The Road to Glory

Thanks to Stephen Chester for his acid-edged reviews. I’m not writing to slag you off, but I suspect a few Fringe producers will be as a result of the outpourings of his poison-barbed pen. If there were a Fringe First for reviews, I would nominate his ‘The Three Ms and Me’ and ‘Plastic People’ (both on page 27, issue 182). They made the Fringe quite worth missing.

Martin Baxter

Lyndhurst Drive


I do not desire awards, writes Stephen Chester, only for a Great Rain to Fall and Purge the Trash from this City. Until that Day comes I shall not cease in my Struggle.

Man’s Favourite Sport?

The Queen really has a nerve complaining about Press intrusion. At least photographers only hound members of the Royal family with their cameras.

Much more reprehensible are those including HM (Her Meanness) and most other member of Her Sadistic Family who see nothing wrong in hounding innocent and defenceless animals. Their object is to kill.

The Press that the Queen chooses to condemn have, in fact, bent over backwards over the years to portray her and the rest of her family in an undeservedly favourable light.

It is about time that the Press started publishing, on a regular basis, photos of, for example , Prince Charles chasing a terrified fox. After all, if killing for fun is their favourite hobby, it’s about time that they were shown pursuing it! Thus the Press would remind their readers of the sort of people the Royals really are.

Whenever I watch birds soaring, I wonder at their agility and grace and I wonder at the mentality of those who prefer to blast them out of thesky.

Sandra Busell Lutton Place Edinburgh.

! a

Fed up to the back teeth with all those tedious stand-up comics?

Amazed at Gazza’s pizza action on Football Italia? Deafened by those weird musician types letting it rip on Edinburgh’s castle esplanade? If you’ve gotta moan, make it major with a letter to The List. The best one

wins a bottle of the very wonderful Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Further to your request for any more dubious Mellor Smut, how about this fun itinerary for the Minister? Below the Belt (Northern Production Company), The Big Tease (Grassmarket Project), Seen Anything Good (Pleasance), How Far Can You Go (Watsen and Co) Grimm; the Telling ofTales (EUTC) and Sex After Supper (Erotica Poetica).

Surely an exhausting list.

Sharon McKee

Gerald Street

Newcastle upon Tyne



And while David’s offround the Fringe, perhaps Antonia De Sancha will be going to Playing for Power (Time and Tide Theatre Company) followed by a quick visit to the Film Festival where she could catch Confessions of a Suburban Girl and The Princess and the Goblin, before joining him for Feet of Son g. The tequila is yours.

The Criminal Code

How do? Just scribbling this to tell you that I feel that the Fringe leaflet distributors are wasting their time. since most ofthe Royal Mile and

other streets seem to be covered in the very leaflets handed out to people who only momentarily expressed an interest in what the leaflets might have been advertising. Will any ofit be re-cycled?

The box in the Fringe Office for un-wanted leaflets seems always to be full doesn’t this tell the distributors something?

I realise it’s probably their job to do this, and so they have no choice. But why can’t companies on the Fringe advertise their shows by some other less-wasteful way? There are already the Fringe and, of course, The List magazines doing this. Maybe the computer at the Fringe Office which the public can use is the right way to go, it’s already spread to some hotels.

Why not use the money invested every year in publishing leaflets and daily diaries to set up a bigger network of terminals in pubs and shops accessing the same information as is available on the ‘Fringe find’ system?

Just a thought from a Fringe fan pissed-off with having loads of leaflets shoved in his face.

John Powell Glen Iris Avenue Canterbury Kent.

To Have and Have Not

Must have been the tequila and largactol I had before the show, but I’m sure the ‘Mad’ that I saw was not the same as the one sneered at by

Mark Fisher in The List 182.

Maybe I was just hallucinating, but I thought I saw a play which brought home how frighteningly easy it can be for anyone to step into the world of madness.

Acting of the highest calibre had me crying, laughing insanely and more than once wishing I’d sat nearer the safety of the door. I am not alone in this opinion, because when a Fringe First was announced the crowd went mental.

Keep taking the tablets Mark. Tony Wylie

Roseneath Street



Has anyone else noticed the similarity between Sigourney Weaver (as pictured in The List‘s recent article on Alien cubed) and those boffins with stonking great foreheads who used to advertise Tefal on the television? Are they by any chance related and is the Alien really an outmoded kitchen appliance? I think we should be told! Mary Prentice

Scotland Street


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Franc filming: Juliette Binoche in big—budget French romance World dancing: Siobhan Davies on the Make-Make Guitar plucking: Hendrix soundalike Randy Hansen

WITH ADDED ATTRACTIONS . . . Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven, Life Dance (left), Throwing Muses, 7:84 relaunch, Dogtroep at Tramway, The Pastels,


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