imagery. leaving a bewildered. but impressed. audience in their wake. By no means easy watching. but well worth the effort. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I 81911101 The Living Dead (18) (George A. Romero. US. 1968) Duane Jones. Judith O‘Dea. Russell Streiner. 96 mins. Seminal shocker which spawned two increasingly nasty sequels and countless unauthorised imitations. A group of people barricade themselves into a farmhouse to seek refuge from the hordes of flesh-crazy undead. created by misfiring military experiments. Though it now seems dated. the rough and grainy qualities ofthe film only serve to make it more horribly convincing. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I light On Earth ( 15) (Jim Jarmusch. US. 1992) Winona Ryder. Beatrice Dalle. Gena Rowlands. Giancarlo Esposito. 129 mins. Los Angeles. New York. Paris. Rome. Helsinki. Five cities. five taxi rides. five chance encounters. The director of Mystery Train and Down By Law pushes aside narrative and goes instead for visual uniformity in a claustrophobic setting. Character studies with a mildly philosophical aftertaste. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I El None (15) (Gregory Nava. US. 1983) Ernesto Gomez Cruz. David Villalpando. Zaide Silvia Gutierrez. 140 mins. Persecuted by the military in Guatemala. a labourer and his sister head for the fabled land of El Norte. or North America. But to get there they have to outwit Mexican border guards and overcome the difficulties of life without a work permit. A compassionate portrait of the downside of the American dream that is not without a sense of hope. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I On The Town (U) (Stanley Donan/Gene Kelly. US. 1949) Frank Sinatra. Gene Kelly. Jules Munshin. 98 mins. Three guys go out into the ‘wonderful town' of New York. New York and see the sights. live the nightlife and wow the women. More cinematic and dance-orientated than other musicals. it's as big and brash as they come. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Paeltle Helgllta(15) (John Schlesinger. US. 1990) Melanie Griffith. Matthew Modine. Michael Keaton. 102 mins. Creepy suspense thriller with mildly Hitchcockian undertones has Griffith and Modine as a lovey-dovey couple struggling to pay the mortgage on their new Frisco home. Keaton is their new lodger. who not only fails to pay the rent. but shows increasing psycho tendancies. Edinburgh: Cameo.

IPatrlot Gamea(15) (Philip Noyce. US. 1992) Harrison Ford. Sean Bean. Anne Archer. Patrick Bergin. 121 mins. Follow up to The Hunt Forked October finds Tom Clancy‘s hero Jack Ryan being tracked down by the brother of an Irish terrorist he killed while on holiday in London. Some good. tense set pieces— particularly the hi-tech ‘kill by satellite‘ sequence but its meddling use of Irish politics and unwillingness to condemn the IRA make it of slightly dubious merit this side ofthe Atlantic. General release.

I Peter Pan (U) (Hamilton Luske/Clyde Geronimi/Wilfred Jackson. US. 1953) With the voices of Bobby Driscoll. Kathryn Beaumont. Hans Conried. 76 mins. Disney version ofthe J.M. Barrie story flies through the air as typical kid-pleasing fare. Good enough for a cartoon. poor as a version of Barrie. Those who lauded it while condemning Spielberg‘s Hook may well have to eat their words. I suspect. Fife: Glenrothcs. Strathclyde: WMR.

I Pletfloydm Wall (15) (Alan Parker. UK. 1982) Bob Geldof. Christine Hargreaves. Bob Hoskins. 95 mins. An ambitious attempt by Parker and the Floyd‘s Roger Waters to turn the band's album The Wall into a visual. almost dialogue-less story. in which a schoolboy named Pink grows up to be an isolated rock star. The result did not match the ambition. Strathclyde: UCI East Kilbride.

ITIa Ptayeoya ( 12) (Gillies Mackinnon. UK. 1992) Robin Wright. Aidan Quinn. Albert Finney. 108 mins. A young woman causes scandal in her small Irish village when she refuses to name the father of her newborn son: events only get worse when a troupe of travelling actors pitches its tent and she falls for the leading man. Tenderly acted by a uniformly magnificent cast and handled with care by the Scottish director of acclaimed TV films The Grass Arena and Conquest of the South Pole. Glasgow: GET.

