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The launch of a new Scottish record label always gives cause for celebration. The latest foray into the scary world of album sales is being made by Catscratch Records. an enterprise which is run by energetic rock entrepreneur Robert Fields and is closely linked with Glasgow‘s Cathouse Rock Club.

The first Catscratch release is a sixteen-track compilation CD. which is blessed with the dodgy title The Gathering Of The Clans and is due for release in early September. Collections of unsigned bands tend to conjure up images of hopeless strummers giving it laldy. in the tragically optimistic dream that an important music-biz person might happen to discover them. Consider that these ‘hopeless strummers‘ include such cult-luminaries as Crisis. Dunderfunk and many. many more (sic). and the suspicion grows that Catscratch are not purveyors ofsows' cars.

‘This CD will surprise a lot of people who don‘t realise what a wealth of unsigned talent there is up here,‘ says Robert Fields. who personally picked the eight bands and is now intent on helping them chip away at the austere structures of the established Scottish music scene.

‘I’ve put the whole thing together to bring to the attention of the music media and the music business in general. especially in the south of England, that there‘s more to Scottish rock music than Simple Minds and Deacon Blue. The Ca Va Sessions was supposed to do something like this. but it was all stufflike Carol Laula. There were no

The Crows

real rock bands.‘

By real rock bands. Fields means anything from the mainstream rock ofThe Crows to the thrash-based power—metal of the now-departed Drunken State, the radical nouveau rhythm-rock of the aforementioned geniuses Crisis and Dunderfunk and the confused but alluring inelegance ofsub-punks Gobstopper.

Don't be frightened off by the term ‘rock‘. Also present are Dr Pop and Re-Al with their respective animated dance frenzies and solid melodic pop-rock. whilst Adam 8 l 2 offer. according to Fields. a cross ‘between The Dan Reed Network and Hot Chocolate‘.

Such is his confidence. he is already enthusiastically talking ofa second compilation CD. which he hopes will feature Angel Heart. 'I'rumpetworm. Marsha Fresca and many. many more (etc). In the longer term. releases by . individual bands may follow.

j ‘We‘ve made all our mistakes and had all our

teething troubles putting this one together. so we

3 know what we‘re doing now. We‘ll learn from our mistakes.‘


: Bands from The Gathering Of The ( 'luns play The l Albert Hall. Stirling on 511122 and The ( 'uthouse

| Glasgow on 510123 and M02124.


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