the So You Think You’re Funny contest this year because Tennents had pulled out of the sponsorship, and the guy from Channel 4 just turned round and said “OK it’s done, the money’s there.” The odds of that happening would have been much longer if there hadn’t been that forum.’

Oh, but Pete, talking about comedy is boring isn’t it? It’s supposed to be instinctive, you just kill it if you analyse it, whatever happened to creative genius, you’re turning it into an exercise in marketing, blah, blah. ‘I’ve consciously decided to get this thing going,’ he says, ‘and it’s up to other people to decide whether it’s crap or not. A lot of my friends think that talking about comedy is crap, and think the whole premise of what I’m trying to do is just complete bollocks. Maybe it is.’

No Laughing Matter III is at the Assembly Rooms from 1—3pm. Admission is free. Sessions are Performing (29 August), Writing (30Au3ust) and Television (31 August).

From dingy dives to TV stardom:

Jack Dee, Arnold Brown, Craig Ferguson, Frank Skinner.

‘\ a Pete Brown and guest speaker Pete McCarthy



the new live video


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18 tracks including live footage oi the loch lomond outdoor concert, Edinburgh Castle,

the Western Isles tour and Europe 1991

The List 28 August - 10 September 199215