This is the time, the time for action, as Secret Affair so accurately put it. And you don’t get much more action than in . . .


1"”/5""G sir/1PM.

I Ben Miller. looking substantially sanerthan he does in his vvonyingiy obsessive tribute to John Noakes, Gone With Noakes, at the Pleasance.

I George Dillon arrives late on the Fringe and it looks like he's torgotten his jacket. Catch his periorrnance in Steven Berkoit's Say A Prayer For Me and Hell atSouthside 92. The Pleasanee and The Assembly Rooms.

I lnane grins a-plenty in Lord Hubert Rose Succeeds, vvhere our hero ‘eseapes lrorn Nanny with nothing but a tin can and a bottle oi urine’. At the Pleasanee.

4 The List 28 August 10 September 1992