I The one: Di Glam Platform One, Rutland Street, 225 2433. 9pm. Free. See Mon 31.

I Black 0st Bones Bertie's, Merchant Street, 225 2002. 11pm. Free.

I Live music Negociants, Lothian Street, 225 6313. 10.30pm. Free.

THURSDAY 3 Glasgow

I The Gllhooleys King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, St Vincent Street. 2215279. 9pm. £3. I Blg George And The Business (TBC) Nice’n’Sleazy, Sauchiehall Street, 333 9637. 10pm. A new round of gigs forthe heavy blues group.

I Flsere Halt Bar, Woodlands Road, 332 1210. 9.30pm. Free. See Mon 31.

I The Powerhouse Boogie Bsnd Twa Corbies, Kilbowie Road, Cumbemauld, «1236 727473. 9pm. Free.

I The lllgh and The Brldewells Dugout, Cathcart Street, Greenock, 0475 27918. 9pm. £3. Remember The High? Architects of the most mesmeric, lilting music to come out of the Madchester drive. Their first album stands the test of trends and they’re enchanting, if hardly animated, to behold live. Their new single ‘Better Left Untold’ is a mean rocker by comparison with previous material. The Bridewells were formerly The Bridewell Taxis- the continually improving Leeds band who inhabit a similar realm to The High but with a bit more flesh on their bones.


I The Slleneers Music Box, Victoria Street, 225 2564. Doors open 10pm, band on midnight. £7.50. Last of three nights. See Mon 1.

I Kllh And Kin La Belle Angele, Hastie’s Close, Cowgate (behind 369 Gallery), 225 2774. 9.30pm—4am. The band’s current material is more diverse than ever, with a strong jazz feel now mixing with their customary brew of reggae, cajun , rock and traditional music.

I Love Decree Minus One Club, Carlton Highland Hotel, North Bridge. 556 7277. 10.30pm,11.45pm and lam. £5. The first of three nights this week for the band that gave the world the catchy and appealing ‘Something So Real‘. If that doesn’t ring any bells, they’re enshrined in folk legend as ‘the Chinheads band’ after the lager advert for which the aforementioned single was the soundtrack.

I Dig Bedroom llolse Subway, Cowgate, 225 6766. 10pm.

I Supernature Negociants, Lothian Street, 225 6313. 10.30pm. Free.

I Les Supremos Bertie’s, Merchant Street, 225 2002. 11pm. Free. Rock and blues covers.

FRIDAY 4 Glasgow

I Danllg Mayfair, Sauchiehall Street, 332 3872. 7pm. £6 plus booking fee. Heavy, heavy monster sounds from this Def American band - intensely confrontational and critical of life as she is lived today. This year’s inhumanly dark album, How The Gods Kill, continued to chronicle their fascination with good and evil. Mainly the latter.

I The Bhundu Boys and Ska B Dugs Cathouse, Brown Street, 248 6606. 7pm. £5. See Tue 1.

I The nghl and Dog King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, St Vincent Street, 221 5279. 9pm. £3. Familiar faces to King Tut‘s, The Light have impressed in the past by covering a good deal of ground, from straight pop hooks to sonorous guitar epics. Heavier support from Dog.

I Rock Against Bedlo Clyde Nice'n’Sleazy, Sauchiehall Street, 333 9637. 8.30pm. £2. Such is the backing for Hugh Reed’s protest against Clyde‘s lack of support for local groups with independent releases and demo tapes, that this event now

spreads over three nights. Apparently no less a personage than Fish has been quoted as voicing his support for the movement- but will he turn vocal support into action, and play? Other groups who have expressed their verbal support include , Goodbye Mr Mackenzie , Teenage Fanclub, Kevin McDermott, The BMX Bandits and Eugenius. Tonight’s bill includes The Velvet Underpants naturally, Barky! Barky and Angel Heart who’ve both had low-key record releases in the past year, and The Spirit Moves. Proceeds go to the Clyde-supported charity Cash For Kids.

I ssldtlorenee Apollo, Renfrew Court, 332 6231. 9pm. Free. After lying low to concentrate on recording, saidflorence return with a taste of what to expectwhen they release their debut for Epic Records. I Elias Dunny, The Bogle Stone, Glassford Street, 553 1638. 10pm. £1. Following Galliano’s example , Elias fit as many musicians as they can manage on a stage and still find something for them all to do. Heavily influenced by 705 funk , and certainly worth a look.

