There's a least at culture and innovative theatre out there. Then again, the video shop looks quite tempting . . .

I Klllerlmage(18) Michael lronside (from Total Recall and Highlander II) stars in a frighteningthriller as a psychopathic brother of wealthy senator M. Emmet Walsh. Lots of murders. blackmails and stuff follow swiftly one afterthe other. Confusing. violent but it all zips by rather swiftly. (First Independent)

I SummerVacation ( 18) Sleazy teen comedy with hefty Baywatch influence in the regular shots of high-cut bikinis and larger than feasible cleavages. The plot. such at it is. concerns an evil resort owner who has designs on the happy-go-lucky Lakeside camp. As is always the case in this sort of Scooby-Doo-typc thing. everything comes down to the annual water-ski championship with Lakeside pinning their hopes on local heart-throb Corey

i Feldman. Ciratuitously

I sexist and unsubtle

humour. if you like that

. sort ofthing. (First

1 Independent)

1 I My out (PCilThe

i four-foot high answer to Marlon Brando. Macauley (‘ulkin. stars in

aninsipidkiddie- romance. wooing next-door neighbour

Anna ( ~hlumsky and

sortingout thelifeofher widowed dad at the same time. 'I'rite stuff. with woeful exploitation ofthe

classic Motown song.

I ((‘olumbia'l'ristan

I The Butcher's Wile ( 15) Rapider-than-normal transfer to video for the film that claims in its poster blurbs that ‘it's not about meat. it's about magic.‘ Actually it's about Demi Moore as a chop merchant‘s missus who delivers clairvoyant advice along with the quality meat products. It‘s a gentle fantasy comedy with rather too heavy a hand on the ‘nice‘ button. (ClC)

I Dead Again ( 15) Kenny Branagh and Emma Thompson star in a stylish detective thriller with supernatural overtones. Branagh plays cynical Los Angeles (the accent‘s pretty good) detective Mike Church whose latest case involves unearthing the identity of a beautiful (well. Thompsonesque. actually) young woman who has taken on the memory and nightmares ofa murdered womanICIC)

I Deceived ( 15) Half-decent suspense

thriller starring Goldie

Hawn as an antiques restorer. Adrienne

Saunders.whomarries . Jack. the head ofthe local

museum (John Ileard). They seem like the perfect couple. but when Jack is


Adrienne discovers that her husband was not the man she thought he was. and begins to suspect that he might not be dead after all. Plenty ofedge-of-the- seat moments if you don't manage to guess what‘s going to happen. (Touchstone)

I Shout (PG) (CIC)

I Sell-Throuoh

IThe Intruder(15) Akal Hate Your (Ears. Shot in 1961 by the masterofthe B-movie. Roger (‘orman. this cult movie stars

|_. 96The List 21 27 August 1992

William Shatner as a white supremacist stirring up

racial hatred in the

American Deep South. Stylish and brutal. it offers a rather interesting chance to see the pre-Captain Kirk Shatner. (Connoisseur£15.99)

I Ala Huit Chez Maude (U) Acclaimed as the highlight of Eric Rohmer‘s six famous Moral Tales. this is essentially a lightweight comedy of manners. shot in a wintry (.‘lermont- Ferrand setting. The story follows Catholic Jean-Louis as he dcliberates between the attractions of the free-thinking Maud and the more conventional Francoise. (Connoisseur £15.99)

I Gas-s-s-s (or I low It Became Necessary To Destroy The World In ()rderTo Save It )( 18) More (‘orman in this

low -budget schlock classic from 19711. It's(‘orman's take on the Love (ieneration. packed with ribald bad—taste humour. There‘s plenty of anti-war. anti- establishmentanarchon please old hippies. although (‘orman doesn't stint from ridiculing his characters. (Connoisseur £15.99)

I The Three Tenors— Pavarotti. Domingo and Gamma The three heavyweights of pop op swap arias from the classics.(Abbey £12.99)

I Hollywood Stuntmakers Volumest and 2 (Abbey £10.99 each)

I The Great Adventures 01 The Automobile: The Formative Years 1800—1919. (Abbey £10.99) I The Great Adventures Of The Automobile: The 803 To The Future (Abbey £111.99)

Activities and Fun.

