If you thought the West‘s exploitation of the Brazilian rainforest and its people was old hat. think again. Savages. written by Christopher Hampton (best known for Dangerous Liaisons) is a powerful and haunting script. but you can bet your last cruzado he never envisaged it performed like this.

Directed by members of Volcano. the Welsh-based physical theatre company. an inexperienced and mostly very young cast have created a breathtakingly energetic. inventive and colourful show. which is loud. dangerous and brutal. but also at times very beautiful.

The confidence. commitment and imagination displayed by these performers would be remarkable in a professional company. Here. it‘s proof that— given the right kind of encouragement enthusiastic amateurs can put most professionals to shame. (Andrew Burnet) I Savages (Fringe) Frantic Theatre Company. St Columba‘s by the Castle (Venue 4) 225 7993. until 29 Aug.

10. 15pm. £4 (£3.50)



A group of architects. stationed in a castle. are redesigning the city beneath them. This being Havel country there‘s not a lot to smile about. The architects aren‘t happy because they fancy one another. the locals because they want to keep their homes. and the authorities because everyone else is getting irritable at not being happy-

The audience were happy. however. with a tight. well-paced and imaginatively directed piece ofdrama. It might not have been great theatre. but it did manage to overcome the difficulties usually incumbent upon student productions.

And given a ticket costing half as much as an Assembly Rooms show, the good performances get even better. (Stephen Chester)

I Slum Clearance (Fringe) London University Theatre Company, Theatre Zoo (Venue 21) 225 7995. 2022.24.26.28 Aug. 10.45pm.£4.50 (£3.50).


Our Lily's gone up in the assembly line; from the broom cupboard to the ballroom. But the chandeliers camply dripping over the stage force no concessions to taste. She’s still giving her

5 all for those who like their dragactsbitingtoughand

sharp as a catwoman costume. l thought she'd lost it when she entered in

? Dolly Parton uniform. but ' a few scathing Scouse

put-downs later and the audience was hers.

Savage picks safe subjects for her risque audience hangovers. shoplifting and. ofcourse . Coronation Street but she delivered her first night set with enough ad-libbing and covering up for the equipment failures to prove that as well as a drag act. she is also a true comic. And as for the dominatrix

. rumours. all I can report is: ‘meeiaouwl‘. (Thom


I Savage II: The Return (Fringe) Lily Savage. Assembly Rooms (Venue 3) 226 2428. until 5 Sept (not 25. 1) 11.30pm. £6.50/£7.50 (£5/£6).



Lighten up kids. Things aren’t so bad. YeahJoan of Arc got a raw deal. but no need to let it get you down.

Donald Reid's new play is not a bundle oflaughs. It starts offearnest. finishes off earnest and in between there‘s a good deal ofearnestness. Very little gets said without a chin being held high. eyes raised to the ceiling and much gnashing ofteeth in

the background. Maybe if


Jeanne d‘Arc and her would-be lover Gilles de Rais cracked a joke or two or at least let slip some inkling ofhuman character early on. we'd feel more sympathetic. As it is we can‘t wait forthem to die.

Derek Munn gives a compelling performance as the feverish priest and Georgina Brett's music is divine. but these are rare textures on an emotionally one- dimcnsional play. (Mark Fisher)

I Gilles et Jeanne (Fringe) Bedlam Theatre (Venue 49) 225 9893. until 29 Aug. 10.30pm.£4.50 (£3.50).



An enjoyable. affectionately bitchy gay revue. offering a handful of shrewdly-observed sketches including a Life on Earth parody. examining the behaviour ofdiffcrent ‘speeies‘ of lesbians and gay men. an appeal for an ‘inning' campaign. to re-closct those who have tarnished the gay community‘s image (alt gay clergy. for wearing such dull frocks; Valerie Singleton. for the same reason‘) and a more serious (and surprisingly affecting) Prince Edward monologue. reflecting bitterly on the eternally locked closet of royal birth. Three lively performances. a liberal dash of raunch and plenty ofgood one-liners complete the recipe for an hour‘s very tasty entertainment. (Sue Wilson)

I RU12? (Fringe) Between the Lines. Maggie Rayc‘s (‘abaret Club (Venue 86) 5560079. 21. 22. 28. 29 Aug. 4. 5 Sept. 10pm.£3.50(£2).

time @eeaoaoeg



The PLEASANCE, one of the liveliest venues in this year's fringe is offering readers of The List a chance to see some of their best shows FREE!!! Tickets may be picked up only on the day of each performance, at The Pleasance Box Office, on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED BASIS. Please take the whole magazine along with you. Tickets subject to availability and limited to one pair per person.


A pair of tickets to see GONE WITH NOAKES on Thurs 20 Aug (4.15pm). Four pairs of tickets available.


A pair of tickets to see SHAKER on Thurs 20 Aug (3.15pm). Four pairs of tickets available.


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A pair of tickets to see MITCHELL ZEIDWIG on Sun 23 Aug (8.15pm). Four pairs of tickets available.

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