James McNelll Whistler, archetypal - aesthete, pre-empted many a modern curator in his beliei in the Importance oi exhibition design. He eschewed the clutter iavoured by other Victorians, spacing his works widely and hanging l I s T I N G 5 them in a single line at eye level. Such was his attention to detail that, at a

show oi etchings in 1883, he not only had the walls painted yellow, he had

I.” m. om “ammo mm m Um“ yellow chairs and llowers, yellow ties

For Edinburgh Art listings see separate

. , conceptual artist which question the SOCKS t0 the opening. It seems rather a G L G 3 historical role of self-ornamentation. snub, then, that the Hunterian, which ? Domestic"! and 0'38"“ Sat 15 Aug—1:f holds the largest collection oi his work ' , Oct. Two female German artists pro er a an he”, should [esem it so I ART GALLERY & MUSEUM, KELVINGROVE r glimpse of Germany between the wars. uniynwspmngly. P

The current show at Whistler’s

357 3929' “0"‘53‘ loam‘SPm‘ 5"" t; I esncuv LElllllE FINEAHT 203 Bath ' graphic art, in the gallery‘s print room,

“3‘”st Cafc' [D] Vo‘umary gum“ . Street, 226 5413. Mon-Fri 10am—5pm; Sat are available free of charge to conduct . 1 Oam_1pm

