All films show at the Filmbouse, 88 Lothian lioad unless otherwise stated. Tickets are available irom the Filmhoase box oiliceleet 228 2688) or from the Fringe one. (031 228 5257/9).


I Post Office McLaren Award 2 60mins. 12.45pm. A programme of new British animated films.

I light Moves (Arthur Penn, US. 1975) 99 mins. 2pm. A private eye finds that a straightforward case has darker elements. Script by Alan Sharp.

I Deadly Currents (Simcha Jacobovici , Canada, 1991) 114 mins. 2.15pm. A gripping documentary on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

I Alan Sharp Industry Initiative 90 mins. 4.30pm. The Scots-born screenwriter takes us on a journey through his television and film career.

I Johnny Stecchlno (Roberto Benigni. Italy. l991)6pm. The starofJim Jarmusch‘s Down By Law and Night On Earth writes, directs and stars in this madcap comedy about a mafia hitman and his double.

I Parsifal (Hans Jiirgen Syberberg, Germany, 1982) 255 mins. 6.15pm. Wagner opera translated to the big screen by the subject of this year’s EIF F retrospective.

I The Boys From SI Petri (Soren Kragh-Jacobsen. Denmark. 1992) 107 mins. 8.15pm. A group of Danish schoolboys begin acts of resistance against the occupying German army.

I Reservoir Dogs (Quentin Tarantino. US. 1991) 100 mins. 10.30pm. Mean and violent contemporary gangster movie.


I Michael Winner 12.45pm. The director of the Death Wish series gives this year‘s BAFT A Scotland/Scotsman lecture on ‘British Cinema: Forward or Farce.‘

I The Scarlet Flower(Vladimir Grammatikov. USSR. 1991) 75 mins. 2pm. Beautiful fairytale in the manner of Beauty and the Beast.

I Blast 'Em (Joseph BlasioIi/Egidio Coccimiglio. Canada, 1992) 100 mins. 2.15pm. An off-beat and funny look at the world of paparazzi photographers.

I Sam Fuller 2.30pm. BBC. 5 Queen Street. The veteran independent director pitches an unmade film to a live audience. I Prague (Ian Sellar. UK. 1991) 87 mins. 6pm. Atmospheric tale of a young man‘s attempts to trace his roots in the Czechoslovakian capital.


I lien-Stop Trouble With My Double (Reinhard Schwabenitzky. Germany, 1984) 102 mins. 6.15pm. A rich industrialist hires his double to stand in for him after a kidnap attempt. but things don’t go to plan.

I les Amants d8 Font-heat (Leos Carax. France, 1991) 125 mins. 8.15pm. Wonderfully visual tale of mismatched love set against a Parisian backdrop.

I Gas Food Lodging (Allison Anders. US. 1992) 102 mins. 10.30pm. A waitress and her two daughters come to terms with disappointment and dreams in Middle America.


I SyberbergtClevar Masterclass 1 1.45am. Syberberg, who is receiving a retrospective at this year’s EIFF, and acclaimed actress Clever talk about their collaborations. I Post Office McLaren Award 3 60 mins. 12.45pm. A programme of new British animated films. I The Princess and the Goblin (J oszef Gemes. UK/Hungary. 1991) 82 mins. 2pm. Another chance to see the animated fairytale that got the festival off to such a good start last week. I Incident Al Ogiala (Michael Apted, US. 1991)90mins. 2.15pm. Apowerful documentary on the murder of two FBI agents at an Native American reservation in 1975. I Die llacht (Hans Jurgen Syberberg. Germany, 1985) 360 mins. 4.30pm. Edith Clever performs a monologue containing extracts of masterworks of Western literature. I Creatures of Light (Bill Anderson. Scotland, 1992) 74 mins. 6pm. A disabled crofter‘s life is changed by the arrival of a terrified young woman. I Thunderheart (Michael Apted. US. 1992) 120 mins. 8.15pm. An FBI agent with some Sioux blood is sent to investigate a series of murders on a reservation. 3* i

I Cob Roberts (Tim Robbins. US. 1992)


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103 mins. 10.30pm. Tim Robbins writes. directs and stars in this scathing satire on American politics.


I Young Film Makers 1 112 mins. 11.45am. A programme of student films from Canada and Italy.

I Patrick Doyle Masterclass 60 mins. 12.45pm. The Scottish composer of Henry V and Dead Again discusses writing music for the screen.

I Gone To 58th (Michael Powell/Emeric Pressburger. UK. 1950) 111 mins. 2pm. Spellbinding romantic melodrama with masterful cinematography by Christopher Challis.

I Roy Rogers - King oi the Cowboys (Thys Ockersen. Holland/UK. 1992) 78 mins. 2.15pm. A feature-length documentary on the trail of the legendary singing cowboy. I Christopher Lambert 4.15pm. The star of Highlander and Knight Moves gives this year‘s Guardian Talk.

I Continental Drill 90mins. 4.30pm. The short films on the theme of Britain in Europe, followed by discussion.

I You. Me and Marley (Richard Spence. UK. 1992) 85 mins. 6pm. Youngjoyridcrs in West Belfast play a dangerous game with the forces that rule the city.

I Young Film Makers 2 96 mins.6.15pm. Student films from Tokyo. Ohio and Berlin.

