finally asked to confront her own mortality. This was all very new and challenging.‘ Although the filmmaker himselfperhaps

significantly chose not to do any press on the film a recent Premiere article depicted him fuming against the studio‘s efforts to repress the budget at the expense of various creative decisions Weaver. whose position of

‘Alien 3 is lurthertestament to the old adage that in ‘development hell’ no one can hearyou scream.’

power as the key actor allowed her to assume the status of co-producer. applauds his input. ‘He made us all laugh and in many ways this film was actually the easiest of the three to get through. He‘s obviously a brilliant young man and we never felt quite set with the project until we found the right genius. As soon as he came in shouting “shave all their heads“ we knew we'd found a guy who wouldn‘t sit quietly in the corner. ‘The directors have always been the stars in these movies. It was Ridley Scott on the first one who really showed me what could be done with the character. I didn‘t want to do sci-fi, but I learned that this was an unusual and brilliant opportunity. So far as the second one goes, Cameron wrote it without even meeting me, and the studio scheduled the picture before they even let me know about it because they knew it was a role I couldn‘t turn down. I guess I‘ve tried to play Ripley as an ordinary person placed in extraordinary circumstances and just trying to come through. But there’s a part of her that's able to take care of the people she hates and it‘s that non-judgemental aspect that makes her a hero. a feminine hero.’

Aliens opens simply everywhere in the very near future.

The List 21 27 August 199211