I Virtual Murder: A Dream Of Dracula (BBCl)9.3()—l(l.2(lpm. Dr Cornelius (Nicholas Clay) encounters modern-day vampirism and his unlikely list ofsuspects includes Ronald Fraser. Peggy Mount. Julian Clary and Alfred Marks.

I Roseanne (Channel 4) 10— 10.30pm. Recession hits the (‘onner household as Roseanne searches for a new job. Dan‘s bike-shop feels the pinch and Becky‘s college plans are put on hold.

I Edinburgh Nights (BBCZ)

11.3(me—12. 10am. A special programme devoted to the Chinese State Circus. interviewing the performers and following their preparations for their first-ever appearance in the UK at the Festival.

I Deadly Nights: The Crimson Kimono (ChanneH) ll.35pm-lam. A murder mysteryfilm hair with an inter-racial marriage subplot thrown in for good measure. LA detectives Glenn Corbett and James Shigeta both fall in love with artist Victoria Shaw. while investigating the murder ofa stripper.

I Steelyard Blues (Scottish) DAB—2.20am. Donald Sutherland and Jane Fonda star in a routine adventure yarn about three misfits who try to steal an electric circuit to repair an abandoned plane.


I The Four Musketeers (BBCI) 5.50—7.35pm. ()liver Reed. Faye Dunaway and Michael York star in the even more camp sequel to Richard Lester's The Three Musketeers shown last week. Roy Kinnear is the butt of mostof the jokes as the valet Planchet.

; IShoah((‘hannel-prm-ll.ltlam. 12.35-245am. (‘Iaude Lanzmann

~ travelled the world for ten years filming

Jewish concentration camp survivors. 'l‘he

result is an unwavering. unforgettable

; account of the Holocaust. Shown in two

parts(part twotomorrow)without


I Encounters: Madame Montand And Mrs

~ Millertlsm‘zwco ll).lflpm.Sue (iloy er‘s story is set in Not) in the Beverlv thus I lotcl. Marilyn Monroe andSimone

Signoret meet every Saturday at the hairdresser's and their friendship deepens. despite contrasting personalities. Monroe is obsessed with her appearance while the ‘anti-star' Signoret scorns such trivialrty. I Video Diaries: Not ATransvestite t 1th ‘2) Hi l” H lllpm. MjkaSeott recordsthe

94 The List 21 27 August 1992


As far as journeys go, the American road movie is as classic and cliched as they come. But stick two strangers together, give the map a SID-degree twist, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for an itinerant dissection of the American Dream. As American As Apple Pie serves up slices of contemporary American life in the form of an epic road trip from the Canadian border to the most southern reaches of Texas. Mid-west expert Alan Schroeder and comedian Jimmy Tingle took in 4827 miles and 22 motels in the 28-day journey, which will be broadcast as part of a new series of Channel 4’s

Travellers’ Tales, a programme which earned its reputation as rather more adventurous than most travel shows in its first series last year.

As American As Apple Pie was directed by British-born Paul Yule, who teamed up with Edinburgh Fringe favourite Tingle on Damned In The USA, the acclaimed anti-censorship documentary which caused a storm of controversy for its inclusion of Robert Mapplethorpe's homo-erotic photographs. ‘ln Damned In The USA,‘

. explains Yule, ‘the phrase “It‘s as

3 up, although people were talking about :

American as apple pie" kept turning

completely different things. Iwanted to i do something to discover what the ingredients of the pie were.’

Schroeder and Tingle had never met

i before the trip, but the farmer‘s extensive knowledge of the route ' combines with the Iatter's inquisitive

enthusiasm as they interview the

Tingle and Schroedervisit ‘carhenge'. various individuals they encounter in their 1960 Ford Sunliner convertible. ‘America has this constant need to redefine itself,‘ says Yule, ‘and the car was very much part of that: it's now an antique, and yet it comes from the optimism of the 1950s, the heyday of the American Dream. I'm not sure about the Dream any more. I think it was a kind of sales contract to sell houses at a certain time, and had a lot to do with new immigrants. We found that the Dream is still alive and kicking in Southern Texas where Central and South Americans are populating the area. They want the idea that they can make it, own their own home, capitalist stuff like that.’

