he party may be over but the fun is just beginning. After last week’s bash when The List staff let their hair down (well, the ones that still have some anyway) the serious work has begun. Our team of hard-working, honest and completely incorruptable reviewers have been scouring Edinburgh to bring you the crucial information on shows throughout the city.

When our breathlessly enthusiastic critics have been unable to control themselves about any particular show, it receives the ultimate accolade and is placed in the Top Ten to be found on page 5. These are the shows that must not be missed.

A wider selection of shows of the highest quality can be found in the IIIIIISI which appears on the opening page of each Time Zone. It is a monumental feat to be highlighted in this way and, while they may not have made

the Top Ten, these performers can pat themselves on the back for a job well done.

After the preview and HIIIISI pages in each Time Zone, you will find our comprehensive review service (over 100 shows are reviewed in this issue alone) when the subtle nuances of each production can be discussed (apart, of course, from when it’s a medics’ revue). If a show cuts across Time Zones it will be reviewed in the zone where it appears most often , but, because we’re good people,

we’ll also tell you the other times

when it appears. The page on which each review and preview can be found is detailed in the Index on Page 3.

As if that wasn’t enough for you culture vultures, there are separate sections for Festival Art, Clubs, Food and Music, and comprehensive coverage of the Film Festival. You'have no excuse, get out there and be entertained.



I INFORMATION Free programme available from Festival Box Office. 21 Market Street. 031 225 5756. Open 9am—6pm (Mon—Sat) and 10am—5pm (Sun). The Festival Hotline. 0898 881911 , from 11am each day details general information, ticket and accommodation availability on a recorded message. The Festival Information Centre in the car park ofthe National Gallery. The Mound offers a similar. and more up-to-the-minute service.

I TICKETS Avaliable from the Box Office. Market Street by post or telephone (credit card only) 031 225 5755. Half-price tickets for that day's performance from the ticket booth at the bottom ofThc Mound from lOam—Spm.


I INFORMATION Fringe Programme available free from the Fringe Office. 180 High Street. 226 5257/5259. Open 10am—7pm every day. Daily Diary available free from many larger venues and the Fringe Office. and details all events. including late additions not listed in the Fringe Programme.

I TICKETS Available over the counter for most Fringe shows at the Fringe Office. 180 High Street. 10am—7pm every day. It may be difficult to obtain tickets from the Fringe Office on the night ofa performance as tickets are often passed on

advisable to book early for shows as they are frequently sell-outs.

Assembly Rooms 54 George Street. Booking in person 10am—midnight (Until 5 Sept). Telephone bokings and information on 031 228 2428.

The Traverse Theatre Cambridge Street. 2281404. Box Office open l()am—11pm (Tue-Sun); lOam—opm (Mon). Credit card bookings on 031 2281404. Please note, there are no performances on Mondays.

The Gilded Balloon Theatre 233 Cowgate. Open 10am—l .30am. Telephone bookings on 031 228 2151.

The Pleasance 60 The Pleasance . 556 6550. Open 10.30am—lam. Credit card bookings on 031 555 8550. Theatre Workshop Hamilton Place. Open 10am—10pm. Telephone bookings on 031 226 5425.


I INFORMATION Programme available from Film Festival Main Box Office. Filmhouse, 88 Lothian Road. 228 2688. Full programme details can be found in The List.

I TICKETS Box office open noon—9pm (13—14 Aug), 9am—9pm ( 15—30 Aug). Open for credit card bookings 3—6pm (1—30 Aug) on 031 229 2550.


I TICKETS Available from the Queen‘s Hall Box Office. Clerk Street. Phone

to the venue. Telephone sales by credit bookings on 031 668 2019.

card on 031 228 5138 and stal sales from

the above address. p0 M I 6 '

I KEY VENUES Several venues have '

developed their own identities in recent

times and have virtually become festivals I TICKETS Available from The Tam)"

within the Festival. Listed below are some Office. 22 Market Street. Open

of the most important ones. With allof lOam—9pm (Mon—Fri) and l()am-1().30pm ~ these venues. especially during the second (Sat). Phone bookings on 031 225 1188 or.

and third weeks ofthe Fringe. it is on the credit hotline 031 2253661. i Opera Mouth and Adventures In Motion Pictures in NutcrackettfilF)

2 The [fist-2T: 27 August 1992