I‘lie Playar(15) (Robert Altman. US. 1992)Tim Robbins. Greta Scacehi. Fred Ward. Peter Gallacher. 124 mins. Altman's satire on the wheeling and dealing of modern day Hollywood is more than just an excuse for cineastes to play trainspOtter with the famous faces in cameo roles. It is also a terrific thriller about a studio exec receiving death threats from a spurned writer. 13113in the best movie of the year. if not of the decadeso far. Glasgow: GFT.

IPoltammUS) (Tobe Hooper. US. 1982) JoBeth Williams. CraigT Nelson. Beatrice Straight. 114 mins. All-American ghost story with the unmistakable stamp of Spielberg. though it‘s credited to Hooper. Deep within the family tele there's a restless spirit trying to get out. Superny

crafted scarcfest with the family unit tryingto withstand the powers of evil. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Prague (PG) (Ian Sellar. UK/France/Czech. 1992) Alan Cumming. Sandrine Bonnaire. Bruno Ganz. 87 mins. A young Scot with Czech ancestry goes to Prague in search of a missing piece of newsreel that contains footage of his family. There he falls in love with a film archivist. despite her ongoing relationship with an older colleague. An atmospheric. deceptively simple film with a truly European heart. A one-off BAFTA Scotland screening. that precedes the film‘s general release on 23 Oct. Glasgow: GFT.

Im Prime 01 Miss Jean Brodie (U)(Ronald Neame. UK. 1969) Maggie Smith. CeliaJohnson. Robert Stephens. Gordon Jackson. 116 mins. The big screen adaptation of Murial Spark‘s tale ofan eccentric Edinburgh schoolteacher in the 19305 shows sharp characterisations and interesting period flavour. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Prince ol‘l’ldes ( 15) (Barbra Streisand. US.

1991 ) Nick Nolte. Barbra Streisand. Kate Nelligan. 131 mins. Glossy. romantictale ofa Southern boy in New York. falling in love with his sister‘s pSychiatrist while revealing his traumatic childhood in order to help bring his twin back to health. While Streisand's direction is sometimes shaky and her own performance is a little too self-conscious. there is no doubt that she encourages career-best performances from her co—stars. Strathclyde: U(.‘1C1ydebank.

I A Prlvate Function (15) (Malcolm Mowbray. UK. 1984) Maggie Smith. Michael Palin. Bill Paterson. 93 mins. Royal Wedding celebrations in ration-restricted post-war Yorkshire prove the ideal breeding ground for all-out class warfare. Engaging comic crossbreed combining the Iialing tradition with the cheerfully rude humour of writer Alan Bennett. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Raglng Bull ( 18) (Martin Scorsese. US. 1980) Robert De Niro. (‘athy Moriarty. Joe Pesci. 129 mins. Middleweight boxing champ Jake La Motta finds it difficult to sustain his early success andas his career fades. he declines into a travesty ofhis former self. De Niro's stunning physical presence dominates Scorsese‘s savagely bleak study of self-destructive machismo. Fife: Adam Smith.

I Raise The Rad Lantern (PU) (Zhang Yimou. China/Japan. 1991 ) Gong Li. Ma Jingwa. He Caifei. Cao Cuifeng. 125 mins. Zhang. directorof Ju Dou and Red Sorghum. again combines exquisitely beautiful photography with formalisec melodrama. Essentially the tale ofa younggirl forced to become a concubine and the jealousies she encounters in her fortress home. it also acts as a metaphor for the repression of individual passions in post-Tiananmen China. (‘entralz MacRobert.

ITha Rapture(18) (MichaelTolkin. US. 1992) Mimi Rogers. David Duchovny. Patrick Bauchau. Will Patton. 102 mins. A telephone operator tires of unsatisfying casual sex and embraces a newfound belief that the world is facing imminent destruction. Tolkin's debut as writer-director is a flawed but provocative offering that never lets us dismiss the protagonist as a bible-bashing nutcase. GlaSgow: GET.

