I NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND The Mound. 5568921. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm: Sun 2—5pm.

The home of a fine collection ofworks. from the Renaissance to Post-Impressionism. including Velazquez. El Greco. Rembrandt. Gainsborough. Degas. Van Gogh and Scottish Colourists. Entry to permanent collection is free. Dutch Art and Scotland: A Reflection of Taste Until 18 Oct. £3 £1.50. There have been commercial. intellectual and artistic links between Scotland and the Netherlands since the 15th century. This collection includes works by Rembrandt. Cuyp and others that form. or have formed. part of major Scottish collections.

Dutch Drawings ol the 17th Century Until 18 Oct. A complementary selection of50 drawings from the gallery's permanent collection.

Scottish Painters and Holland L'ntil 180a. Works by Raeburn. Wilkie. Guthrie and the Glasgow Boys reveal the diverse ways in which Dutch art has influenced Scottish painters.

I OPEN EYE GALLERY 75 Cumberland Street. 557 1020. Mon—Fri 10am—6ptn.Sat I0am-4pm.

Rembrandt Harmensz Van Tijn L‘ntil 3 Sept. 17th. 18th and 19th century prints.

I PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 556 8921. Mon—Sat l0am—5pm; Sun—5pm. [D]. Cafe.

Allan Ramsay 1713—1784 L'nti127 Sept.

£3 £1.50. The definitive retrospective ofa revolutionary portrait painter whose fame was later eclipsed by Reynoldsand Gainsborough. Horace Walpole described him as ‘all delicacy".


Infirmary Street. 557 9659. Daily. Ham—late. Licensed Bar.

Peter Swanson: Sweet Disorder Until 5 Sept. New works on paper.

I ASSEMBLY ROOMS George Street. 226 2428. Daily Ham—midnight. Sat mam—midnight.

David Hughes Until 5 Sept. Performance

artist-in-residence. known for his anarchic

contributions to The Observer. The Times Saturday Review and Punch. Hughes will

' create a unique exhibition at Assembly.

I BLACKFRIARS STREET VISUAL ARTS MANIFESTATIONoff Royal Mile. info: 557 0707. Daily until 10 Sept. 10am—6pm.

In a wildly impressive artistic coup. the Demarco Gallery and friends are showing works at the following Blackfriars Street numbers:

29: David Mach - Local Hero The famous Scottish sculptor‘s tribute to Richard Demarco; made entirely ofmatches.

7—9: The Romanian Project See under Group Shows.

11 and 15: From Kingston University Artists Paintings. prints and installations by four of this year's best graduates.

25: Peacock Printmakers Prints by Dcmarco. Henderson. Walker. Wishart and Addison address the theme ‘Scotland Through the Artist's Eye‘.

I CHESSEL GALLERY Moray Ilouse. Royal Mile. 556 8455. Mon—Sat. 10am—5pm. Group Show Until 4 Sept. Ceramics. painting and jewellery by local artists. as well as Peter Standon‘s beautiful. though apocalyptic vision of a future. ruined Edinburgh. all desert and palm treeson Princes Street.


I CITIZENS STUDIOS 17—21 Assembly Street. Leith. 554 1649. Tue—Sun noon—5pm: Wed noon—8pm.

Leith Open '92 Until 6 Sept. An open submission show at one of the city‘s most exciting young galleries.

I COLLECTIVE GALLERY 22—28 Cockburn Street. 220 1260. Tue—Sat 11am—5pm.

On Real Until 5 Sept. Reading-based artists Susan Brind. Marcus Cole and Celia Hayes collaborate on three sensory installations - artistic variations on the subject of ‘heat‘.

Nicola Laurence: Deconstruction ola Washing Machine In the window of Gray‘s in George Street. Mon 24—29 Aug. 9.30pm. Feeling a bit washed out'.’ Laurence works artistic wonders with a symbol of our times.

I EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART Lauriston Place. 229 931 l. Daily l0am-6pm.

All exhibitions Until 5 Sept:

Word and Image Contemporary prints. drawings. paintings and sculpture by nine artists. all of whom explore the relationship between the written and the visual.

3:2 Painting. sculpture and installations by

third and fourth year students.

Elspeth Lamb: Prints and paperworks Influenced by Maya Shamanism and folk art.

Postgraduate Students: Paintings and Prints I EDINBURGH CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR Royal College of Physicians. Queen Street. info: 0491 410222. Fri 21—Mon 24

Aug. 10.30am—7pm (Mon 10.30am—5pm).

£5 £3.

Thirty leading contemporary galleries from all over the UK are represented at this artistic jamboree. with works on sale by artists like Bellany. Blackadder. Frink.

llowson. Hyatt. Morocco and this year's celebrated Glasgow graduate. Jenny Saville. Prices range from £100 to £20.000. I EDINBURGH PRINTMAKERS WORKSHOP AND GALLERY 23 Union Street. 557 2479. Mon-Sat l0am—5.30pm.

Peter Blake: Alphabet Until 12 Sept. A new suite of works. one for each letter ofthe alphabet. by the famous l’op artist who designed the album cover for Sergeant Pepper.

I EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY LIBRARY George Square. 650 1000. Mon—Fri “lam—4.30pm.

Alan Barlow: Myth and Miracle-Paintings,

first Scottish exhibition fora renowned artist and set designer.

I EDITH SIMON'S BRILLIANT ALTERNATIVE PORTRAIT GALLERY Student Centre. Bristo Square. 650 2656. Mon—Sat 10.30am—6.30pm.

