Crush In the wake of fellow Antipodean Jane Campion. New Zealand filmmaker Alison Maclean has also succeeded in following acclaimed shorts with an intriguing debut feature. A moody exploration of the cumulatively destructive effect a terrible car crash comes to exert on a complex web of relationships, American actress Marcia Gay Harden. familiar from the Coens’ Miller’s Crossing, gives a powerful performance as a journalist invading the life of a famous writer and trying to cope with the fact that her best friend lies crippled in hospital. Shot with enviable assurance. it‘s an uncomfortable journey into dark psychological territory. (TJ)

Crush, Filmhouse 1. Fri28Aug, 8.15pm.

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The Waterdance All too often. American movies about disability leave a British audience feeling more embarrassment than sympathy or understanding. A few saccharine violins and tearful speeches. and it's Oscar party. here we come. Not so with The Waterdance. This story of a novelist who breaks his neck while hiking, forcing him to come to terms with permanent disability along with the other patients at a physical rehabilitation centre. has raw edges of anger and humour that strike a chord of truth. Writer and co-director Neal Jimenez brings an unsentimental eye to what is a very personal, auto-biographical project he too has been confined to a wheelchair following an accident several years ago. Finely acted by a cast including Eric Stolz (the disfigured boy in Mask) and man-of—the-moment Wesley Snipes. The Waterdance is genuinely moving rather than manipulative. (AM)

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All illms show at the Fllmhouse, 88 Lothian Road. unless otherwise stated. Tickets are available from the Filmhouse box oilice (031 228 2688) or from the Fringe Ollice (031 226 5257/9).


I Young Film Makers 9109 mins. 11.45am. Student films from three London film schools.

I Post Olttce McLaren Award 4 60 mins. 12.45pm. A programme of new British animated films.

I Emma and Elvis (Julia Reichert. US. 1992) 105 mins. 2pm. A 60s generation documentarist joins forces with a young cable access video maker.

I Casualties (Diane Tammes. UK. 1991 ) and Kamlabal (Reena Mohan. India. 1991) 100 mins. 2. 15pm. The former isa BAFTA-winning look at life in a London hospital; the latter is a portrait of the first woman ever to appear on the Indian stage and screen.

I James Lee Masterclass 60 mins. 4.30pm. The former head of Goldcrest explains the ins and outs of film finance.

I Leon The Pig Farmer (Vadim Jean/Gary Sinyor. UK. 1992) 98 mins. 6pm. Nice Jewish boy Leon discovers that. due to a mix up during an artificial insemination experiment. he is not who he thinks he is. I Young Film Makers 10 96 mins.6.15pm. Four student films from New York University.

I Crush (Alison Maclean. New Zealand. 1991)97 mins. 8. 15pm. An awkward adolescent. a femme fatale. a wheelchair-bound journalist and a has-been author come together in this contemporary fable.

I lledd Wyn (Paul Turner. Wales. 1992) 123 mins. 8.15pm. A young poet‘s dreams of winning the 1917 Eisteddfod are shattered by the Great War.

I Mac (John Turturro.US. 1992) 117 mins. 10.30pm. Acclaimed actor Turturro (Barron Fink, Jungle Fever) makes his directorial debut with this celebration of America‘s working-class craftsmen.


I Young Film Makers 11 109 mins. 11.45am. The End and The Bottle Imp from Edinburgh College of Art. plus five others from the Royal College ofArt.

I Duncan Heath Masterclass 60mins. 12.45pm. One ofthe country‘s top agents discusses the representation of actors within the film industry.

I Colin Young Tribute 2pm. An afternoon ofscrcenings. discussion and a lecture (given by David Puttnam) in celebration of Colin Young. who retires as head ofthe




a BROUGHAM sr. TOLLCROSS. EL: 031 37 enoucurou sr. EDINBURGH TEL: 031 557 1911 .___l


National Film and Television School this year.

I Cold Heaven (Nicholas Roeg. UK'US. 1991) 105 mins. 6pm. After the accidental death of her husband. a woman believes life will be easier. . . until he comes back from the dead.

I Young Film Makers 12 101 mins. 6. 15pm. Student films from Germany.

I Wutherlng Heights (Peter Kosminsky. UK. 1992)8.15pm. The world premiere of the Emily Bronte classic. starring Ralph Fiennes and Juliette Binoche.

I Blue Black Permanent (Margaret Tait. Scotland. 1992) 86mins. 8.15pm, A woman comes to terms with her mother‘s death by delving into her own past and beyond.

I The Waterdance (Neal Jiminez'Michael Steinbcrg. US. 1991) 10.3llpm. At a physical rehabilitation centre. a group of wheelchair-bound young men come to terms with their disability. often angrily. frequently with a hard-edged humour.


I Anne Coates Masterclass so mins. 12.45pm. The editor of The Elephant Man and Lawrence ofA rabia (for which she won an Oscar) discusses her craft.

I Subterranean Secrets (Clas Lindberg. Sweden. l991)81 mins. 2pm. A stay ina hospital promises to be dull for Nisse until he meets a rebellious older 1111}.

I Music torthe Movies (Joshua Walelzky. US. 1992) and The Music Tells You (DA. Pennebaker/Chris l legetlus. US. 1992) 121 mins. 2.15pm. Twodocumentaries. two musical geniuses. The former is a portrait of film composer Bernard Herrmann. the latter a free~form filmon jazz musician Branford Marsalis.

I Pather Panchali (Satyajit Ray. India. 1955) 123 mins. 4pm. The first of the Apu trilogy tells ofa famin struggling to make ends meet in a small Bengali village.

I Chain of Desire (Temistocles Lopez. US. 1992) 105 mins. (1pm. [.11 Ronde is updated to contemporary Manhattan. A cult cast includes Grace Zabrieski. Malcolm McDowell and Elias Koteas.

IAparajito (Satyajit Ray. India. 195(1) 108 mins. (1.30pm. The Apu trilogy continues with Apu now at school.

I Glengarry Glen HOSS(Jamcs1-'oley.L'S. 1992) l()()mins. 7.30pm. Al l’acinoand Jack Lemmon are tvm real estate agents battling for survival in this adaptation of David Mamet‘s play. This closing gala screening will be held in the ()deon . Clerk Street. and will begin with the ElH-' Awards Ceremony.

I The World 01Apu(Salyajit Ravlndia. 1959) The trilogy concludes with Apu dropping out of college and into an arranged marriage.

I Glengarry Glen Ross (James Foley. [‘5. 1992) 100mins. 10.30pm. See above.

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