Dates listed below are lor one-oil shows: see separate section lor residencies. Gigs are listed by date, then by city. Dates will be listed, provided that details reach our oiiices at least one week beiore publication. Rock and Blues Listings compiled by Alastair Mabbott and Fiona Shepherd.

RIDAY 28 Glasgow

I The Lost Soul Band King Tut‘s Wah Wah Hut, St Vincent Street, 221 5279. 9pm. £4. Those Edinburgh slaves to the stage with a firm grasp on Celtic soul. who dabble with equal proficiency in bluesy territory.

I The Tyrrel Corporation Slam Loco, The Arches, Midland Street, 221 9736. 11pm. £5. Acclaimed dance group where the emphasis is more on song, melody and message than on encouraging activity on the dancefloor.

I Whiteout, Chemical Head and The States Apollo, Renfrew Court, 332 6231 . 9pm. £3. A trio of bands from Greenock. Whiteout draw a line through the classic pop tradition, still with particular reference to the 605. though reports ofa Faces/Black Crowes influence sound intriguing. The other two bands are still relative novices on the live circuit.

I Solomon Flynn Club Hedonist, Nice'n‘Sleazy, Sauchiehall Street, 333 9637. 9pm. £3. A fair mix of styleson offer. but a strong white reggae influence is still their most prominent feature now with added horn section. Less of a gig, more of an event, Club Hedonist promises ‘an amalgam of noise. lights and big, big love‘.

I Landfall and Glue Dunny, The Bogle Stone, Glassford Street. 553 1638. 10pm. Free. Grungey garage pop from Landfall. I Zutl La Chute Cottier‘s, Hyndland Road, 357 5827. 8.30pm. Free. Cajun.

I The Humpii Family and The Linden Tree Village Theatre, East Kilbridc. 03552 48669. 8pm. £5 (£2.50). Continuingtheir extensive Scottish tour, The Humpffs attempt to revitalise East Kilbride with their country and cajun mix.

I Brazil Legends, Thorn Brae, Johnstone, 0505 35818. 9pm. Free.


I (He: and Ultrasonic Adrenalin, Calton Club, Calton Road, 5567066. lOpm—Sam. Two live acts a week at this hardcore rave club.,Glasgow‘s Q-Tex are riding high in the dance chart with their ‘Natural High’ single on 23rd Precinct. and Ultrasonic seem to be special favourites of the Adrenalin crew.

I Big George And The Business Preservation Hall, Victoria Street, 226 3816. £1.50 after 9pm. Glasgow‘s blues guitar legend squeezes some more howls of anguish from his abused instrument as heard on Business‘s The Alleged Album and George Ross Watt‘s solo endeavour All Fools Day.

I Roundabout Variety Bar, Chalmers‘ Close, off High Street, 557 5150. 9pm. Free. With a weird mix of indie styles, Roundabout seem to want to try everything in the space ofone song.

I Dr Octopus Subway, Cowgate, 225 6766. 10pm. Edinburgh band dealing in ‘octo acid funk’, as they put it.

I The Flat Stanley: Mission, Victoria Street, 225 3326. 10pm. Free.

I Heart Industry Lord Damley, West Port , 229 4341. 10pm. Free.

I Beltane Code Negociants, Lothian

Street, 225 6313. 10.30pm. Free.

I Des Denholm Jolly Farmer. Moredunvale Road, 664 7214. Free. I Live music Terrace lnn, Montrose Terrace, 661 7565. 8.30pm. Free.

SATURDAY 29 Glasgow

I Dig Vem’n‘The Shootehs and Boogaiusa Renfrew Ferry, Clyde Place, 429 2683. 9pm. £6. Tickets from the Ticket Centre . Candleriggs, 227 5511. Glasgow’s sharp dressed men tackle Blues Brothers territory with cajun support from Dundee’s Boogalusa.

I Mindflalie, Kindred Spirit and The Spangleheads King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, St Vincent Street, 221 5279. 9pm. £3. An indie slant to this local band triple-bill. Mindflake, if memory serves correctly, play choppy guitars, and Kindred Spirit meet halfway between American garage sounds and more conventional soft rock. I The Site B Dugs Apollo, Renfrew Court, 332 6231. 9pm. Free. Do we need to spell this one out for you?

I The Dream Disciples Nicc‘n'Sieazy. Sauchiehall Street, 333 9637. 10pm. £1.50. With some worthwhile support slots under their belt, The Dream Disciples are on a crusade to rescue goth from the doldrums with their effects-laden sound.

I Meme Mesto Halt Bar, Woodlands Road, 332 1210. 9.30pm. Free. Slick. up—tempo jazz-funk with prominent sax accompaniment.

I The Basement Grand Central Bar. Oswald Street, 221 4583. 9.30pm. Free. Mainly rumbustious Celtrock chants from The Basement, but they‘re not averse to trying their hand at the odd bit of country rock.

I First Dew Richard‘s Basement, West Regent Street, 221 01 16. 9pm. Free. Blues.

I Glasgow Songwriters Blackfriars, Bell Street, 552 5924. 9.30pm. Free. Four of the best from the open platform on Tuesdays.

I The Way Pythagoras, Sauchiehall Street, 332 3495. 9pm. Free.

I Rough And Ready Dugout, Cathcart Street, Greenock, 0475 27918. 9.30pm. £2.50.

I State 01 Grace Tudor Lodge Hotel, Bumbank Road, Hamilton, 0698 457277. 8pm. £1 .

I Live Music Blackfriars, Bell Street, 552 5924. 9.30pm. Free.


I Capercaillie Playhouse Theatre, Greenside Place, 557 2590. 7.30pm. £8, £7. Expect a celebratory atmosphere now that Capercaillie have fully established themselves among the first rank of Scottish groups with the singles ‘Coisich a ruin‘ and ‘Waiting For The Wheel To Turn’ and the album Survival. Visitors to Scotland could do a lot worse than check out Capercaillie’s take on Gaelic music. I The Grumps and Pigtube Lord Darnley, West Port, 229 4341. 9pm. Just change one vowel in The Crumps’ name and you‘ll get a fair idea of what sort of thing they play. Pigtube are a Falkirk trio (no guitar), whose music is described as being hardcore in the vein of Ministry, with a sense of humour, controversial attitude and ‘just amazing‘ stage presence.

I Dr Brown Preservation Hall, Victoria Street, 226 3816. £1.50 after 9pm. The self-confessed ‘hairiest band in Portsmouth' have been going for seven years now, making the Top Ten of the ltalian indie charts on one notable occasion, while spewing out a ferocious blues-rock (with the odd reggae rhythm floating around in it) all the while.

I Blueiinger Platform One, Rutland Street, 225 2433. 9pm. Free. £2. Edinburgh’s hardest-working 505 and 605-style rock’n’roll band. A cassette of some of the favourites from their set , including a word-perfect ‘La Bamba‘,






the family ‘Qr


Tickets: £8.00 Available from 8/0 Tel: 0506 419191, Virgin and Ripping Records Edinburgh and all TOCTA agents (may be subject to booking tee). FOR DETAILS OF COACH TRIPS FROM GLASGOW, AIRE AND DUNDEE PLEASE CALL 0382 561133.


Tickets: £8.00 Available from 8/0 Tel: 0224 641122 (no booking iee).


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