I Thin Lizzy: Live 1 (Windsong)/The Ramones: Mondo Bizarre (Chrysalis) Thin Lizzy's Radio One In Concert disc captures their Reading show in 1983: the band's last British appearance. and. as such. an emotional occasion. That they were a formidable powerhouse of a band is beyond dispute. but the early part of the set is stormed through with scant regard for subtlety and such heavy reliance on outlaw machismo that their ground-breaking reputation seems a shade unjustified. But then the clouds open. and the warm. organic hard rock of Lizzy at their best starts to shine through. Some powerful moments here. But for that other

institution. da brudders Ramonc. it's business as usual ( ‘.\"(m' I think I'll pick my nose/ Wipe it on my sweaty clothes ') . with no signs that they‘re going to be slinging their hooks in the foreseeable future. it’s hard not to notice. though. that only three of these hackneyed tracks have been composed without outside help. and to ponder whether it‘s time they did the decent thing. (Alastair Mabbott) I Force’n'K-Zee: Giant Steps (Circa) Never mind defence. sometimes consolidation with a hint of deference to the past is the best form of attack. In the face ofArrested Development‘s all-enveloping debut earlier this year. Giant Steps can only gape in awe. but if you want to get excited about British rap again. after Stereo MCs. 3:60 Philly and Son Of Noise. check this. F'n‘K excel at new style pranksta rap. a funtime hybrid of hard fast beats and crazy carnival rhythms. typified here by the irrepressible singles ‘Lords OfThe Dance' and ‘Jam‘. They can soul-smoulder with effect on ‘Reasons For The Screw‘ and the title track. and even when they‘re hung-up on ‘da issues. man'. DJ Agzilla‘s barrage of frantic scratching reminds you that these self-styled ‘lyrical culturists' are original hip-hoppers. in all senses ofthe word. (Calvin Bush)

I June Tabor: Angel Tiger (Cooking Vinyl) June Tabor has two great gifts as a singer. One is an angelic voice. and the other isthe ability to tell a story. even a maudlin one. in completely convincing fashion. She ranges widely for her material (on this disc. from traditional tunes to Richard Thompson. Billy Bragg. Elvis Costello and Michael Marra). and is an impeccable judge of

singing. (Kenny

stellar band Surman.

. 'Lammennoor(Teldec) ln Bonynge and his wife Joan

f Sutherland did more than anyone else to restore

conducting the London

exactly how much emotion to give. and how much to hold back. Her ' balladsingingisespecially 1 strong. and superny controlled. Forget the folk label - June Tabor is for anyone who appreciates good songs and great


I The Balanescu Quartet: Possessed (Mute) The Balanescu Ouartet's pursuit of non-standard string quartet repertoire has taken them in some fascinating directions. but has also led them up the occasional blind alley. The five Kraftwerk tunes fall into the latter category; their strident repetitions and minimal harmonic development are largely unsuited to string timbrcs. and seem pointless. David Byrne‘s slight ‘llanging Upside Down‘ has a pleasantly jaunty. African-ish feel. while Alexander Balanescu‘s three pieces (one with a squeaky Miranda Sex Garden vocal) owe much to Michael Nyman. (Kenny Mathieson)

I John Sunnan: Adventure Playground (ECM) In recent 5 years. John Surman‘s music has concentrated more on exploring the sonic possibilities ofthe . baritone saxophone and 5 bass clarinet than on complex improvisations. but this new quartet set is pitched somewhere between the two. The

pianist Paul Bley. Gary

Peacock and Tony Oxley— ,

provide all but one tune. Carla Bley's ‘Seven‘. and revel in the mainly abstract soundscapes which emerge from the delicate instrumental exchanges. It may lack a little muscle for some cars. but much ofthe playing is simply sublime. (Kenny Mathieson)

I Donizetti: Lucia oi

the 1950s. Richard

Donizetti‘s public appeal. Now Bonynge.

Symphony Orchestra. returns to the composer's most enduring opera. loosely based on Sir Walter Scott‘s novel The Bride ofLammermoor. Slovakian soprano Edith Gruberova does not steal the show. however. despite her beautiful rounded tones and perfect coloratura. Neil Shicoff’s Edgardo is a dashing and passionate hero. while Alexandru Agache and Alastair Miles are imposing as Asthon and Raimondo. Slightly melodramatic and undemanding. but a wonderfully lyrical recording nonetheless.

(Alan Morrison)


I Verve: Gravity Grave (Hut) Hung. drawn-out. and squandered over eight minutes. ‘Gravity Grave‘

has the scope ofthe horizon.stretchingout into a stoned blues

langour. Verve draw deep

on the hash-head‘s cool.

and could very probably do with a bit of a shake. (CMcL)


; AddictionEP(Get)

L Sundays-like fringe. The finaltrackisthirteen

; minuteslong.called

‘Blood‘.andismad. (CMcL)

. onpsytlTranceYou

(Limbo/23rd Precinct)

: Continuing a fine run of groove-laden singles from : Glasgow‘s other great

House label. Gypsy is in

factGraham Drinnon, , engineerbehindthe

excellent Havanna

I singles. "I told you this

was a Flamenco

guitar-driven choon with

more bounce per ounce than a helium-filled spacehopper. would you

believe me? Talk about liberation; at this rate.

halfthe city will be

§ trance-dancing in George Square by Christmas.


7 I one State v: um: One

In Ten (ZTT) The question begs to be answered. does one in ten go into 808? Obviously U840 think so. as they’ve backed the State’s latest gratuitous assault upon vinyl. This time the empowering electro rhythms of 808 State slap the face of ragga-dub in a mind-numbingly catchy way. Who wins? Nobody except UB40’s bank manager. (PO)

I Closer Than Close: You Go“ Hold On Me (Slam Jam) What a waste of a club classic. Some almighty WEA exec. in his infinite wisdom. has decided to re-release this track complete with ‘groovy‘ Joey Negro remixes, on the assumption that Joey is hip and. hey. what the

punters want. Sorry, but

the mixes simply don’t do the track any justice. If they seriously wanted a hit record why didn‘t they put some decent advertising behind the Brixton Club Mix? (PO)

I Felix: it Wlll Make Me Crazy (Deconstruction) Those expecting another ‘Don't You Want Me‘ will be disappointed. Anthemic and uplifting as that was. this is not. That is not to say it‘s not a good tune; its deep feel feeds superbly with the light techno overtones to prove that Felix is a cat with more than nine lives. Best of all. this record has absolutely no chance of being played on The Hitman And Her. (PO)

jeriy Burris

Live with The Christians Glasgow Royal Concert Hall Thursday 15th October

“jerty Burns” (3 I) o M (i o L P

Hill \lll|\

MC! and IT. prounts


'3 " .y t 3 t a





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