I THE ARCHES THEATRE Midland Street. 221 81(11.

Alien Wars Mon—Fri Noon—7pm. Sat 1(1am--7pm. Sun 12.3l1pin—-7pm. Kids

£ 1 .95 (£1 .511 if accompanined by an adult) adults £2.95. No under 7s. The scariest

experience in tow n with extra-terrestrials

leaping from every crevice and dark corner. .\'ot for the easily frightened.

I CUMBERNAULO THEATRE Kildrum. (1236 732887.

Drama Workshops Enrolment Sat 22 Aug. 930—1113021111(5—7s)£111for1(1sessions. 1(1.3(1am»~l2.3(1pm (Hr- Ills) £12.50 for If) sessions. Make Saturday morning special with all the fun ofthe theatre.

THE DOME OF DISCOVERY South Rotunda. 1(1(I(io\'an Road. 427 1792. Mon—Fri 9.45am—4pm. Sat~Sun Illam—Spm. Kids £1 .51); adults £2.51).

Dauplay Sat 22 and Sun 23 Aug. 11am—4pm. Large scale construction kits to create your own trains. planesand automoblies.

I THE DIET COKE GREAT SCOTTISH FUN RUN 227 5576. Sun 23 Aug. (‘all for entry

form anddetalis.


(ilen. 621121184. ()pen everyday ' lt1am~5pm. Kidsilzadultsi‘l .75. A huge

selection of small creatures including butterflies. stick insects. scorpions and



. Road..‘~57392‘1. Mon»Sat l(1am--5pm;Sun ' 2 5pm. I‘rec liircengines.

and a reconstructed (ilasgow Street from the 194(1s complete w ith cinema and sit bway .


PACK livery Sun. 1 -3pm. .\'odrama experience necessary but loadsof


Bearing All at the Museum otChildhood

‘1‘- . as!" .v -. k:


See Edinburgh‘s Fruitmarket Gallery

enthusiasm. Application formsavailable = from the reception.

I JOHN SMITHS 57 St Vincent Street. Raymond Briggs Sat 22 Aug. 2.30—3.3t1pm.

- Meet the author of Fungus the [loget'man

and The Snowman signing his new book. The Man.

5 Theatre



Uncle Jimmy's Punch and Judy Magic Show Sat 22 Aug. 1pm and 3pm. Kids £1 ;adults £1.51). Magic. audience participation and

fun w ith two mischievous puppets and

; L'ncle Jimmy.


Activities and Fun

I DALHOUSIE CHESTER STABLES Rosewell Road. Bonnyrigg. 60113354. Kids £5.51); adults £7. Riding lessons and hacks in the surrounding countryside.

I EDINBURGH BUTTERFLY AND INSECT WORLD Melville Nurseries. Lasswade. 663

_ 4932. Daily lilarrt—S.311prn. Kidsilbll; adults £2.85 (l'nder 5s free). l’romthe

esotic to the extraordinary. a collectionof

: tropical butterflies. tarantulas. killer bees

and other assorted creepy crawlies.


Street. 225 2383.

The Flintstones and Their Food for Painting Sat 23 Aug. Noon- 5pm. I-‘ree. Make fabulous paint using colour from nature. (‘rushed leaves. vegetables and spices will be used to make paint and collage.

Booking essential. Phone numberabove forfulldetails.

; I GORGIE CITY FARM 51 (iorgie Road. 337

42112. 9am—4pm. l-‘ree. l’igs. cows. rabbits. sheep and loads more cuddly animalsat the farm in the heart of the town.



Fun Run Wed 2o Aug. 7pm. Slip. Register one hour before. Prizes and medals for the first 3011 and for anyone in fancy dress. Children under 111 must be accompanied by an adult.

I THE MUSEUM OF CHILDHOOD 42 High Street. 225 2-124. Monul‘ri lt1am—bpm. Bearing AII {Tritil Sat 5 Sep. Don‘t missout on teddy mania and check out the museum‘s huge range of antique and modern bears. Also a collection of bear-inspired exhibits. competitions and games.

I WATERSTONES LL 1-1 Princes Street. Raymond Briggs Sat 22 Aug. Noon—1pm. See John Smiths. (ilasgow.