mon 17 Aug—5 Sept.

I ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY The Mound, 225 6671. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm; Sun 11am—6pm.

Miro Sculptures Until 20 Sept. £3/£1 .50. The largest exhibition of the Surrealist's sculptures ever in the UK comprises 72 pieces and fifteen large drawings made between 1962 and 1978. his most fertile time sculpturally. Small bronze witticisms and large, surrealist ‘personages‘. painted bright red. yellow and blue.

Jaume Plensa Until 5 Sept. They‘re an avant-garde bunch. these Catalans: Plensa‘s first UK show features an eight-foot long aluminium and iron question mark and twenty paper collages. I ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN lnverleith Row. 552 7171. Mon—Sat 9am—sunset; Sun llam—sunset. Cafe. Exhibitions 1(1am—5pm.

Herman de Vries Sun in Aug—27 Sept. £21£1 . The first major exhibition ofworks by the Dutch artist and philosopherwhose artworks are created out ofearth, petals and leaves ~ some of them collected from this very garden.

I TALBOT RICE GALLERY Edinburgh University Old College. South Bridge.650 2211. Mon— Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2—5pm.


Symbols oi Survival: the Art olWili Maclean Until 12 Sept. A retrospective exhibition celebrating the output ofone of Scotland‘s major artists. a painter who draws on the life and history of the Highlands for inspiration. The exhibition is also the occasion for the publication ofa book on the artist by Talbot Director Duncan Macmillan.

I TORRANCE GALLERY 29b Dundas Street. 5566366. Mon—Sat 11am—6pm.

Irene Halliday: Paintings for 1992 Until 2 Sept.

I WASPS STUDIOS Patriothall, off Hamilton Place, info: 2204721. Daily 10.30am—5.3()pm.

Exhibition or Contemporary Art and Design Mon 17 Aug-6 Sept. An organisation that provides low cost workspaces for artists and craftspeople, WASPS has fostered many of Scotland‘s best young artists since it was set up in 1985. This show of works by twenty artists includes puppets, jewellery. marbled paper. tapestries, kites and works on paper.


I BOURNE FINE ART 4 Dundas Street, 55/ 4050. Mon—Fri 10am—6pm; Sat

10am— 1 pm.

Daniel Fineh1789-1868:An English Watercolourist's Journey Through Scotland Sat 12 Aug—5 Sept. Plus Paintings ofrhe Highlands and Islands by McCulIoch, McTaggart, Cadell and others.

I CALTON GALLERY 10 Royal Terrace, 556

1010. Mon-Sat 10am—6pm. A Cornucopia of Scottish Art Fri 14 Aug—5

se'l‘hc List 14 - in August 1992——