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Art attack .

Yorkshire artist Andy Goldsworthy ' appears to be the victim of a crackpot Scottish nationalist graffiti team. 5 Staffat the Fruitmarket Gallery. the l morning. petty-minded. To add insult to

venue for Goldsworthy‘s current i The director of'l'he Frllitlnarket. injury. ‘the people who did this have exhibition of‘snowand ice paintings' Graeme Murray. understandably no sense ofcoloilrand they used the were surprised last Sunday morning j annoyed by the incident. points out 5 wrong typeface.‘

l to discover the sign outside the . that Goldsworthy lives in 2 Murray. a Scot. adds that ‘the

§ gallery had been defaced with the Dumfriesshire and his work graffiti expresses racist sentiments

words ‘English go home. Andy celebrates the beauty and diversity which are totally unacceptable in a '- Goldsworthy—That Means U.‘ The I ofnature in Scotland. He adds that ; Fruitmarketstaffdecided to paint I the Fruitmarketisaninternational


Goldsworthy’s worlls

civilised society.‘ lfthe perpetrators out the graffiti and forget the gallery and within the context of an

were planning similar attacks on . i . . . I I every English artiste in Edinburgh incident. blit were disturbed to find international festival. these incidents

during August. they‘ll be buying

‘Think ofSodom and Gomorrah. their Dulux in bulk.

the same message the following are inward-looking and

think ofthe allure Berlin held for British writers of the early 1930s.

i think ofBatista's Havana. and you i v _

will begin to derive some notion of the role Edinburgh played in our ' I Response to The Gilded Balloon‘s I febrile adolescent imaginations.‘ So You Think You’re Funny comedy I' William Boyd '3 somewhat talent contest has been so great that unorthodox view ofthe capital. ! the organisers have been forced to organise two extra heats to make The world and his wife-we|| Nigel ‘l‘ve had a fridge installed in me “’0'” f‘" ‘hc “"1" “Comic “PM?” 3“" "‘5 °“‘“V'"am°“ 3 office. in thereiat the moment f‘ve wimnahc.“ qucumg Up for a Chance m g'rm'end at any “‘8 "flonked to me got five sticks of Gouda cheese. Wm the C hannc' 4-Sp0nsmc-d pnzc' mace "'8‘ “seq to be The Traverse 'as' several bananas. a couple oforanges The cxml hem,“ are a} the Gilded week 'onhehm Eegmal pam' In . Barely three months after shutting and four pots of raspberrv voghuri.‘ Balloon BaCkStagc 1 hcatrc 0“ 7 these recessi'onm" "mes’ Fes‘ names up shop as the home of the'l‘r'iverwse Festival director Brian l'llrllIaster Monday 17 AUgUSt and Monday A are “any mm on the ground’ and those the Wesi bow venue is once more reveals his ignorance about what AUgu‘St at 1 1 '30pm' , . mat did than”? were pa'e Shadows 0' staging‘theatre shows Under the happens to bananas ifvou put them in Honorary “'3'qu hype goes to the "flap": ("9'88 we have mow" mfii t if in i gt a. st ) v . ~ so-so cabaret artist MC Rebbe who accustomed to, come August, The Film . .‘ L ( k tppmé‘.‘ ( ms thefrldgt. managcdmgct himscmhc bestpan Festivalpeome we"! even making Ilieatre.the venueolfers comed.v ofa page in the soaraway Sun on the guests dress unlike penguins tonne and.fillinizj$vfir§flfincd fit ‘You jump in a cab in the earlv hours Strength Of a cunnmg piece 0f privnege 0' WWW 'OOIS 0' themsewes :iiitti:itii}K'iierii<oihrimn dmsm and track down a late-night bakery. outrage hype: Rebbe appargmly . ballroom “39""9 (about 20 seconds Koren wits recruitedibv Edinburgh You scoff a couple of sausage rolls 0mmng JCWISh elders S'.'.“.‘"““"g om 0' "me mm the mus“: apparentlyl- iz“ivcrmiecmcmm .ihcr they and can it a very good day; ! sex with a bag?l~ scfsfammg It §my No such sell-consciousness worries “Tm Uf‘t.c;c‘d the g Hcc‘tm the - Rolypoh Mike Mdhaneexp/aim foreskin and! Il crylflwant to and sung “smash where BBC execs Fan“! criud .l . his Fringe survival routine. l genera”), “isphcm'w' RCW has hmsned Shou'de's With bras“ - p. . -. . ; been the entire sum of the ( urrant American comediennes as they iostled 0' PdeL” “"S'Wt“ 1}) [m .You.rc the wee bastard who said! ' Bun's festival coverage to date. iorifee beer at the bay (courtesy of the Dost-punk‘generatlon will)be didn‘t make it in America. I was nice . smcuy. ""54"? “with? {cclmg at generous Becrs people)‘ The igum mydwurd. Ind?” .Ohc dim to You and that‘s what you said about the prgsugmuf Elm chnml gala, . consensus was that ""3 was Where it “up”? “am hi? i} I“ b} Singing mo. ' screenlng of Strictly Ballroom at l he was at, the ceilidh was short but sweet, wmc (3‘ h,” 9"”‘P"j‘.”}:"f"‘ m. ‘11. Holly wood superstar Bil/v ( ‘onmillv - Odum'. h was fairly apparent and Who was that man in the doll'lljlgt-Ilil“ Sim: n1— 9;th Knm greets an oltlehlmlfrom The Herald. I somethmg was wrong When the . antrageous'anan nausea? J" K d (m in pm i in }'

and I’d like to see what he does.

4 Hanging Around Trestle Theatre. 1

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‘The children found it hard enough nngmg sound dldn [emerge for _

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much for them . . played out ofsynch. adding an

St‘hoolteat‘her Alice Quill explains ' uncxpccwd IOUCh 0f broad comedy

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Owner/m. - things with stickytape. the film Boy by Boilerhouse, atTheatre

and received a standing ovation al shows she‘s keen to catch this year.

the end. Rumours that the applause

' audience was halfway down the Desdemona - If You Had Only Spoken

street are probably exaggerated . . . Eleanor Bron. I like one-woman

which will probably give you more to

think about than the average student 7

l Greenpeace ship Solo. On Saturday Michelle Tremblay's work.andthis f. d , k. .. H . m. f I 22 and Sunday 23. 10am—6pm. isaScotstranslation. m m‘” 5”" 3 W U u '

not to laugh when I had to kiss my thirty scmnds' GUCSIS‘ bigwigs and withthe gamekeeper would be too minutes” “msmcopcning scenes . Choice why her class won't be witnessing her i to Bax I‘Uhrml‘mnis St-‘ilixh mnmncc' played on without further incident Workshop (11 .30pm) chooses five was still ringing out when the 1 i I Not a Fringe show, but something shows portraying strong women. ' revue. is the open day on the The Guid Sisters Tron Theatre. I like i everyone is welcome to an

i informative trip roundthe vessel. 3 5. I . .g ' u berthcd at Western Harbour. Leith The End or The Tunnel Philippe 0"“ An“ Aeneas Md“ MW” Dan“ ( ompany. It sounds a bit wacky.

Docks. off(‘ommercial Street. Gaulier. I‘ve heard a lot about him

me List 21 27 August 1992