stories and songs dramatised in the ancient _ building. By the Rideout Theatre T 8 “ma”- Edinburgh

m N D I Whistlebinkies High School Hall.

Peebles. £4 (£3). Peebles Arts Festival G presents the traditional music group with I Blues Poets Scotia Bar. Stockwell lowland pipes, clarsach. fiddle. Street, 552 8681. 3.30—5.30pm. Free. concertina, flute. drums and vocals.

I Sb'athaven Folk Club Bucks Head Hotel. I Penlcuik Folk Club Navaar Hotel. . . o . Strathaven.8.15pm. Non-members£2.50 Penicuik.8pm.Singaround. , Acoust'c 8 Tradltlonal Mus|c .

(‘9- WEDNESDAY 9 - Records - instruments - Sheet rtusic ~Doolts~ WEDNESDAY 2

Glasgow I Ian Bruce Scotia Bar. Stockwell Street. ' w "Street. 552 8681.8.3 m. Free. iiifflsrtrzzkaeftb. Eu 4 I Edinburgh Folk Club Cafe Royale Glasgow 1 I Edinburgh Folk Club Cafe Royale Upstairs. West Register Street. 557 4792. T8“ .334

Upstairs, West Register Street. Closed. 8pm. £3012). Club reopens With a‘rarc I Peebles Arts Festival Green Tree Hotel. chance to hearonc'of this country 5 8.30pm. Collection. Folk Moot: infomal greatest guitanst/smgcr/songwnters Rab evening of music and song. Noaltes.


ls“, F0“ c'ub Glasgow Socmy 0f ls." F0“gg‘gcrsfogsocictgoid presents the 5th Glasgow Festival of British Youth Orchestras Musicians, 73 Berkele Street, beside Musicians. er e ey treet. csr e I I

Mitchell-meane- 8pmij£z Blues songs on MitchCHThcatrc. 8pm £2 Eileen Vance Stevenson Hall, RSAMD, 100 Renfrew Street

the gunarfmm mm Pearson. Saturday 15 August - Saturday 5 September Ed'nhurgh ICeilidh Nights Network. 3Wcst evenings at 7.30pm anti lunchtimes on 28 Aug, 1 & 4 Sept at 1.00pm I Ceilidh Nights Cavendish, 3 West Tollcross, 228 3252. 9pm. £2. Live bands.

Toncross’ 228 3252‘ 8pm‘ £2' Live bands' performances by top British youth orchestras with special guests from Canada (Calgary) 4 a i c & Belgium & Greece (Edinburgh international Youth Orchestra).

" 'l‘ickcts & full details of programmes & dates from RSAMD Box Office - 041 332 5057 Evenings: £5/OAI’s £3/concs £1; Lunchtimes: £2/OAi’s ill/children, . “want,” F0" c'ub Rowamrcc lnn‘ students, uncmpioved, disabled FREE

Old Mill Road. Uddingston. 9pm.£2 ,_ . _ _ I m ' J

concerts, other nights £1. omega? stronger

I Ceilidh Dance Riverside. Fox Street. off Clyde Street. 248 3144. Doors open 8pm.

- _ . Concerts are listed by date. then by city. . . R my mm] a m. e. do]... a. M emu music at 9pm £4 Classical Listings compiled by Carol Main. mad mm mum“ Mm {m WW :0 y Ed I nburg h I Melrose Folk Festival Various Venues,

Melrose. Weekend Festival has free Glas ow Scottish International central campsite. sessions and ceilidhs. g p [AND pE’l‘rrKNV Concert guests include June Tabor and I Glasgow Festival of British Youth

Mark Emerson. Old Joe Zydeco. Palaver. orchestra: Stevenson Hall, RSAMD, 100

the POOZICS, Old Blind Dogs. CCOIng. Rentrew Street. 332 5057. 1pm. £2

and others. Information 0835 23592. (£1/free), The City of Sheffield Youth

I POODIOC Arts FBSIIVCI Neidpath Castle. Orchestra in Grcgson's Tuba Concerto

Peebles. £3. 8pm. Folk at the Castle. with . and L ’Ascension by Messiaen.

(£3/£l ). A first halfof English music by the Accordion and Fiddle Club Arnold. Tippett’s Suite for the Birthday of

S 5 Prince Charles. Vaughan Williams and GI Walton. finishing up with Symphony No3 . , as aw by Sibelius, performed by North I t t l g _ Yorkshire Schools Symphony Orchestra. n e 20 n a I Scotia Follt Scotia Bar. Stockwell Street. I Glasgow lntemational Gala Season . Fl’CC. Shaflfllnlgans. Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, 2

I I I .010th R' 'o .F , . . , . .4 P C p t t Clyde Streeat'rc2'48 Dcoorixoitdrfiisipgtff SdUCh'Chd” SITCCI- Tle015- 727 5511 n 0 e Z

(Ticket Centre, Candleriggs). 7.30pm.

Brian Miller and Charlie Soane. and John I Glasgow Festival at British Youth

Wright Orchestras Stevenson Hall. RSAMD, 100

I Peebles Arts Festival Green Tree Hotel. Renfrew Street, 332 5057. 7.30pm. £5

Peebles. 8pm. Collection. An Evening with \ I

mUSIC 3‘ 9Pm- 54- £5—£15. City of Glasgow Philharmonic ' Orchestra with Katia and Ma 'ell'

Labeque in Poulenc‘s Conceribfdir Two September’

I Melrose Folk Festival See Friday 4th. Pianos. An American in Paris and West . .

I Scottish Blend Walpole Hall. Chester Side Story. forty of th e world '8 best young 0072687! {no msts.

Street. £2 before 8pm, £3 after 8pm;~

Performers Free. Ceilidh Dance: bring ' 0t )0

your own drink, and please don‘t smoke. G I a Pnzes tOtal ' IThe Organist Entertalns Art Gallery and THE ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY OF MUSIC & DRAMA Museum, Kelvingrove. 2.30—3pm a d

G 3.30—4pm. Free. Light-hearted sidettn’the AND GLASGOW ROYAL CONCERT HALL.

I Black Bull Folk Club Black Bull Hotel. organ repertoire played by Donald BBC SCOTTISH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA

Milngavie. 8.30pm. £2.50 (£1.75). Club MCKenZiC.

reopens with special guest, superlative I Glasgow Festival ot British Youth conduaor: J ERZY MAKSYM 'UK

guitarist and singer Isaac Gulllory. Orchestras Stevenson Hall, RSAMD. 100

Information &Tickets: AVAILABLE NOW 041-332 5057: 041-227 5511.

I Strathaven Folk Club Bucks Head Hotel. Renfrew Street, 332 5057. 7.30pm. £5 Strathaven. 8.15pm. Non-members £2.50 (£3/£1). On home ground, the RSAMD

(£1) Junior Dept Orchestra give yet another I Scotia Blues Scotia Bar. Stockwell performance of a tuba concerto with Craig Spunsurpd by Street. 552 8681 . 3.30pm. Free. The Blues Anderson as soloist in the Vaughan y Poets. Williams. Music by Suppe. Bizet and l ' Glaznov’s Symphony No 5 completes the programme and conductor is James // t I Melrose Folk Festival See Fri 4. Dumm-

The List 28 August - 10 September 1992 79