The index lists every show (alphabetically by title) which appears in this week's List. and gives the page on which each show is reviewed or previewed. Cabaret. comedy theatre. revues and stand-up have all been listed under the heading CABARET. Folk. Rock and Classical performances are all listed under MUSIC.


The Ballachulish Beat l-‘ifth Iistate 39 Below The Belt Northern Productions 43 The Big Tease Grassmarket Project 40 Chinese State Circus 36 Couples Cacciatore liabbro 47 Crimes ol Adversity Second Skin 18 Un Curioso Accidente Le Maschere 27 (Mano Traverse 44 David's Redhaired Death Comenting

Adults 33 Dented Crowns lixacting Theatre 27 Desdemona - it you had only spoken! Eleanor Bron 29 Diary or A Provincial Lady Gwynneth

Powell 27 The Dig Triangle 39 Dorothy Parker‘s Dead Jane Hollowood 23 Double Concerto Cygnet 4O Dougal and The Blue Cat Cunnineg

Caned 24 Dreams Theatre Zoo 23 End ol the Tunnel Philippe Gaulier 33

An Event in the City at Goga Bedlam 20 Every Night Something Awtul Stel

Productions 30 Exile Studio liarth 20 Face to Face l’ecund Theatre 24 Faustus/pressing the llesh Southside 44 Flipside Flip \Nebster 18 Frankie and Tommy lltill Truck 40 Fresh Oysters Chekhov Players 39 Gilles et Jeanne Bedlam 53 Goddess National Student 'lheatrt: 24 Gone Wilh Noakes Ben Miller 30

Grimm The Telling ol the Tales litrl‘C 43 Hands ol Zina Pepperdine University 40 Hanging Around Trestle 27 Hard Boys in White Shirts Risk 'lheatre 49 Harvington Fair Central Television Workshop 17 The Haunting ol Billy Marshall Gallth 40 How To Be Always Well Risk Theatre 18 I Declare an Inspection at this Madhouse

Moscow Youth Theatre ‘Bridge' 44 In James'es Hoose Donn the Dunny 4O Kepler l-‘ifth listate 47 Letters I didn‘t send home 'I‘earsht-cts 47

; Lile Ol Stull Traverse 29 L The Lion's Mouth Killing the Cat 23 ; Living By Numbers Springboard 36 The Love at Seven Dolls Accented

Images 27

The Lover A and li Theatre 52 Lovers Theatre Cryptic 33 MacPherson's Rant Bruce Durie 33 Mad Grassmarket Project 36

Madame Mao's Memories 'l‘heatreworks 23

Melting Wings 'lheatre du Pif 18 ' The Men's Womb The Ants Company 27 : Misogynist Tom llickey 30 New Man in Progress King's Players 23 Notlalls Belau Theatre YliY 23

One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest Richard Demarco Gallery

Orchids in the Moonlight Richard Demarco Gallery

Orlando Red Shift

Out All Night and Lost My Shoes Terry Galloway

Peer Gynt Bastinado

The People Who Could Fly Shoestring Players

Persona Sandra Duncan

Play. Boy Boilerhouse

Plastic People Huddersfield University Real Time Richard Demarco Gallery Redemplive Richard Demarco Gallery Revelations - The Testament ol Salome Traverse

Savages l-‘rantic

Scenic Flights Paines Plough

Schippel Greenwich Theatre

Scottish Traditional Storytellers Scottish Traditional Storytellers

Screams 2 Theatre 7m

Serpent Kills One Yellow Rabbit

Sex lll limin Woof

Shaker Alison lidgar

Shakespeare lor Breaklast Oxford Experimental Theatre

The Show's Not Over 'Til The Fat Lady Sings Magnet Theatre

Slatzer's Bouquet Hill Street

Sleep With Me Three Gone l-‘ishin’ Theatre Company

Slum Clearance London University Theatre

Steel Flea Moscow Theatre

The Story at the Last ol the Just Besht Tellers

Success Cambridge Nights

Three Actors and Their Drama and The Blind Men Richard Demarco Gallery Ein Traum Von Sonst llans Jurgen Sybcrberg