I Knight Moves (Carl Schenkel. US. 1991) 114 mins. 8.15pm. A world~c|ass chess tournament coincides with a series of brutal murders in a small American town. I Soft Top, Hard Shoulder (Stefan Shwartz. UK. 1992)90mins. 8.15pm. A man returning to Scotland in a clapped-out Triumph Herald picks up a bizarre hitchhiker.

I Simple Men (Hal Hartley. US. 1992) 104 mins. 10.30pm. Two brothers go in search oftheir radical father in the latest from the director of Trust.


I Young Film Makers 3 94 mins. 11.45am. Student films from the UK.

I Christopher Challis Masterclass 60 mins. 12.45pm. The cinematographer‘s cinematographer talks about his long and varied career at the top of his profession. I Glory (Edward Zwick. US. 1990) 122 mins. 2pm. The story ofthe first all-black infantry regiment during the American Civil War. with Oscar-winning cinematography by Freddie Francis.

I Submarine (Mark Littlewood. Scotland 1990) 53 mins. 2.15pm. Documentary on artist and sculptor Tom McKendrick. followed by Camille Guichard‘s short film on Andy Goldsworthy. Nature and Nature.

I A Lillie Bil 0i Lippy (Chris Bernard. UK. 1992) 75 mins. 6pm. A young housewife enters a world of drag queens and fetishists when she discovers her husband is a transvestite.

I Young Film Makers 4101mins.6.15pm. Student films from Slovenia and Australia.

I Mama (Zhang Yuan. China. 1991) 8.15pm. 90mins. A remarkable film about a mother‘s attempt to bring up her handicapped child despite the authorities‘ disinterest.

I Immaculate Conception (Jamil Dehlavi. UK. 1992) 120mins. 8.15pm. Achildlcss couple fall into a nightmare when they visit a fertility shrine in Karachi.

I Dust Devil (Richard Stanley. UK. 1992) 85 mins. 10.30pm. The director of Hardware delivers a superb anthropological horror tale filled with

African mystery.


I Young Film Makers 5111 mins. 11.45am. Three films from the National Film and Television School and two from Harrow College.

I Gaelic Animation 45 mins. 12.45pm. A programme of short Gaelic language films by schoolchildren from allover Scotland. I Torture Garden (Freddie Francis. UK. 1967) 93 mins. 2pm. One ofthe besbever horror omnibus films linking four stories by Robert Bloch.

I Fighters (Ron Peck. UK. 1992) 100 mins. 2.15pm. A study ofa group ofyoung East London boxers that examines the appeal of the sport.

I Diane Tammes Industry Initiative 90mins. 4.30pm. The director of BAFTA-winning documentary Casualties talks on her craft. I Man To Man (John Maybury. UK. 1992) 75 mins. 6pm. Tilda Swinton reprises her role in the Karge play. This version includes scenes censored by British television.

I Young Film Makers 6 93 mins. Student films from Hungary. Australia and Belgium.

I Sweet Emma, Dear liobe (istvan Szabo. Hungary. 1992) 90 mins. 8. 15pm. Two young teachers find life difficult following political changes in Hungary.

I Prague (Ian Sellar. UK. 1991) 87 mins. 6pm. Atmospheric tale of a young man's attempts to trace his roots in the Czechoslovakian capital.

I The Puerto Rican Mambo (Ben Model. US. 1991)90mins. 10.30pm. Abiting satire on the position of Puerto Rican immigrants. inlercut with material by stand-up comedian Luis Caballero.


I Young Film Makers 7118 mins. 11.45am. Student films from Paris. Rome and Napier University. Edinburgh.

I Freddie Francis Masterclass 60 mins. 12.45pm. ()ne ofthe most respected cinematographers in the world. Francis will also discuss his career as a director.

I Beyond The Seven Seas ( Espen Thorstensonx‘Saeed Anjum. Norway. 1990) 88 mins. 2pm. A young boy must adapt to the move from hot Lahore to snowy Oslo.

I Visions of Lighl 90 mins. Leading cinematographers talk about their work with some stunning film clips by way of illustration. A special screening on High Definition TV.

I Swoon (Tom Kalin. US. 1992) 82 mins 4.30pm. Two law students kidnap and murder a young boy to prove their intellectual superiority to others.

I The Bogie Man (Charles Gormley. Scotland. 1992) and The Ballad of Kid Divine (Giorgio Rossi. UK. 1992) 120 mins. 6pm. The former has Robbie Coltrane as an escaped mental patient who believes he is Humphrey Bogart; the latter is a spoof spaghetti western with Jesse Birdsall and Michael Elphick.

I Young Film Makers 8 97 mins.6.15pm. Student films from East and West Coast America.

I Bitter Moon (Roman Polanski. UK/France. I992) 105 mins. 8.15pm.The world premiere of Polanski‘s latest. a typically dark look at sexual obsession.

I Creatures of Light (Bill Anderson. Scotland. 1992) 74 mins. 6pm. A disabled crofter‘s life is changed by the airin ofa terrified young woman. IThe Living End (GreggAraki. US. 1991) 85 mins. 10.30pm. Two H1V+ outcasts go on a killing spree across America.

64 The List 21 - 27 August 1992