I Set cock-ups at American Connexion's remake ol Samson And Delilah. In tact the show is The Clearing, a new drama with music, dance and satire. and the setting is the Acropolis on Calton Hill.


I Coogan, Herring. Lee. Marber and Munnery get together as close as this tor The Dum Show, promising risky and clever sketch-based comedy at the Pleasance.


10"“VLATEG .1


I A desultory leedlng session with Mother Theresa 0i Calcutta on The Journey Home. which seems to take in a small detour via the Pleasance.

I Time to call inthe spin-dryer repairman it seems for Kate Didcoclt in Frantic Theatre's Savages. at St Columba's By The Castle.

I Film Festival on Sunday 23.


The band of bleary-eyed insomniacs we laughably call the List critical team assess the shows you really mustn’t miss this week.

Mike McDonald Who would have thought life as a suburban Canadian teenager could be so painfully funny? Perfect unforced comedy from a masterful performer. late nights at the Assembly Rooms.

Stand Up For Nicaragua Eight comics (including Eddie lzzard. Mark Steel and Jeff Green) for a £5.50 ticket. By several leagues the best value on the Fringe . . . and it‘s all for chariddy at the Playhouse.

Persona More Canadian stuff in Sandra Duncan‘s extraordinary one-woman show picking out sharp images of life in a small Canadian town, at the Pleasance.

The Shoestring Players Reliable family stuffoffcring a vibrant and inventive collection of folktalcs from around the world. At the Pleasance.

Andy Goldsworthy The Fruitmarkct Gallery reopens with Snow And Ice Drawings. made by allowing ice and snow mixed with berry juice and different-coloured earths to melt onto large sheets of paper.

Symbols 0i Survival The art of Will MacLean, one of Scotland‘s major contemporary artists who draws on the life and history of the Highlands for his very unusual paintings. At the Talbot Rice Gallery until 12 September.

The Chinese State Circus The first-ever UK visit from a troupe which has been polishing its act for 2000 years. Billy Smart it ain‘t. Catch them at The Meadows.

Attila The Stockbroker And John Otway Fringe regulars now, with Attila‘s vulgar ditties forming a useful foil to

. Otway's blend of the deranged and the hopelessly romantic. Have your heart broken at Marco‘s.

The Bogie Man A BBC Scotland

adaptation of the cult cartoon

character, personified by Robbie Coltrane. with a script by Paul Pender. At The Film Festival on

! Thursday 27.

f Bob Roberts An angry and powerful i directorial debut from Tim The

l Player Robbins who plays a folk . singer attemptingto enter politics. I ' The film shines an uncomfortable

I light on the machinery ofthe

right-wing establishment. At the The List 21 - 57 August 1992 5