While the journey reveals that slices of the pie taste different to everyone who takes a bite, it also gives an indication of the sheer diversity of cultures that make up modern America, from Native Americans making camouflage for the military to the cowboys who live on in the south. But once you‘ve travelled the country from end to end, what is the only direction left? ‘Well,‘ suggests Yule, ‘when we reached Texas we wanted to capture the idea of the ultimate road journey, and that has to have been Charles Duke. who drove the car on the moon. So we met up with him and got him to tell us what itwas like.’ (Alan Morrison)

Traveller’s Tales starts on Channel 4 on Monday 24 August at 9pm. As American As Apple Pie is broadcast on 7 September.

months leading up to her ‘gcnder

reassignment' operation. She reveals how

: she has spent her life battling with her

sexual identity. at first trying to prove her masculinity before finally decidingto

laughs and impressions from the rubber-faced one.

i I Craig. Millar and Cosgrove At The Festival

undergo a sex change. I Phil Cool (Scottish) 1 1.2o—l l .Sopm

(Scottish) l 1.50pm 12.50am. Snappily-titlcd studio programme

" gathering up the threads of the lidinburgh

Festivals and l‘ringe. with Alison Craig.

John Millar and Stuart ('osgrove.


E I Scotsport (Scottish) 5-6pm. Jim White

intoduccs all the goals from the Premier Division plus highlights from liurope.

I Europe By Design: Objects Of Desire (BB('1)5.45 o. lfipm. 'l'om \"ernon scours lzurope for design classics. picking

I out the espresso machine and Italian

- designer littore Sottsass's ‘Memphis-style‘

furniture. I Europe Express ((‘hannel 4)8-S.3llpm.

The acclaimed liuropean current affairs

series with Isabella Stasi (‘astriota reporting from Rome. Klaus Schwagrzinna from Berlin. Stefan Rybar from Prague and Marie (iuichoux from Paris.

I The Alan Bennett Season: Dur Winnie (BB(‘2)8.1()- 8.50pm. A rather mawkish piece from Bennett about a backward girl taken to visit her father's grave by her mother and aunt. and finding herselfthe ftK‘llS of attention from a young photography student.

I Moviedrome: Tracks ( 1313(2)

9M)- 1 l . 15pm. Alex (‘ox introduces Henry Jaglom‘s unusual road movie starring Dennis l lopper as a psychotic Vietnam vet (a venture into new territory for the debonair I lopper) assigned to escort the body of a dead comrade on a train journey across the States. [in route his mental disturbance becomes more pronounced as he alienates his motley crew of travellingcompanions.

IJacknife (Channel 4) lllpm-midnight. Robert De Niro stars in a pow erfuland

perceptiy e drama as a Vietnam veteran who changes the lives of fellow vet lid Harris and his shy schoolteacher sister Kathy Baker.

L ITV Squash (Scottish) nus- 11.15pm. 'l‘elevision satire with guests Roy

llatterslcy. Sonia and Peter ()‘Brien.


I Nadine (Scottish)b‘.3fl— lllpm. Lightweight romantic comedy starring Kim Basinger getting involved in an

over-complicated plot to defraud a road

dev eloper. Jeff Bridges plays the loser husband. who just might turn out to be Mr Right.

I Traveller‘s Tales: On The Way To Monkey Bay ((‘hannel 4) ‘)—‘ 10pm. A new seriesof the travel show featuring writerstaking the viewer on unusual world journeys. The first programme takes Us to l .ake Malawi. where author and broadcaster Nigel Farrell travels on an old lake steamer on the way to Monkey Bay.