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Daniel Dodds of Better Ways

This month. when Edinburgh's Better Ways play in Manchester at the UK's biggest ever music convention, In The City. it may surprise many to find that the band have only been working together for just over a year. But what a year. High profile gigs throughout Scotland have led to numerous TV appearances including The Scottish Chart Show and NB. Even the music industry sat up and took notice and in June they signed a publishing deal with Warner Chappell. Next month, following their London debut at The Marquee as part of an Anti Nazi League gig Better Ways will be releasing their first EP. The only way. as

they say. is up.

Age: 24

Born: Barcelona

Occupation: Singer/ Songwriter

Lives: Stockbridge. Edinburgh

How did you get started in music? In

two ways - first gradually and then suddenly.

Which song do you wish you had writ- Apart from Edinburgh where else would ten? I could name you millions. Right now you like to live? Ideally it would be in the two that come to mind could be Louis Cadaques. this small coastal village in the Armstrong's What A Wonderful World and north of Catalonia. David Bowie's Heroes.

Heroes? My brother. my best friend and

Musical influences: Everything from the man who stood in front of the tanks in opera. jazz. punk. classical. Prefab Sprout. Beijing: the people who've made others Frank Sinatra. Roddy Frame etc. laugh and smile and dream throughout

history. Last film you saw? Jim Jarmusch's Night On Earth Villains? Those with the power to do something about it who are letting things What is the best thing about living in happen in Bosnia. Somalia and a Edinburgh? The freedom to do what I thousand other places we know nothing want to do. Most people don't realise this of. Racists. Nazis and the kind of but Edinburgh is very much a city of viure dishonest people that make me want to et Iaissez stop living in this world.