GLASGOW Activities and Fun.

I THE ARCHES THEATRE Midland Street. 221 8101.

Alien Wars Mon-Fri Noon—7pm , Sat 10am—7pm, Sun 12.30pm-7pm. Kids £1.95 (£1.50 ifaccompanigned by an adult); adults £2.95. No under 7s. The scariest experience in town, with extra-terrestrials leaping from every crevice and dark comer. Not for the easily frightened.


Photography Club Tuesdays 3.30—5pm. 50p. Learn the basics of processing and printing black and white film and receive full instruction on how to use a 35mm camera. The best work will be included in a Christmas exhibition.

Percussion Workshop with Macumba Tue 6 Oct. 6.30—8.30pm. £1. Join the carnival band for an evening of rhythmical fun (8+ ).

Rhythm and Rap Workshop Sat 3 Oct. 11am-1pm. 50p. Dance, music and rapping. Baseball caps and large trainers optional (8+ ).

I CRAIGNEUK COMMUNITY CENTRE Wisbaw, 0698 66166 ext 2549.

Photography Workshop Wednesdays

3.30—5pm. 50p. See Bellshill Cultural Centre.

THE DOME OF DISCOVERY South Rotunda, 1(1) Govan Road, 427 1792. Mon—Fri 9.45am—4pm. Sat—Sun 10am—5pm. Kids £1 .50; adults £2.50; family £5, £6, £7.

Up In the Air Sat 26—Mon 28 Sept. 11am—4pm. Learn to juggle with ease and spin a diabolo with the expert assistance of Wind Things.

Plastic intelligence Sat 3—Sun 4 Oct. 11am—4pm. Find out how plastics react in various conditions and why we can call some lastics intelli ent.

I PAI LEY ARTS CE TRE New Street, 887 1010

Fringlng and Folding Paper Animals Wed 30 Sept. 10am—11.30pm. £1. For children under 5 with parent or guardian. Booking advisable.

PACK Every Sun. l—3pm. No drama experience but loads of enthusiasm necessary. Application forms available from the reception.

I POLLDK COUNTRY PARK 2060 Pollokshaws Road, 632 9299.

The Twilight Zone Sat 3 Oct. 6—8pm. Asthe nights grow longer, find out what happens in the park when everyone‘s gone home. Meet at the Countryside Rangers Centre.


Adapted by Stuart Paterson

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ii December - 2 January “...s/)c(lzlrular good fun The Scotsman

BOX OFFICE: 031 229 9697 Special Family Ticket

- otter closes i3 November



Earnest, hyperactive and with a habit ot gesticulating wildly, Johnny Ball iirst came galloping onto the small screen a decade ago with his unique children’s TV show Think oi a Number. With its unpatronlslng approach and wacky humour, a whole generation ol children discovered that llndlng out how aeroplanesin and who Pythagoras was could be quite entertaining.

Now on tour with his Think at a Number Roadshow’, Johnny Ball is as animated as ever. ‘It should be a lot oi tun, with songs, jokes and the opportunity to get involved. In the llrst hall I talk about maths and in the second hall, science.’

Ball, however is no egg-head and readily admits to possessing only two ‘0’ levels. He was a comedian when the BBC iirst hired him to present Playschool and he went on to write the jokes tor, Don’t Ask Me, a tacky science programme with Magnus Pike and David Bellamy. it was there he discovered he had a natural aptitude ior explaining how things work.

‘Through my experience as a comedian I knew how to get to the point quickly and hit hard with the inlormation. With kid's TV, you have to be exactly clear about what you’re saying. I realised I was on to something.’

He approached the BBC and was soon writing and presenting his own show. The roadshow is an ongoing thing that Bali tits in around his TV commitments. A decade alter its conception, however, Bell has noticed that children’s attitudes are changing towards science. Global warming, the depletion oi the ozone layer and the ellects oi pollution mean that many see

science as the harbinger oi gloom and doom.

‘Children are getting worried and they shouldn’t be. How we know lots oi iragments about things and they scare us. There are prolessionals to look alter these problems. Young people should concentrate on becoming the next generation at scientists. I’m a bit at a crusader about this.’

The show is aimed at children between nine and thirteen and tor any one else who tell asleep in their science class.

‘ll children learn anything irom my show, i want them to learn that with all knowledge, it you enjoy it, it's easy.’ (Beatrice Colin)

Think at a Number Roadshow at The Mitchell Theatre, Glasgow irom Tue 4-Sat 10 Oct.


I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Street, 887 1010.

Michael Breck’s Magic Show Sat 26 Sept. 1pm. Kids £1 ; adults £1 .50. Loads of audience participation and baffling fun. I CUMBERNAULD THEATRE Kildrum, 0236 732 887.

Magic Bob Sat 3 Oct. 1.15pm. Kids£1.25; adults £1.75. More tricks and hysterical antics in the Studio Theatre.

I THE MITCHELL THEATRE Granville Street, 227 5511.

Think ot a Number Roadshow Tue 6—Sat 10 Oct. 10am and 1.45pm. £3.50. See panel. I MDTHERWELL THEATRE Civic Centre, 0698 67515.

The Unknown Soldier Wed 30 Sept—Fri 2 Oct. 7.30pm. Kids £2.50; adults£3.50. Motherwell Youth Theatre, the Children‘s Theatre and the Community Choir in a musical drama based around the turmoil of war.

I SCOTTISH MASK AND PUPPET CENTRE 8—10 Balcarres Avenue, Kelvindale, 339 6185.

Two Traditional Celtic Tales Sat 26 Sept. 2pm. Kids £2; adults £2.50. Fromthe renowned puppeteer, Phil Spellacy, a spectacular shadow show in the intimate surroundings of the centre. Booking advisable(7 + ).

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Edward Sclssorhands (PG) Sat 26 Sept. 2.15pm. £3.70. Tim Burton‘s wacky update on the Frankenstein legend stars

Johnny Depp as the boy whose hands always get in the way. Highly


Little Man Tate (PG) The story of a Fred, 3 child genius who is sadly misunderstood. Jodie Foster stars in her own debut as director.

EDINBURGH Activities and Fun

I GDRGIE CITY FARM 51 Gorgic Road, 337 4202. 9am—4pm. Free. Pigs, cows, rabbits, sheep and loads more cuddly animals at the farm in the heart ofthe town.

I THE MUSEUM OF CHILDHOOD 42 High Street, 225 2424. Mon-Fri 10am—6pm. Five floors of toys from the past and present.

I THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 Hamilton Place, 226 5425.

Fashion Design Classes Tuesdays 4.30—6.30pm. £3 per session. Let your imagination run riot and design and create your own fabulous outfit. This workshop will cover all aspects of making your own clothes including basic pattern cutting and making-up. Fabric and thread are not supplied. (8—12)

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I THE FILMHOUSE 88 Lothian Road, 228 2688.

StarTrek VI (PG) Sat 26 Sept. 2.30pm. £2. Continuing to boldly go where no follow-up has been before, Spock, Bones and Captain Kirk fail to make a peace pact with the nasty Klingons.

The Rocketeer (PG) Sat 3 Oct. 2.30pm. £2. Based on the 19305 comic, the exciting adventures of a pilot who discovers a rocket pack which enables him to fly. Action-packed fun.

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