I Blnolatto(15)(1ean-Picrre Ponnelle. Italy. 1989) Luciano Pavarotti. Ingvar Wixell. Edita Grubcrova. 118 mins. Verdi's magnificent blend of lechery and revenge set in the court ofthe libertine Duke of Mantua is one of the world‘s most enduring operas. ‘La donna e mobile‘ sings Big Pav. effortlessly hitting that high B.and making his contribution to an all-round aural and visual assault. Opera meets cinema in a big way. Glasgow: GFT. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I River's Edge ( 18) (Tim Hunter. US. 1986) Crispin Glover. Keanu Reeves. DennisHoppcr. 99 mins. A motivcless murder is the catalyst fora moral crisis among a group of teenage buddies. Challenging exploration of alienated youth and their attempts to forge a value system in a society of numbing moral blankness. Edinburgh: Cameo. I The Rocky Horror Plcture Show ( 18) (Jim Sharman. UK. 1975) Tim Curry. Susan Sarandon. Barry Bostwick. Meat Loaf. 10(lmins. Thecult film to end all others. this rock spoofon old horror movies has created a breed of Rocky 1 Iorror crazies. and packs them in at late shows everywhere. The film has its moments. and Curry is splendidly camp as the bisexual Frank N.

Furter. Strathclyde: UCI Clydebank.

I Scorsese X 4 (PG) 80 mins. Four shorts from the American moviemeister. The programme i includes early efforts What's A Nice Girl Like You Doing In A Place Like This?. It's NotJust You. Murray.’. and 1967's The Big Shave. Most revealing. however. is ltalianamerican. a 1974 ' interview with the director's parents. which I reveals the star potential of Mrs S. . only briefly ! glimpsed several years later in (ioodfellus. Fife: Adam Smith.

I Screenworlta 92 ( 15) A superb selection ofwork made under the auspices of Glasgow Film and Video Workshop. Eleven pieces by | Scottish-based film and video makers cover the l

spectrum from video art to short narrative. lfthis IS the tip of the low-budget filmmaking icebergin Scotland. the country does indeed have a future to

look forward to. See Screen Test. Glasgow: GFI‘. I Sleepwalker: (18) (Mick Garris. US. 1992) Brian Krausc. Madchen Amick. Alice Krige. Jim Haynie. 91 mins. The first original screenplay by Stephen King concerns a pair ofitinerent. flesh-craving shape-shifters who are the last survivors of the ancient breed of Sleepwalkers. Shying away from exploring the material's dark desires. it concentrates instead on a slew of childish splatter setpieces. Makes a welterof bloodletting seem less threatening than a cat food commercial. Glasgow: Grosvenor. I Soapdlah ( 12) (Michael Hoffman. US. 1991) Sally Field. Kevin Kline. Robert Downeer. Whoopi Goldberg. 96 mins. Undemanding entertainment is both the subject and nature of this comedy set in a TV studio producing a soap opera. Sally Field plays actress Celeste Talbot facing a reunion with her ex-boyfriend Kline. both on screen and off. Limp. Glasgow: GFI‘. I Slepklds (PG) (Joan Micklin Silver. US. 1992) Hilary Wolf. Griffen Dunne. Margaret Whitton. Adrienne Shelley. 104 mins. Unsettled with her latest set of folks. thirteen-year-old Laura (Wolf) runs off to join her kindly step-brother at a lakeside resort. Soon family and step-family converge on the scene to help her with hercrisis. Rescmbling a pilot episode for a particularly bland US sitcom and with plenty of platitudes on adolescence. it's a film filled with self-satisfied yuppie cutouts who you just don't care about. Strathclyde: ()deon Ayr.

I Taxl Drlver ( 18) (Martin Scorsese. US. 1976) Robert De Niro. (Tybill Shepherd. Jodie Foster. 114 mins. An alienated taxi driver in New York is so repelled by the squalor and the moral decay around him that he is driven to terrible violence. ()ne of the key films of the Seventies with the Scorsese-Dc Niro partnership at its peak. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. Fife: Adam Smith.

I ThunderheamlS) (Michael Apted. US. 1992) Val Kilmer. Sam Shepard. Graham Greene. 119 mins. A part-Indian FBI agent (Kilmer) is sent to South Dakota's Pine Ridge Reservation to investigate the unsolved murder of a local Sioux. Locals both help and hinder him. forcing him to come to terms with his heritage while discovering that the tnurder is only part ofa wider picture of corruption. The film's basis in fact makesfor consistently absorbing viewing. showing the pligh of Native Americans today rather than in some idealised (‘ostnerland past. See review. Glasgow: (‘annon Sauchiehall Street. MGM. Edinburgh: ('annon. All L'CIs‘.

