Aberdeen Friday, 30th ()ctoher.

(mg l’roo/u c"‘ Parr/If. (:(HHPCFL‘I Phil Kay Edinburgh Saturday, 31st ()ctoher.

(mg Prov/u C" l’arml.

(Ionipere: Kenny Harris.

Glasgow Saturday, 31st ()etoher.

({rig [)7‘00/U Cl“ l’arml. (:ompere: Phil Kay

Dundee Sunday, 1st \iiy'c-iiilier.

Thom/é: to

({an [)7'00/U c“ l’arral. (Zonipere: Phil Kay.

Aberdeen liriday, ()th .\'oyemher. jive/n) Hard); (:ompere: Phil Kay. Edinbmgh Saturday, "th Noyemher. fur/m Han/r. (Iompere: Kenny llarris. Glasgow Saturday, “th Noyemlier. firm/1i Han/i C“ 'lln’ lira lira/limit. (:ompere: Phil Kay.

Dundee Sunday, 8th Noyeniher. firm/r //ar‘(l)'. (ionipere: Phil Kay.


Aberdeen liriday, 13th Noyemher. luv-m .Si'imi' C" Kenny / {arr/t. (:(HHPCFCZ Phil Kay.

Edinburgh Saturday, 14th Noyemher. .llurl: lJ/I/e. (:(HIIPCI‘CZ Kenny llarris. Glasgow Saturday, l-lth Noyemher. .llm‘l‘. Lift/r cl“ Ker/n ,Veimi’. (:(HUPCFCZ Phil Kay.

Dundee Sunday, 15th Noyetiiher. .llarl‘. LIN/e. (:(HDPCFCZ Phil Kay.

Ii ll l‘il l" Aberdeen l’riday, 20th November.

/ Iii/II} / lair/(lav C" Riv/um/ .llm'fml. (Lonipere: Phil Kay. Edinburgh Saturday, 21st November. Ila/II} / Int-714$ C" RIr/um/ .llor/on. (:ompere: Kenny Harris.

Glasgow Saturday, 21st Noyeniher. / luff/r / lair/(la Cf“ Kit/lard .llm'fnn. (:(ant'rk'i Phil Kay. Dundee Sunday, 22nd Noyeniher.

/ Iii/m [/(1177'11'4t' C“ Rir/mn/ .l/m'fmi. (:ompere: Phil Kay.

l‘ l'. Aberdeen l'iriday, 2"th Xoyeinher. .vlmn/zl li’mu'n C‘" Izar/ ( Milli. (Ionipere: Phil Kay. Edinburgh Saturday, 28th November. .-lrnn/zl [frail-n C" Izar/ ( )ltm. (ionipere: Kenny llarris. Glasgow Saturday, 28th \oyeniher. l run/(l [from] C" /:ar/ ( Mil/1. (:(HHIMTL': Phil Kay. Dundee Sunday, 2‘)tli \oyeniher. lino/(1' Bruin} C“ [1111/ (Mt/)1. (Ionipere: Phil Kay.

Aberdeen liriday, 4th Decemher. li’nm .llnr/nn C“ Rhona (an/[)hr/l. (Zonipere: Phil Kay.

Edinbmgh Saturday, 3th Deeeniher. Hum .llm‘fm/ Ci“ ly’lm/ru' ( muffin/l (itititpt‘rt'Z Kenny Harris.

Glasgow Saturday, 5th l)et'etiil)er. limit .llw‘fnn e" \)/Hlllu' ( tin/[ii'Ir/l (Zonipere: Phil Kay.

Dundee Sunday, (itli December. [fr/m .l/m‘lnn C" Rhona ( (1/)//)l.}('//. (ionipere: Phil Kay.

Aberdeen l’riday, 11th December.

_/0 [fraud c" /(// (min. (ionipere: Phil Kay.

Edinbmgh Saturday, 12th December. r/(I lird’ll/ (R I/(/,' (II-t! ll. (Zonipere: Ketiny llarris.

Glasgow Saturday, 13th Deceniher.

_/n lino/(i C‘fl/r/f (mm. (.(itnpt‘fti Phil Kay.

Dundee Sunday, 13th Deceniher.

y/n limml C" _/t'// (,mn. (.Htttpcfc‘I Phil Kay.

01d Bier

you’ll wet

(iet those ruhher pants ready. l’ools’ Paradise is coming to Scotland. Sponsored by (iold Bier, it’s a series

of shows featuring some of the funniest stand-up comics

in the country.

Some of the performers may he terrihly dry. But

that’s more than can he said for their audiences.


The Lemon Tree,

\Vest North Street.

Tel: fl 83-1; ()‘ll 122 & (i-1223H.

.V/mnzr star! 9. ill/ml.


The Music Box, Victoria Street. Tel: NH]. 223 2564.

'l'it‘ly'ets also from Virgin Megastore it Ripping Records.

Vii/iii t/ar/ 8.00pm.

.Vmii .i‘ ,r/nr/

Tickets: £6.00 (£3.50 concessions)

Glasgow The Old .'\thenaeum, Buchanan Street.

Tel: (ll-ill 332 2333.

Tickets also from 'l'ieketllnk outlets:

'l'el: 1H4]: 23" 35] l.

.anzi‘ Mar! 1!). )‘(l/vn.


’l'he Rep, 'I'ay Square.

Tel: “382; 2353“.

.4 7w”.

7'4 lllIll‘l Ill/l V.

II ip,,,‘,/‘