New Works L'ntil 5 Sept. Including sculpture. audio-visual works and video. Simon is as zany as ever.

I FIGUREHEAD GALLERY 65 Queen Charlotte Street. Leith. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm.

Geoffrey Roper: Paintings lintil 5 Sept.

I FLYING COLOURS GALLERY 35 William Street. 225 6776. Tue—Fri 11am—6pm: Sat 10am— 1 pm.

Caroline Buchanan: Watercolours Until 29 Aug. Scottish scenes by an Edinburgh artist.

I FDURTEEN South St Andrew Street. info: 073885 579. Mon—Sat 10am-6pm. Metamorphosis: Sculptures by Waters and Fijalkowski L'ntil 5 Sept. Woodcarvings and figurative modelling from the

i Drumcairn Farm Studios.





IIis Nudes!)

N P I{(l\\l \\III).\\I IIII\II(I *-‘ I'lII:\II: ()\'Ii]LI.\.-\ until 5 SIII’IL ° N h} Lupe (Ie \ega. In linglish. r Ham 1 \tms- I: Q.) lI\l<IIiliI(\\\lIII Ii\I{I\|I(

lhe \o'sses Inheritant e until 22 MIG.

Ihe Madras House 23-29 MIG.

t I’ I \i I ( 1R Sthippel until 22 MIG.


“alter until 22 MIG.

lhe Ballachulish Beat until 22 MIG.

()pemtiun I:I\is 24-27 MIG.

I'he IIIM L and “hitt- Minstrels 24-29 MIG. H,”

'\I1(I.\ \ightingale Sang it MIG-S \I2I’I.

Gmul II MIG-'s' \I-I'I’.

'snrne I.nthantetl Izsening until 29 MIG.

[1“. I .’.":":.‘.‘.,." I

\t ()sysaltl‘s IIaII. Bruntsfieltl 130an

25-29 MIG.


30 MIG-3 SH'I.


21. 22 MIG.

ll \.\11 \tHll\\ti

The UK (It-hut. \\.iini|i"tnn Illllt s

\Ii..nsiirrtI In \I«\I

X 0 m


it) it \(.t)ll\ llt ' l \ \.\tl l<lt\ (I hase an uncle in ~\nierit.t)

I'Is juglars lrmn Spain l-S SH’I.

\\ \.\t'II \ I I RII ( Mil \Ietlea. The Irnjan “omen. Izlektra

"1” SompdeoIdOd

Irorn Germans in Hans jurgen Syherherg‘s Lin Iraurn. Was Sunst


Ballet ("ristina Iltistis 17-20 .MIG.

I" r" '.'. III! IItt.lIII \Iitmsnlt ii In IIt rt/ Lasttvoperforuuxu

\I \I(I\ \I(11{I{I\ I)\\( I (.I(1 )III’

I)i(I(i antI Aeneas 18-20 MIG. .\Ii\etl hill 22-24 MIG.

I \\/I|II \II R \\III'I’I RI \1 ssith I’INA II-MISCII

in her 1. I.\\\I( t hamher work ('ale .\IuIIer l-S \H'I.


31 225 5

HM! I |<I ll\t 1W 1\ ll 1\ \lxi Runiant es 1)} Kat hrnaninus and IthaiktnsL)

\;I15:.slill ii In l).|\\‘.lll'. I251: tr. :'. ml...-

llll Hl'lllt Il\ll\ ('ont ert perlnrrnant e (II I( haikm sky‘s opera featuring an all star Russian tast 20 MIG.

I III I ( )\l)t )\ I'I III II \I(\I( )\|l Iran/ “elser-Must tontIut ts Brut kuer‘s hernit Sth S) niphnn) 24 MIG.

\(Ul lI\lIt l|\.\llill<t'1{t |I|\II{\ I)tin.\ltl Runnit les t unthit ts an esening ul lehaikm sly). Berlioz and St linenlx-rg ssith Soprano Isabelle \ernet \jinlis-m J !x\

tilt t~:'-'.!.t s I)- It-;-mt 1‘.‘ l 'IIiN 1.:IIII3.

Late night perlurrnant e ul 1411 IIIt)\I \'\l)|\l’il I II \ \RI \I It i\\ lil \] \\II\ I HI I ll Usher II.\I| 2h MIG 10.50?“

l\t.l l\ll \t )ltllll l(\ I’I III II\I{.\I( )\1\ Paul Daniel (‘tmtlut ts I’eter I)UIIUIIH(‘ .intl I-lena I’t'ukina in an all Ichailuis sky programme 27 MIG.

\l...:is.iiiii Iv. ILIIIL\I'.I1..‘ \. u-li.lll-I

R1 H \I \t 1 ll 11‘” ( 1R1 III \II{\ Gennatli Ru/htlestsensk} tuntlut ts a programme “I inustt inspiretl h) the

theme HI ‘Ilarnlet‘ 21s MIG.

llll\ll \ I\I\\l \ \\I) (m \( \])t )\ l-‘sth ( entur) Stuttish \Itisit. St nttish ( hainher ()rt hestra 29th MIG.


I I I\\l’»I III \‘ lIll I(\I Rt i\I (It ( .Ippella 2 i. 24 \IIG.

\l’I\\I\\\I)IIII\IIIlRMIsIK Ii) Ithatkus sky 2h. 25'. 29 MIG.

(all the Inn HIIILL‘ number to hook \nur IIL kets-Iml be (ILIIL k (If stiu t titlItI find yourself taught ssithnut one.



_-.__ _ -2- ._-.______l

The List 21 27 August 1992 67

Drawings and Monotypes Until 28 Aug. The