I Travel: With My Aunt (PG) (George (’ukor. US. 1972) Maggie Smith. Alec McCowan. Robert Stephens. 109 mins. Passable version ofthe Graham Greene story. with Smith undergoing an extensive make-up job to transform her intothe eccentric old lady who takes her stuffy bank accountant nephew off on a series of continental adventures. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Trlslana (18) (Luis Bunuel. Spain/ItalyJ'France. 197(1) (‘atherine Deneuve. Fernando Rey. Franco Nero. 105 mins. Toledo in the 1930s. and anold guardian seduces his young ward. but is unable to possess her due to surrealist lurehes in time and reality. Bunuel at his most mockineg sensible and black. Glasgow: GFI’.

I Untorglven(15)((‘lim Eastwood. US. 1992) (‘lint Eastwood. Gene Hackman. Morgan Freeman. 123 mins. Clint returns to the saddle ass former killer. tamed by his late wife. but pressed into joining a bounty hunt which takes him to the town of Big Whiskey and into the presence ofits sadistic sheriff ( Hackman). A darkly disturbing western which destroys the genre‘s traditional notions of clear-cut good and evil. instead presenting violent acts as physically and psychologically painful for victim anti perpetrator alike. General release.

I Until the End ofthe World ( 15) (Wim Wenders. Germany/US/Japan/Australia. 1992) Solveig Dommartin. William Hurt. Sam Neill. 158 mins. After having been chased across the world by various nefarious types. Claire Tourneur (Dommartin) and lover'I’revor (Hurt) end up in an Aussie underground lab. with nuclear armageddon around the corner. The sci-fi and ‘female Peer (iynt' elements don‘t gel. but Wender’s flawed rock'n'roll-powered odyssey does have its own kind of fascination. Edinburgh: UCI.

I Vldeodrome (18) (David Cronenberg. Canada. 1983) James Woods. Debbie Harry. 88 mins. Woods is a programmer for a pirate cable station who becomes intrigued and then obsessed with an untraceable porn channel that triggers hallucinogenic fantasies. A nasty but intriguing and ultimately confusing masterpiece with eye-popping special effects. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Wayne's World (PG) (Penelope Spheeris. US. 1991) Mike Myers. Dana ('arvey. Rob Lowe.Tia Carrere. 95 mins. Two heavy metal dorks hit the big time when their public access cable show is snapped up by a greedy TV exec for national primetime. Crammed full ofTV and film pastiches. this US phenomenon has far more hits than misses. while Wayne and Garth revel in an even wackier vocabulary than cinematic first

cousins Bill and Ted. They‘ve shot. they‘ve scored! Central: MacRobert. I Whlte Men Can'tJurnp (15) (Ron Sheldon. US. 1992) Wesley Snipes. Woody Harrelson. Rosie Perez. Tyra Farrell. 112 mins. The Hustler meets the Harlem Globe Trotters as basketball cons Snipes and Harrelson team up to win themselves some easy cash. Problems of race. male ego and domestic happiness are there. but are never developed as writer/director Sheldon seems to prefer concentrating on the sweat building upon his stars‘ rippling muscles during the repetitive games sequences. See review. General release. I The Winn! 01 01 (PG) (Victor Fleming. US. 1939) Judy Garland. Frank Morgan. Ray Bolger. Bert Lahr. Jack Haley. Margaret Hamiltoan‘oto. 102 mins. Miserable Dorothy runs away from home but is soon whisked up into a magical land where her adventures teach her that happiness is to be found in her own back yard. Classic stuff indeed. just chockful of great songs. characterisation and memorably garish design. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Wutllerlng Heights (U) (Peter Kosminsky. UK. 1992) Ralph Fiennes. Juliette Binoche. Janet McTeer. 87 mins. A visually splendid version of Emily Bronte’s classic. capturing the original's sense of destructive. violent love. The decision to follow the book to the end will split audiences. as will the decision to cast French actress Binoche (Les Amaan du I’ont-Neuf) as the English heroine. but in terms ofcostume. set design and the spark between the leads. it is afine achievement that breaks from the stuffy British tradition of literary period dramas. See preview. Glasgow: MGM. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Young M heart (PG) (Gordon Douglas. US. 1955) Frank Sinatra. Doris Day. Ethel Barrymore. 117 mins. Polished musical version of The Four Daughters. with two composers fighting over the one girl (Day). Marvellous songs. old-fashioned melodrama. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.




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