Williams. Chrisfian Slater. 76 mins. In a secret forest world touched by magic. a young fairy shrinks a human lumberjack. who then has to help save the rainforest from destruction. Eco-edged animation has a lot to recommend it other than its well-meaning intentions: lush colour. sweeping computer-aided cameras. and a decent set of songs. One for the grown-ups as well as the kids. General release. I The Field ( 12) (Jim Sheridan. Eire. 1990) Richard Harris. John Hurt. Tom Berenger. Brenda Fricker. 110 mins. Based on John B. Keane‘s stage play. Sheridan‘s follow-up to the immensely successful My Left Foot is a rural tragedy set in 1939. Harris stars as The Bull. an Irish farmer in competition with an American for the purchase of the field he's worked for years. As their struggle intensifies. so violence and revelations are unleashed which draw him inexorably to an awful fate. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Fried Green tomatoes attire Whistle Stop Cafe (12) (Jon Avnct. US. 1991) Kathy Bates.Jessica Tandy. Mary Stuart Masterson. Mary-Louise Parker. 130 mins. After the local Ku Klux Klan threatens the busy cafe in Whistle Stop. Alabama for serving coloured customers. the female owner and her black handyman find themselves on trial for an unsolved murder. A chronicle of courage and ingenuity that avoids becoming as overwhelmingly heart-warming as one might have feared. Not the most tantalising item on the menu. but a flavoursome little dish nonetheless Edinburgh: Filmhouse. Strathclyde: UCI East Kilbride. I Full Moon (18) (Ana Cristina Iienriqucz. Venezuela. 1992) Roberto Moll. Beatriz Vasquez. Chela Atencio. 90 mins. In a psychiatric hospital. a woman abandoned by her family and a man committed against his will fall in love despite segregation and the threat of punishment. A love story that also tackles the problems of its country‘s underfunded medical system. Glasgow: GET. I Gladlator ( 15) (Rowdy Herrington. US. 1992) James Marshall. Cuba Gooding Jr. Brian Dennehy. 98 mins. In order to repay his father‘s gambling debts. Tommy Reilly (James Marshall of Twin Peaks fame) climbs into the boxing ring. only to find that he must knock the livingdaylight out of his best buddy (Boyz N The Hood‘s Cuba Gooding J r). A dash of social conscience makes this more cheering than your average slugfest. Strathclyde: Magnum. I Grand Canyon ( 15) (Lawrence Kasdan. US. 1992) Kevin Kline. Mary McDonnell. Steve Martin. Danny Glover. 134 mins. Kasdan‘s905 retort to his earlier The Big Chill looks at the fears and anxieties of successful white professionals against the background of a disintegrating society. The contrast between the rich and poor doesn‘t always work - there are as many sentimental subplots as effective sequences although the end result has to rank as a major American movie. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. lite llaetl That Rocha The Cradle ( 15) (Curtis Hanson. US. 1991) Rebecca De Mornay. Annabella Sciorra. Matt McCoy. 110 mins. Nanny manages to con her way into the home of the family who inadvertantly caused her husband‘s suicide and her own miscarriage . and soon begins to show psychotic tendencies. Despite implausible plotting. director Hanson cranks up the tension and delivers a slap-bang finale. In other words. beautifully crafted mainstream trash. Glasgow: Odeon. Strathclyde: WMR. I limbo Me (18) (Philip Kaufman. US. 1990) Fred Ward. Uma Thurman. Maria de Maderios. Richard E. Grant. 137 mins. The triangular relationship between the erotic writers Henry Miller and Anais Nin and Miller‘s wife June isthe backbone of this well mounted biopic. which suffers from the slightly incongruous explicitness of Kaufman‘s previous Unbearable Lightness Of Being and the same uncomfortably slow pace. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Mitt" (PG) (Frank Oz. US. 1992) Steve Martin. Goldie Hawn. Dana Delany. Spurned by his childhood sweetheart. architect Newton Davis (Martin) finds his life turned upside down when one-night-stand Gwen (Hawn) moves into his house and passes herself off to parents and neighbours as his new wife. The lies they tell to protect and exploit each other snowball with a sparky unpredictability. making this a more welcome comedy than any of both stars‘ more recent attempts. See review. General release. Itio'ardanll (PG) (James Ivory. UK. 1992) Anthony Hopkins. Vanessa Redgrave. Helena Bonham Carter. Emma Thompson. 142 mins. After a succession of dreary Forster clones. the British film industry gets round to tackling his masterpiece. and one of the most important novels of the 201h century. The story. centring on the marriage between a wealthy and reactionary old duffer and an emancipated younger woman. is a complex family chronicle told with clarity and compassion. At last a cinematic period drama that exudes excellence. with some finely crafted performances to match. Edinburgh: Cameo. Fife: New Picture House.

I The lacrodlola Shrinking Man (PG) (Jack Arnold. US. 1957) Grant Williams. Randy Stuart. April Kent. 81 mins. One of the best of the 505 post-nuclear sci-fi movies. After being contaminated by a mysterious substance. a man steadily shrinks until he finds himself struggling to survive in a familiar environment. now an alien world of giant insects and unseen dangers. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

IJeae De Fiorette ( PG) (Claude Berri. France. 1986) Gerard Depardieu. Yves Montand. Daniel Auteuil. 121 mins. Provence. duringthc 19205. Depardieu‘s indomitable hunchhack struggles against impossible odds to make a success of his inherited farmland. unaware that his neighbours are plotting to drive him from his land. Beautifully photographed. with flawless performances. this is a towering tribute to the highest aspirations of French storytelling. A BAF'TA winner for the film of the year. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Jericho ( 18) (Luis Alberto Lamata. Venezuela. 1991) Cosme Cortazar. Francis Nucda. Alexander Milic. 90 mins. A 16th Century Dominican friar accompanies some Spanish conquistadores to South America. but when the group disintegrates. he is adopted by local Indians. A revisionist view of the conquest of the New World. with hints of Black Robe and Dances With Wolves. Glasgow: GFT.