The Voysey Inheritance Royal Lyceum Wailing lor Tommy Borderline Walking on Sticks Sarah Cathcart


42 24

39 24

27 18 51 27 35 39

36 53 47 42

18 23 43 17 30


29 47


53 30

42 46


35 39 46 18


Alive Alive-Oh Tommy Cocklcs Around the Year in Fifty Minutes Graeme Coulam

Pom Boyd

JO Brand Jo Brand

Breaking The Sound Barrier

llanoch Rosen

Cohen the Barbarian Dave Cohen Comedy Factory Comedy l‘actory Kevin Day Kevin Day

The Devil and Billy Markham Stephen Frost

Doug Anthony Allstars Doug Anthony Allstars

The Bob Downe Television Show Bob Downe

The Electronic Dark Age Darkage Productions

Encyclopaedia Poetica llenry Normal Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Northern Ireland But Were Too Terrorised To Ask Hole In The Wall Flies llarry llill

Dana Gould Dana Gould

His Masters Bass Jim Tavare

The Horny Years liarl ()kin


39 29 44

29 40 52 54

35 43 46 47 30

43 49 54 40 46

Live and Harmless Michael Redmond 47

Gerry McNulty Gerry McNulty 40 Me. Mysell, Us Forbes Masson and John McKay 45 Paul Morocco and the EC Big Band Paul Morocco 39

Monrovia. Monrovia Karl McDemtott 30 Anthony Morgan Stands Alone Anthony

Morgan 36 Mummy's Little Girl Jenny liclair 24 My House My Rules Mike McDonald 50 Night For Nicaragua 50 Only Browsing Sue Beard and Paul Sweatman 52 Alan Parker - Urban Warrior Alan Parker 44 BU 12 Between the Lines 53 savage lit The Return Lily Savage 53 7.30 at the Gallery Alistair McGowan

and Two Girls 39 John Shuttleworth‘s Guide to Stardom

John Shuttleworth 36 Frank Skinner Frank Skinner 50 The Tattoo O'Clock Poetry Show

John llegley 24 There's a Guy in Nevada Swears He's Buddha Durham Rewe 52 Three Ms and Me Sue Kelly Christie 27 Tutti Flulti Jane Rutter 33 Thea Vidale Thea Vidale 51 Mitchell Zeidwig Mitchell Zeidwig 43 Zuberaree Corky and the Juice Pigs 54 Flying Chesty Colts 18

The Great Smile Robbery Custard Factory 18 Hook. Line And Sink Her Welsh College

of Music and Drama 17 Magic Music Box Magic Music Box 20 Mario’s Magnilicent Marvels Magic

Carpet 18 Pips and Panda in Magic Land Purves Puppets 20 The Works Theatre Des Bicyclettes 18

Jongari Ichidai Gilyak Amagasaki 33

Aly Bain And The Boys or The Lough 59 Attila and Otway Attila the Stockbroker and

John Otway 59 Sam Brown 56 Cambridgeshire County Youth Orchestra 55 Cauld Blast Orchestra 55 Peter Donohoe 55 l Eat the Seats 59 3 Kurdish Song and Dance Bahram 55 l Ed Miller And Tony Lulle 59

i National Association of Youth Orchestras 56 i New Lile lor the Organ llannes Myer 56

Passion Ol Sanct Andraa 56 Piano Circus 55 .' The Poozies 59 i That Swing Thang 59 Hans Theeslnk and John Haas 56 : A Tribute to McDiarmid 59 9 Andy White and Nan Vernon 56

if: FREELDAD it: Pages


i‘r FESTIVAL a: .51 it 53

The near 27 August i 992 3


In Bed with Mae West Gilded Balloon 2/

Eddie lzzard Eddie [award 47 Jesus ll 54 Phil Kay And Mr Trellis 39 Kill Mel Love You Opera Circus 17

The Love Child ol Alan Ladd Alan Davies 50 l The Makings at a Magician lan Keable 42 f