I Sandy Morton sucks on a tab in Raindog Theatre Company's acclaimed version oi Ken Kesey's One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, at Glasgow RSAMD. See Theatre listings.

I Eugenius. Captain America as was. mug lorthe camera. to promtetheir Creation LP Oomalama. See Book reviews.

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I The cast ol Faustotind the climb to the Tramway steeperthan expected. Theirversion ot Harry de Wit’s opera is covered in the Classical Music section.

I Our old triends the Kosh can always be relied on tor a dait pic. Sian Williams and Mark Hopkins get out at their box in Endangered Species. See Dance listings.



'They catch you. they strip you bare and ravish you, and then they move on to other people.‘

Frank Bough describes no, not his visits to sado-masochistic parlours - his treatment by the British press.

‘I remember when Noel Edmonds started it was said that he had been employed as the “intellectual DJ“ because he had eight O-levels.’ John Peel notes how times change as Radio 1 reaches its 25th birthday.

‘Work to me is wherever I happen to be. A hotel. a marquee in someone’s back yard. it makes no difference. I‘m well respected in the Jewish community, so I do bar mitzvahs.‘ Edwin Starr gives the low-down on life for a soul man in the 903.

‘Mostly. I think “Who put the H0 in Leywood?" But sometimes I’m weird like that.‘

K eanu Reeves asks the deep questions about Hollywood that having been keeping us all awake at night.

‘What can our film industry look forward to from Labour when a man as senior as Gordon Brown probably thinks Crocodile Dundee and Bonnie and Clyde are two great Scottish movie triumphs?’

Muriel Gray pours scorn on Labour’s rhetoric about a reborn Scottish film industry.

The List 11 24 September 1992 3