IJoheey Suede ( 15) (Tom DiCillo. US. 1991) Brad Pitt. Richard Boes. Catherine Keener. Nick Cave. 97 mins. Already a cult item on home turf. DiCillo's debut is a contemporary morality tale centring on a would-be rockstar. whose musical and hairstyle inspiration is Ricky Nelson. Wryly funny look at an absurd world contains some excellent cameo performances from Keener as his instructive girlfriend and Cave as a platinum pompadoured rocker. Fife: Adam Smith. IJeegle Fever(18) (Spike Lee. US. 199] ) Wesley Snipes. Annabella Sciorra. John Turturro. Spike Lee. Anthony Quinn. 132 mins. Black yuppie Flipper Purify (Snipes) launches into an ill-fated affair with his Italian-American secretary (Sciorra) and adds fuel to the fire of inter-racial tensions. Spike Lee‘s latest controversial work also includes a major subplot on drug addiction. which leaves the audience wondering if he has tackled too many ‘big‘ issues at once. Still. it‘sa stylish piece with some good performances. even if the director‘s message is not exactly positive. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Knlght Hovea(18) (Carl Schenkel. US. 1991) Christopher Lambert. Diane Lane. Torn Skerrit. 114 mins. Bizarre serial murders begin when a chess championship comes to a small town; one of the players is the prime suspect. Below average thriller without thrills takes a non-exploitative stance and ends up pleasing no one. Don't be drawn by the wonderfully stylish title sequence: it‘s downhill all the way after that. General release.

I Laat Exlt To Brooklyn ( l8) (Ulrich Edel. W.Gennany. 1989) Stephen Lang. JenniferJason Leigh. Burt Young. 104 mins. Brutal. graphic and dynamic study ofthe steamy. seamy side of life in the dockland area of Brooklyn during the Fifties. Hubert Selby‘s once banned novel has made it to the screen more or less intact in a narrative strung together from his series of vignettes. A painful dissection. not for the faint-hearted. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I The Last llarveat(15) (Miguel Percira. Argentina. 1991) Patricio Contreras. Leonor Manso. Mario Pasik. 100 mins. After the death of his son in a mining accident. Contreras goes to work on a vast cattle ranch in order to return tothe ways of his native people. But when the owner‘s son arrives with an agricultural degree in hand. a battle begins between new and old ways of life and working. Glasgow: GFT.

I A League OtThoerUn (PG) (Penny Marshall. US. 1992) Geena Davis. Lori Petty. Tom Hanks. Madonna. 124 mins. As World War II siphonsoff America‘s baseball players. attention turns to the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. The Rockford Peaches are one such team and Penny (Big) Marshall's latest chronicles their ups and downs with a richer characterisation than in your average sports movie. See review. General release.

I Lethal Weapon 3 (15) (Richard Donner. US. 1992) Mel Gibson. Danny Glover. Joe Pesci. 118 mins. Gibson and Glover team up for the third time. going though the usual motions totrack down a crooked real estate and narcotics boss. Dazzlineg original it is not. but the spectacular explosions. car chases. shoot-outs and comic relief from Pesci mean this one could run and run. General release.

I Lite la Sweet ( 15) (Mike Leigh. UK. 1991) Alison Steadman. Jim Broadbcnt. Jane Horrocks. Claire Skinner. Timothy Spall. David Thewlis. 102 mins. Domestic cringe-drama which centres on a family with mismatched twin daughters (Horrocks and Skinner). an inefficient caterer dad (Broadbcnt) and a generous-spirited mum (Steadman). Like all Leigh‘s work. the drama is laced with a bleak. almost cruel humour. but it‘s enjoyable. truthful and surprisingly optimistic. Edinburgh: Cameo.

OPEN EUROPE is a radically different forum. A forum of participa- tion and dialogue, offering a progressive arena for radical Scottish and European politics.

Major sessions and round- tables include:

Tickets: £8I£4 unwaged. Creche (only with prior registration). Disabled access throughout. .

For more details phone: Democratic Left on 041 -552 O1 04 or 071 -278 4443

Democratic Left’s

William Robe tson Building Edinburgh University George Square , Edinburgh


Sunday 10.30-7pm/Saturday 10.00-4pm

Guests include

Chantal Mouffe, political theorist; John Grahl, economist and author of 1992: The Big Market; Joyce McMillan, columnist, Scotland on Sunday; Karl Young, Black community activist; Sana Sadollah, Scottish Refugee Council; Dharmendra Kanani, Scottish SCORE, David Martin MEP, Vice President of the European Parliament; Isobel Lindsay, Campaign for a Scottish Assembly; Andrea Lederer MEP, PDS Germany; Roberto Cuillo, PDS Italy; Nina Temple, Democratic Left... plus speakers from lzquierda Unida, Spain; Democratic Left, Ireland; Netherlands; Belgium; France; Germany and England.

All women panel on Scotland Today * Self Determination and Home Rule in Europe it The Economic Challenge to the European Left * Beyond Fortress UK * Racism and Fortress Europe * Fortress Europe and Militarism * Towards a Democratic Europe * Plus over twentyfive smaller workshops throughout the conference.

The List 11— 24 September 199217