The White Shirts are stylish and the Hard Boys good actors. so it‘s unfortunate that the story oftheir rise to the top— the very top— is told in such conventionally linear fashion that it failsto engage the audience. The Boys make their way by violence. bribery and the discreet use of telephoto lenses. Such techniques have been around for a while, featuring in dramas like House ofCards, and this version‘s final twist can't quite redeem the preceding 80 minutes from their predictability. A pity. really. because the mix of a cappella singing. dance and snappy rhythmic dialogue makes this an unusual and entertaining piece of drama. played with conviction by committed Hard Boys. (Stephen Chester) I Hard Boys In White Shirts (Fringe) Risk Theatre. The Roxy (Venue 27) 650 8499. until 5 Sept (not Thurs). 8.20pm. £4.50 (£3).



Every year this insane. inspired trio arrive in Edinburgh from the Antipodcs. let rip for three weeks with a nightly torrent of filth. sick-mindedncss. snarling invcctive and outlandish

' flightsoflunatic fancy. and every year we love them more for it. Making a welcome return to the claustrophobic intimacy oi a smaller-scale venue. the DAA's once again plumb the depths of depravity and bad taste (songs about bestiality. satanism. Princess Di's suicide

attempts) and once again prove that they possess the talent to match their imagination. These guys can sing. apart from anything else. and combine their astonishing. anarchic energy with a rare understanding of technique and control. Bugger the analysis— thcy‘re brilliant; do yourself a favour and see them. (Sue Wilson)

I Doug Anthony Allstars (Fringe) The Pleasance (Venue 33) 5566550. until 5 Sept (not 18. 27. 29 Aug). 9.30pm. £7 (£5.50).



There‘s no way you can be objective about comedy. and this proves it. Harry Hill‘s solo show went down a bit like the proverbial lead balloon and if you thought that comment was obvious wait until you hear his jokes. After 50 minutes of slides. films and music.

the man who tries to cross

Eric Morecambe with Vic Reeves had raised not a titter.

Four hours later, Hill repeated twenty minutes ofthe same material and had The Comedy Zone audience laughing hysterically. What does this mean? To me. a comic spending ten minutes of stage time off-stage Ifeigning sleep (as Hill does in Flies) spells

desperation. To others it

must spell genius. (Stephen Chester)

I Flies (Fringe) Harry Hill. Festival Club (Venue 36) 650 2395, until 29 Aug. 8.30pm. £4 (£3).

'— r " Below the belt



I Edinburgh audiences, polished, careiullyoobserved “WW”, are somewhat padomanc“ mm Holly Aim and luckier than the Presrdent Trevor Sellers, she as the intelligent, ‘1’; "th 3"“ Sims” Mr ambitious career-woman with a O "s a 9"" th-c .

pportumty of Witnessmg vulnerable core (ie a warm heart), he Zeidwig as a concert as the charismatic but dangerously pianist extraordinaire. We volatile would-be writer. The get that and much more: claustrophobic staging ensures the Zeidwig the consummate build-up oi tension, while the WW1“er ofcomonioni“ I ' upwardly-mobile setting emphasises “W9?” “'“S' , that domestic violence is a problem $2233: ' :hlch transcends social barriers. piands greatest hits whnc 0'9"!" r "naming sum- (sue balancing a violin on his Wilson) nose or burning candles . between his knuckles. He ' 0.; Below the Belt (Fringe) Northern can play Fur Elise while 1 Production Co, Assembly Rooms straddling his instmmeni A" edgy, disquieting study or an (Venue 3) 226 2428, until Sept 5 (not 27 ca" abusive relationship, ieaturing Mill). 311'". 27503350 (95-50/25.50)- chopsticks. These are not simply exceedingly these are disturbingly again“; a:ng t'ngks: WI IS. in a v funny. But on the whole ' “C c g



The fun ofcruelty. The pleasure of guilt. The joy of self-hatred. The tedium of authors exploring American neurosis. All can be found seething below the surface in this strange comedy of lies and misadventures. The characters suffer unbearably. and despite very different psychic obsessions arc knotted together by a sinister past. Through an informal group therapy session. caused by a call to the police. they are all forced to relive their nightmares. The rich possibilities of this manic farce are often left unexplored: the writing at times lacks depth and the characters are insufficiently drawn. There are scenes which work well. however. and

gentle and good-01'- variety-show-style way. an engaging and versatile

this is a disappointing finale to a dark trilogy.


(MiChaCI Balfour) entertainer. Roberta lSleep With Me 3: My ZE'DWIG Mock) (

Angel (Fringe) Gone Mitchell Zeidwig is a I Mitchell Zeidwig

Fishin Theatre Company. damned good pianist. One (Fringe). The Pleasance Buster Browns (Venue would, presumably, need (Venue 33) 556 6550. until 60) 226 4224, until SScpi. tobe in orderto securea 5 Sept (not 18.27).

8.15 pm.£6(£4). gigatthe White House. 8.15pm.£6.50(£5.50).

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