I The Rootsles Duo Cottier’s, Hyndland Road, 357 5827. 8.30pm. Free. Jim Condie on guitar and Ron Tate on vocals and harmonica play gospel, blues and a smattering of jazz.

I Angels Cameron Cottier‘s, Hyndland Road, 357 5827. 11pm. Free. Laid-back late-night session.

I The Amulng Jimmy Brock Blackfriars, Bell Street, 552 50924. 9pm. Free.

I Don’t Talk Legend’s, Thorn Brae, Johnstone, 0505 35818. 9pm. Free.


I Tubular Bells ll Edinburgh Castle Esplanade. £10 plus booking fee. Credit card bookings 031 357 6969, 031-557 2590 and 041 227 5511. Tickets from Playhouse Theatre, Usher Hall, Queen’s Hall, Ripping, Virgin and the Tattoo Office in Edinburgh and Just The Ticket and Ticket Centre, Candleriggs, Glasgow. See Festival preview.

I Chill FM Fusion Club, Music Box, Victoria Street, 225 2564. 10pm—3am. £7. The Scots rave group with strong'ITF connections have an essential dance purchase called ‘Elevation' on United Rhythm Records, out now.

I Love Decree Minus One Club, Carlton Highland Hotel, 556 7277. 10. 30pm , 11.45pm and 1am. £5. See Thurs3.

I The Fugitives Subway, Cowgate, 225 6766. 10pm.

I The Block Brothers Preservation Hall, Victoria Street, 226 3816. £1.50 after 9pm. I My Little Pony Negociants, Lothian Street, 225 6313. 10.30pm. Free.

I Live music Variety Bar, Chalmers Close, off High Street, 557 5150. Free.

SATURDAY 5 Glasgow

I Public Enemy Barrowland, Gallowgate, 552 4601. 7.30pm. £9 plus booking fee. Tickets from Just the Ticket, Virgin, Union Street, 226 4679. Partially neglected in the wake of the LA riots when all the attention went to Californian commentators? Not a bit of it a Public Enemy appearance in this country is always something to shout about. It will be interesting to see how their agit-rap fares in the laid-back atmosphere of the Reading Festival, where they warm up for this no-holds-barred Glasgow show (only joking, children).

I The High and The Bridewells King Tut‘s Wah Wah Hut, St Vincent Street, 221 5279. 9pm. £4. See Thurs 3.

I Rock Agslnst Bsdlo Clyde Nice‘n’Sleazy, Sauchiehall Street, 333 9637. 8.30pm. £2. On the bill tonight, similarly-named indie types The Naked Flames and The Naked See, and also Roundabout, Rubber Room, Happy But Twisted and The Mystreators.

I Glasgow Songwriters Blackfriars, Bell

Street, 552 5924. 9.30pm. Free. Four of the best from the open platforms on Tuesdays.

I Mother's Ruin Halt Bar, Woodlands Road. 332 1210. 9.30pm. Free.

I The Best Dressed Blues Band Richard’s Basement, West Regent Street,221 0116. 9pm. Free.

I Bessols Walk Pythagoras, Sauchiehall Street, 332 3495. 9pm. Free.

I Dig George And The Business Studio One.

Aitken Street, 554 4246. 3pm. Free. See Thurs 3.

I Jonathan Cslmey Cottier‘s. Hyndland Road, 357 5827. 11pm. Free. Laid-back late night session.

I The Bhundu Boys and Summerfield Blues Dugout, Cathcart Street, Greenock,0475 27918. 9.30pm. See Tue 1 for Bhundu Boys. Summerfield Blues perform part covers, part original material all blues. I Live Music Blackfriars, Bell Street, 552 5924. 9.30pm. Free.

Whether it's Classical, Rock, Jazz or Folk We'll match your personal needs!!

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40/42 West Crosscauscway, Edinburgh EH8 9.Il’

0an 11am till 6pm Mon-Sat

Wherever We May Roam 1992

« ’EI'ALLI ~ - , ‘I \| slut.


Tickets: £15.00 Credit Cards Tel: 031 557 6969 lrom Monday 25th May ( subject to £1.00 per ticket booking lee) Personal application to Virgin Records Glasgow & Edinburgh, - Ripping Records Edinburgh and all TOCTA outlets throughout Scotland For further inlormation tel.031 557 6969 Postal applications to METALLICA, PO Box 180, Head Post Ollice. Edinburgh enclosing an SAE with Cheques I PO's payable

to TOCTA with 70p per ticket booking fee .

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