Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Ee by gum, it's grim up north. There’s smog in the air, slag on the hillsides, trouble in t’pit and up at manor, the old world order is crumbling.

Those in the audience expecting 90 minutes oi undiluted titillation to enliven their evening were in tor a disappointment because this adaptation, like the novel, is as much about class wariare and industrial unrest as sex. This, in itselt, is not a iault but the piece as a whole suiiers through sticking too closely to the text. Although there is intelligent use at sets and lighting, it does not seem to be as much a dramatisation as an enaction ol the novel. The scenes tollow the shape oi the book regardless oi whether they are necessary to the dramatic


coherence oi the play.

Unfortunately this means that the play takes on board all ol Lawrence’s attitudes, good and bad. The tedious dinner party arguments about Bolshevism remain without comment and the sex scenes, though touchingly done, now seem antiquated ratherthan shocking. Without modernisation or thematic development the periormances seem curiously static. Nicholas Scovell as Clitiord Chatterley does his best to humanise Lawrence’s heavy-handed symbol at bourgeois decline but Alice Ouill has an uphill task injecting personality into the cipherthat is Constance Chatterley.

Lady Chatterley’s Lover is a good amateur production with some amusing and even gripping moments but it is overshadowed by the more inventive and prolessional productions on the Fringe. (Frances Corniord)

Lady Chatterley’s Lover (Fringe) Renegade Theatre, Chaplaincy Centre (Venue 23) 650 8201, until 29 Aug,

| 5.50pm, £4.50 (£4).


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You expect better irom a pairing oi such i WI") 3 "halal draught 0I woe-iS-me

respected talents as playwright John McGrath and actress Elizabeth MacLennan, co-lounders ol the Scottish 7:84 company, than this over-extended, unimaginative meditation on the dilemmas of the post-Cold War socialist. It's an important subject- someone has to try and rescue the S-word and the many honourable aspects oi its beliel system irom the triumphalist war at attrition currently being waged by right-wingers - and as such deserves more thoughtiul treatment.

Employing the character oi an ex-Iabour-movement activist, now in late middle age and running a 8&8 to earn a crust, having been edged out at teaching and broadcasting work thanks to her political ‘unsuitabllity’, the play contains a good deal oi angst-ridden breast-beating, screeds oi undigested iacts and iigures about post-World War II history and worldwide capitalist exploitation/oppression, washed down

-. 11 " I " 3 2,. 5 I," , " 4‘”,. I . I I, ; I

1" .1 .i ,ll. ;" Vii" K. » AV - :3 J y

I polemic about the state oi modern

Britain. What it’s short on is any kind oi penetrative analysis oriresh ideas— anyone can recite a roll-call oi depressing statistics about the world, but it’s much harderto go beyond that and suggest something that people can do with, or in spite, oI the inlormation. MacLennan's character is agonising over precisely that question - at what to do, where to go, as a committed left-winger in the New World Order 90s - but an hour and a quarter’s agonising which basically ends where it began doesn’t make for very interesting or entertaining theatre. There’s little to iault in MacLennan’s performance, but with this kind at material she‘s carrying out a pretty thankless task. (Sue Wilson)

Watching For Dolphins (Fringe) Museum Kaleidoscope, Royal Museum oi Scotland (Venue 43) 225 7534, until 29 Aug, 5pm, £5 (£3.50).

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