Bad taste, vulgarity and physical grotesqueness . . . but that’s enough about our advertising staff, here’s the . . .


se‘ptember 8 October 1992

I The ieeling round these parts come Tuesday evening, accurately portrayed In Kvetch, the opening production at Glasgow's Drama Centre. See Theatre listings.

I Mike Baldwin lookalike Johnny Ball asks all sorts ot irritating questions in his Think OiA Number Roadshow. Phillip Schoiield eat your heart

out. See Kids listings. I I

I Rik Mayall models his new-look sneer (not) as the Sultan oi Turkey in Carry On Columbus. bringing its subtle adult wit to a cinema near you any day now. See Film review.

I Don'tworry, a bit oi spit on the comer oia handkerchleiand he'll scrub up just lovely. iniemallonal Arts present Hope Beyond The Wall at Glasgow's Tron. See Theatre preview.