This month profiles Simon Donald

Although currently starring as Major Bob Cochrane in ITV's Soldier, Soldier Edinburgh-based actor Simon Donald is perhaps best known for his work on the stage. As an actor he has been a regular at The Traverse Theatre and recently took the part of Aguado in Columbus: Blooding The Ocean - the first production at the recently-relocated theatre. During this year's Edinburgh Festival his own play Life Of Stufl added to an already burgeoning

list of credits with a run at the Traverse. Age: 33

Born: The William Smellie Maternity home. Lanark

Occupation: Actor and Playwright Lives: Leith. since last week

How did you become involved in the theatre? Because I was stapled to the chicken.

Which play do you wish you had Written? Sam Shepherd's A Lie Of The Mind

What has been your most embarrassing experience on stage? In a sex scene with Carol Ann Crawford. I was wearing cream silk boxer shorts and a short black silk dressing gown and my effort to surreptitiously relieve my sore tummy resulted in a splurge of unsolicited diarrhoea. Carol Ann was a tower of strength throughout.

Last film you saw? Unforgiven

Last book you read? The Flamingo’s Smile by Stephen Jay Gould

Favourite TV programme? Fight Night

Influences: Acting-wise: Bill Paterson. who I saw in a Billy Connoly play when I was at school. Writing-wise; Chris Harman. as a concept rather than as a human being.

What is the best thing about living in ° ' '

Edinburgh? Being so far away from Paul Spero who lives in London and is a pain in the tits. Plus the nice pubs.


What is the worst thing about living in Edinburgh? Not being able to see enough of Paul Spero who is a true humanitarian and a warm and close personal friend of

many years standing. And the crap pubs.

Who is your favourite member of the Royal family? Be SERIOUS! I'm a grown PERSON! I have THOUGHTS and FEELINGS!

When and where were you happiest? I'm happy lots. Are you inferring it's all in the past?

Do you have any phobias? Big Nasty Sharks

What is your most disgusting habit? Open-cast nose-picking.

Heroes? Carol Ann Crawford

Villains? Miranda France who wrote a crap review of my last play in The List. And Orville who's a horrible colour and a duck. Or vice versa.