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Tel: 041 3341284

()pcn llnm till 6pm Mon-Sat

Evelyn Glennie, Barry Tuckwell,

Heinz Holliger, PA RAgo N

Jaime Laredo—just some

, . ‘H, ensemble of the outstanding artists " " =‘ " 0 . Trio ' “f‘LllEl’re/ude‘) . 1.11 (:l't’rlllon Du Alumle ' I’rl'ltulr’ 7 Chamber Orchestra for a PI .1 ms r ol‘LLir1...};alnlmw- truly memorable season I: n I N B I? It 6 II ALAN WATT baritone of music_making. DAVID DAVIES conductor From a new generat'on Ileaps more G R 0 0 V E ll! (1 n (l R E C 0 R I)

0f “smg Stars: condum‘" Oct 11, RSAMD, Glasgow. Tel 041 332 5057 or 041 227 5511 Mark Wigglesworth with Oct 12, Queens Hall, Edinburgh. Tel 031 668 2019

Shostakovich. Leeds prize winner Lars Vogt playing Mozart and soprano THE USHER HALL

Amanda Roocroft in Edinburgh Strauss' Four Last Songs. FOR ONE N'GHT ONLY . . Thursday 15th October 1992 A stunning set of Singers

at 7.30pm join the SCO Chorus for 75TH ANNIVERSARY Bach's 8 minor Mass, MUSICAL GALA StJohn Passion and Easter featuring Oratorio: a glittering The Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines and collection of baroque choral The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Edinburgh

with Mary Cameron (soprano soloist)


Subscribe from as Registered Charity No. 226446 . . Tickets from the Usher Hall Box Office £8, £6, £5, £3 "me as {Hi—and enloy a Phone 031 228 1155 l0! Access and Visa Bookings only wealth of musical talent ' a _ and oreatmusic- Fancy a hot night on a great island? Full details available from: I DEAF HEIGHTS CAJUN ACES ‘22: (gee: 5 “3" plus Radio Scotland DJ. and 'Earthbeat' presenter (031 668 2019) JAN FAIRLEY The Glasgow Royal RHINNS HALL, PORTNAHAVEN, ISLE OF ISLAY, ARGYLL Concert “8" SA TURDA v SEPTEMBER 26TH, LICENSED, 9 TILL LA TE _ Thedfi'c'fet centre' it Live music plus the hottest club and dance records 5):? 23923;) from round the world it _ SCO Free ost 1k Venue an unspoilt fishing village on beautiful island * (no stampprequired) For more info on the gig or island phone Portnahaven (049 686) 216. h

Make it a September Saturday you'll never forget.

4 Royal Terrace Head for the inner Hebrides!

Edinburgh EH7 0L0

(031 557 6802) Event promoted by ls/ay Arts and supported by West Highland and Islands of Argyl/ Tourist Board

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