The index lists every show (alphabetically by title) which appears in this week's List. and gives the page on which each show is reviewed or previewed. Cabaret. comedy

theatre, revues and stand-up have all been

listed under the heading CABABET.


Accidental Death oi an Anarchist KYBO 21

Advice TO A Daughter Dernarco

Alice. the Kniie and the Birthday Cake Sheffield University Theatre

Alien Doctors/Soiourner New York Players

An Ancient Trilogy National Theatre Of Bucharest

Appearances Appearances Theatre Company

Beowuli Mania Productions

Billy National Youth Music Theatre Blues Angels Plastiquc

La Cage AUX Folles Southside

Chinese Whispers Mind the Gap Chochon Teatr 77

The Clearing American Connexion Cuckoos KSW ZAK

Dante's inierno Kazzum

Denied Crowns Exacting Theatre Company

Desdemona - Il You Had Oniy Spoken! Eleanor Bron

The Devils Aspects Touring Company Dorothy Parker’s Dead Jane llollowood

Double Bluli ‘Mortmain a Rialto' Scorpio

A Dr0p at Fred Pilot Schemes

Eclipsed Punchbag

Electra Complex Strindberg's Sister Enter The Tragic Muse Pamela Buchner Esau LG4 Theatre Company

Fine Day ForA Hunt Demarco

First Time Tales Roy Ilutchins

From A Balcony Richard Demarco Gallery

From Heaven Through The World To Hell


Fuente Oveiuna Royal National Theatre (ii-Force Playful Theatre Company Good Tron Theatre

Hamlet Accented Images

Hard Times CYT Productions

Henry V - Lion oi England Henry V A Hope For This World Bare Bones How Far Can You 60? Watson 8. Co Hiios del Sol Hill Street Theatre

I Have An Uncle In America lils Joglars Image OI LOVB Conditioned Soul Cambridge

Into That Clear Place Count of 3 Into The Woods Quniquereme Productions

Invasion Werewoli Johnny Myers

l Poeti del Bock La Pinguicola Sulle Vigne

i Served the English King Richard Dernarco Gallery

it's a Man's, Man‘s. Man’s. Man‘s World

Hill Street Theatre

Killers/Get Up and Be Someone 01 Parker

Kill Me I Love You Opera Circus King 0i The City: An Evening With Al Capone King of the City

Krzysztoi Miklaszewski: The Man and his

Films Hill Street Theatre Lady Chatterley's Lover Renegade

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the Lion's Mouth Killing the Cat 23 Love Lies Bleeding Kaleidoscope 40 Madame Mao’s Memories Theatreworks 25 Marriage ol Figaro Pleasure Bus Theatre

Company 28 Me, I’m Altaid oi Virginia Wooii Blow Up 41

The Merry Monks ol Cambusdonaid Edinburgh People's Theatre 35 My Brother Mozart Cygnet Theatre 34 New Man in Progress King's Players 24 Operation Elvis Byre 'lheatre 24 The Orange Penguin Risk Theatre 24 Orlando Red Shirt 22 Para/Para Richard Dcmareo Gallery 41 A Passage ol Trivial Music Desire

Theatre Company 22 Rod Paterson/Billy Kay 38 A Portrait oi Vincent Portrait Productions 20 Play Me False Custard Factory 40 Ouilote Bambalina Titelles 31 Revelation Trapeze 39

Say A Prayer For Me/Hell George Dillon 35 The School Ot Night Alarmist Theatre 45 Scottish Traditional Storytellers Scottish

Traditional Storytellers 19 Serpent Kills One Yellow Rabbit 39 Sex Ill Emily Woof 41 Sex Alter Supper Erotica Poetica 45

Shaen Bill Not Stirred Trafalgar Hall 20 Shameless Extras Richard Demarco

Gallery 30 The Shaman's Dream Stageworlrs Theatre Company 19 Shaker Shaker 25 Shelley - The Flight ol the Snake

Westbury Theatre 35 Ship oi Fools Benchtours 28 Soapsud island Questors Theatre 21 Spirit OI Scotland Spirit of Scotland 32 Sticks and Stones Welsh College of Music and Drama 37 StUdS The Passion Machine 23 Swallowing Oysters Exacting Theatre

Company 21

Talking Birds The Rifle Lodge 20 They Shall Not Grow Old Mania

Productions 32 This and That/MonumentTraid

Productions 24 Three Actors and Their Drama Richard Demanco Gallery 37 Three Postcards Blue Window 40 Trial By Fire N.N. Theatre Cologne 44 mm Nada Theatre 30 mm Bex Fat Red Theatre 25 Voice oi the Sea Patois Theatre 23 Watching For Dolphins Museum Kaleidoscope 27 we Yeats: A Dialogue 01 Sell and Soul TriBeCa Lab 23 Who? NSTC 31 Wilderness oi Monkeys/Every Inch 3 King Prime Productions 24 The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband Snarling Beasties 19 The Yellow Wallpaper The Yellow Wallpaper 45


Ambushed in America Hill Street Theatre 46 Another Hesitation with Mervyn Stutter

Mervyn Stutter 37 Arthur Smith Sings Andy Williams 29 Attila The Stockbroker And John Otway 41 Pom Boyd 26

. Wet. Wet. Wet

Comedy Store Players 39 Comedy Zone 44 Steve Coogan 44 Alan Davies 45 Draylon Express 20 The Dum Show 35 Lee Evans 35

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Northern Ireland But Were Too

Terrorised To Ask Hole in the Wall 40 Five Items or Less Funny Farm 40 Frank Skinner 43 600 Gilded Balloon 44 The Hell Guides Ben Keaton and Paul B. Davies 25 Lord Hubert Bose Succeeds Ferret/Strongarm Productions 23 Mike McDonald 43 Les Macloma 29 Anthony Morgan Stands Alone 30 Mouiin BUSSB Moscow State University Student Theatre 44 Mummy's Little Girl Jenny Eclair 22

Oppressed Minorities Big Fun Show 23 Radio Klamm Never Mind Theatre

Company 45 Rant And Have R.A.N.T. Comedy Group 45 Screaming Blue Murder Cabaret Gilded

Balloon 45 Sin Brue Morton 43 Struck Oil And Die 45 Stevie Wonder Felt My Face Louise Rennison 15 Tattoo O'Ciock Poetry Show John llegley 22 The Tebbits Dress Up, Get Down on the Floor and Act Sexy The Tebbits 36 There Must Be Filly Ways To Tell Your Mother Hill Street Theatre 45 Mark Thomas 43 Trevor and Simon 43 The Uncles 24 Thea Vidale 43

Cale Muller Pine Beusch 19 lnlabuloo 2000 Sundun 33 Rhythms ol Lite Sancheri Dance

Company 19

Second Breakiast Desperate Figures 21

Far and Few: The History oi the Jumbliee Poor Fools

The Magic Storybook Oxford School of Drama

The Seashell Hill Street Theatre

Wendy The Wizard. The Witch And Her Cat DiverseAttractions


Acoustic Music Centre Bai

Julian Arguelles

Bob Berg/Mike Stern Capercaille

Hamlet RSO

Indian Flute And Tabla Nigel Kennedy

Mike Oldiield

John Pearson Seannachle

Dawn Upshaw/‘Bichard Geode Vasconcelos

Hank Wanglord


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