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are like most stereotypes internationalism of the

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company. than mildly funny. A Their delivery is sober and unresponsive laconieally timed. their afternoon crowd didn't melodrama camp but

reverential. It is

impossible to tell ifthey‘re

taking the piss or simply

wallowing with pleasure in

some highly dodgy

material. A man who

enjoys sex with his wife

1 only when he doesn't

know it‘s his wife is not

unusual; the wife who doesn‘t seem to mind is a

bit more difficult to

l swallow these days. But.

. hey. it‘s only a bedroom

i V . farce and this isa production which isoften MINORITIES BIG or memo . “mm‘tg‘a'wae

- bemustng. (Roberta Mozart's Figaro was Mmk) . 'F. It sounds promising a nothing like this. Nor did III,“ '53:)??? o 1:98.") double-act of a gay. Beaumal’ChiiiS‘ ( my“) , mm?“ as.” American. Jewish man pro-Wolfgang classic of Thwm C0mpdny& s! and a straight. sexual romps andintrigue (Vfilusfnflz‘ 1 British-Asian woman— heginwithone man .“ ‘ufm LP! ("m but it all falls sadly flat. creating radio control 59"”‘3'15l’m‘5'50 Perhaps the targets were "OiSCS through it Clipped (“‘50) ‘ust a hit too obvious: the hand and another slapping late 70s heyday for around the Stage in a ' V minority mm s, when 11 plastic mac and goggles. ' wastrendzy to he ethnic Pleasure Bus serves upa and oppressed has been Twin Peaks ofa Figaro pretty well done to death i complete with as a comedy subject. while i cross-dressing redolent of Drill/hm Ulldcrgmund the more stereotypically Milton BCFIC and a gaggle rcmams “ ~ CV9" _ laughable aspects of ! of indecipherable accents among?! lhc fmc SCICC‘m" jcwish or Asian culturc reflecting the l of musical comedy acts on

help. but they might have become more animated if the performers had taken a few risks with their material. (Sue Wilson) lThe Oppressed Minorities Big Fun Show (Fringe) Meera Syal and Bryan Scott. Counting House (Venue ()6) 226 2151 . until 29 Aug.

I 4.30pm.£5.5(l(£4.5(l).

Cinnabar presents


The Testament of Salome

a drama for actress & dancer

written &

. performed by' Deirdra Morris & .

Wendy Buonaventura

directed by Susannah York &

Penny Cherns

"Intriguing and compelling . . . a highly disciplined, marvellously atmospheric production" - Guardian

"Rich in ideas, fresh in vision, a rare and intimate treat" - The List


28 Themes Alana i i) garages r 3693"

i the Medusa. tattered

} costumes and the intense

' weirdness ofthe cast give

3 the play the quality ofa

hallucination asthey unleash their own peculiar brand of anarchic satire. All the sacred cows— marriage. charity. religion are ruthlessly trampled as the company stampede through the story of Nancy. the only character with any moral sense. her

! manmadcfibrcsandthe l tackincss ofthe British film industry in the 19605, f they offeratop-notch

hour of subtle hum-along entertainment. (Roberta

the Fringe. It doesn‘t rely on silly facial contortions to make well-known songs funny. It doesn't shock you into laughter by singing folk tunes about

bizarre sexual practices. lt ! Mock) marriage. rape and somehow manages l I Draylon Express (Fringe) eventual martyrdom. Thc sophistication despite the l Draylon Underground. black humour is funny

L enough but what really sticks in the mind isthe powerful imagery Jesus in drag on the cross. the

The Pleasance (Venue 33) 556 6550, until 5 Sept (not

ISept). 5.45pm, £5 (£4). company as a ragged

i v - Americanarmy—inthis

, i crazily stylish

! performance.(Frances Many companies aimto i Comford)

unsettletheir audience ISND 0iF00|S(Fringe) but few achieve it as well Benchtours. Theatre

topicality of the material. And they are such good singers that they need no accompaniment. Veterans of the London cabaret circuit. Draylon Underground is a tight-knit a cappella quintet of rare quality. llarmonising on subjects as diverse as BBC sexsoap

Eldorado,the ' as BenchtoursinS/tipof : WorkShOP(VCnUC 20)226 environmentalsummitin f F0013,Thcsct, 5425.unti129Aug. Rio. the allure 0f I reminiscent ofthe Raft of 3.30pm. £5 (£3)- FTDI gm“. 3‘ m7. Ah I, . uh tam ff:- '''' "a?:?:?:E:?:E:3:E:E3R;E:3:23?:3:E5:E:3:3E33:23E:E:E:3:3:aE:E:§:2:a323:2E33222;E:?:§:E:§:&3?:E""':§§; awn-5°. can you Eu" u u I l A ONE I- I s I o OMAN The Traverse Company COMEDY COLUMBUS: EXTRAVAGANZA BLOODING #33 THE OCEAN Cinnabar, England REVELATIONS: THE TESTAMENT OF 33 Bambalina Titelles, Spain QUIJOTE SUZANNE BONNAR Scofland and more . . .

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