931?“? O’X‘dgvigf's mm?“ ‘5“? Tam The Jessie iii. King Archive Background '8 horribly diner. even ialfintl into fining?" ms.g jougocfiggg; A“ 0' information on all aspects of this consideration the galler s “new to John gang", Um“ 307A“ ln'c'elcbration enduringiy popular Glasgow artist keep light lrom doing its worst to the - - . g; . .. .. (187H949). drawings and watercolours. Having of the internationally acclaimed artist s . BUHRELL cal-Lama" P u k h, - - - . 0 0 5 “’5 said that, it is good to see the Hunterian 50th birthday, this show sweeps his whole Road 649 7151 Momsat warms m. Sun career, from Edinburgh College ofArt to Hams m Cafe [D] P exploiting its belly bequest. Th's '3 m .i M Whistler Annie Haden the present. Approximately 60 works on The cougcfi'on of Edwardian! coon be the first 0t a line (it summer ' ' ' show, including exhibits from Bellany‘s William Bum" including Mame, exhibitions at works selected atmosphere and the spontaneity oi the awn colleExction.l m m ts .16 S paintings, cerafics and glass, housed in an thematically irom the ion or more held second. Several lesser works are on B'T'" "'3? °g "K R"? , Sip" elegant purpose-built gallery. in addition to those maior oils and display ior the lirst time, including a oticer’snann‘ "“ “’52‘ 0 w'” a” Scottish Masterpieces Until 25 Oct. pastels on permanent display. series oi designs tor interior mend“ pm", Show Um" 30 Aug. Some Thirty-five paintings from the National Arranged more or less decoration, which make attractive - - . Gallery of Scotland‘s collection» chronologically, there are examples oi abstract paintings in their own right. 70 British works, from 1760 to the present d. . n k d t day, lent by the Friends ofGIasgow "3 km“ {Y ‘3 c“ 0w" cvfifg.s9mmc'd° work in various media, irom Composed oi horizontal bands at Museums. includes the Glasgow Boys. 2:3: Ogéfffifizagagn'og'tfigsjgst adolescent drawings to the etchings, colour, they seem to preiigure US Mackintosh and Colourists. . was? A n‘i’scts in C18“ d e McTaggan, lithographs and pastels oi the artist’s colouriield painting oi the 503 and 60s. Emil"? cm” U0?” 4 Oct- A tribute to Racbum, [mm and Dmmmond. maturity, and the delicate watercolours Like the other studies and sketches :3“ “:5 "3:2?" - calm; con counupomny Ants that iormed a signilicant part oi the here, they are particularly interesting drgagm ‘S’b mg likc‘s‘of‘;irancsi‘;rnd 346-354 Sauchiehall Street, 332 7521. output oi his later years. in pointing up the artist’s Rossini? y Tue-Sat llam-5-30Pm- [P]. Much oi the space is devoted to the preoccupation with tonality and 3001 Credit: Sign!" U?!” 6 fest Fw etchings, which iall into three phases: composition, which can be seen writ ’5‘ "0310' ex ' "'0" ° “5"” 5 _Y‘ ,e the meticulous riverside scenes at the large in the oils in the main gallery. FRO M A PPR ENTI C E givffignvcg‘gvs‘3hta’ffig‘él7'a? d Thames set, the more sketchy but (Catherine Fellows) yw ' 3' vivacious images oi Venice which by CCA and Tramway. I COLLle GALLERY University of WW“ "‘8'", and "MW, "'9 From A mm“ to M , .Wh- " . ' Strathclyde,22 Richmond Street,552 depictions at Amsterdam scanaI-side 6 mp}: as e': '3 9' s HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY 4400ext 2682. Mon—Fri lOam—Spm; Sat buildings, which have all the intricacy eggwcunglifigiézf “"18"” A" w noon—4pm. [D] oi the lirst, combined with the ' UNIVERSITY of GLASGO ’62 in ’92: Exhibition at Contemporary‘lextiie Art by the ’62 Group Until 29 Aug. ' r'e ,- h ' A r Vivacious contemporary textile works- a , . Whistle s G up it: t far cry from gcmccl images of Old ladies talen,_ graduates selected from Degree Open Circle. Interaction lntemational MUSIC, doing perir point. shows at Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee pom” and works by Prime“ an?“ 1 1 Jul v - it) October John Vernon Loni: 30 Yeariletrospectlve 30d Abefdccn 00118868 Ofan- Ama‘hcur Lame “Pd 1"“ wyu'c' . . (Closed 17.30 1,4”. 75;“; S...“ ) Until 29 Aug. Artwork from The Giant . cyml GERBER “"5 M" 148 west gunman °"'°”°.P°"'?":.A" :msuc - . J , ~ Lu v1 - Aesop’s Fables. The Nonsense Regent Street. Momsat {um-retrospective mar my C Verse ofE’dward Lea, and other 9.30am_5.30pm. closure of the gallery 5 premises at Regent ; Monday - Saturday 930-5 .00 publications illustrated by this popular Summer Exhibition Throughout Aug. Street and ‘hgstan 0‘ 3 "CW "Fc ~ Who ! . . _ n. Blackaddcr' Beuany, Eardlcy, wamuow knows where .ilncludes painting. AdmiSSion Free 041 330 5431 a 15!. , , scul mm and cwcncr l . campus many 173 west Regent and others, as well as a selection ofmarine - "Baum "‘1‘!" Gui-Em U _ q 3 f '1 I: , , . . . Street, 221 6370. Mon-Sat 10am—5.30pm. Pa‘m'"85- ' . l xnm'rssny 0 .x.ciiecd public access summed with “0' Gonna” mm Throughout Aug. I 00'“ 0F Discovmy South Rotunda. Glasgow, 82 Hillhead Street. .‘39 88. 5 ext lurid: from Glasgow District (.uuriCil I The ganc , l h f 1m Govan Road‘ 427 1792_ Mon_Fri 5431. Mon—Fri 930801—5me Sat 3 I W sannua S owcase ornew . 9 _5 t 9.45am—4pm, Sat and Sun 10am—5pm. - am Pm- ' i Interactive science centre with a variety of Emmhrmglcgltgysfiegrhli5"3' 3 ‘hands-on‘ exhibits. "P c "U CL c NSC-9‘ I ( ) x I t < t I Guscow Gfioup GALLERY 17 Queen‘s presentation of Whistler's work anywhere I G S G i I Crescent St George's Cross. 332 4924. includes pastels, watercolours. drawings ' , , . , . a - . . , . _ i r ,. Mon-Fri1().3()am.5_3 m_ and prints, surveying the American artist‘s 3“) Mt“ 5 I M" i . \ ’LAN A “V (’1 5Q! I 1 LL 04 I is W 0704 Ronald Mayor. Sky CladogntiIZSAug. career from military cadettolastdaysin Prairie Landscapes and Nudes, mostly Eilgland; 509595 listings for related DO M from the artist’s trip to Saskatchewan. Ch'ldrcn 5 acuv't'cs- ; I cusoow PRINT sruolo 22 King Street, I HUNTERMN MUSEUM Glasgow l 5520704 Mon_sat1()am_5.30pm. University, UniverSity Avenue. 339 8855. '1 00min]; smug; m. M 01 not" pm 1'” Mon—Fri 9.30am-Spm; Sat 9.30am— 1 pm. It Until 29 Aug. Dynamic colourful The bequest of William Hunter. astudent : aimin s and mm ex tom, the ofGlasgow University in the 17305. who i T relationgship bstwccn name agnd an left his substantial collectionof books. ; PART I I I ouscow scuooc own 167 Renfrew prints. and various other curiosmcs ‘0 the 1 Street. 332 9797. Mon—Fri 10am—5pm; Sat “chrS'tY- l mammoom [D]_ I LILLIE ART GALLERY 1 Grange Avenue, 1: - ART 92: exhibitions of contem rar art MilngaVict 943 3247- TUC’FO 1 lam—5pm ' 1 St August until 29 Aug; p0 y and 6—8pm; Sat and Sun 2—5pm. 903 Gallery: GSA Connections Large group rum'om um“ 22 Aug' Ph0‘08'aPhs- I 10 (x) 5 3 show of works by artists who have studied . "El-flu" GALLERIES 270 SaUCh'Cha" i ° am ° 0pm or have some working connection with Streett 331 1854 - Tue—5‘" loam‘lome i Glasgow school of Am See a150905 Sun and Mon lOam—8pm. [D]. AdmiSSion 5 Gallery entry. £3.50/concs £2.50/children £1.50.

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