I The godllke Rod models ’1 1- his new back-to-basics 1.," ~ stage costume. See classic / ~

clips ot the Greatest Living I,

Scotsman Who Was Born In 1.. Q ' . London on a newly released 4 . I ,- . video. See Vldeo listings. '- .

Sensitive, sexy, and oh so well dressed . . . but that’s enough about me, here

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I The Lament ForArthur ' I Cleary is the play, a story at the return of an exileto

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a motorbike comes in. Part oi the Tron’s season of lrish theatre around Glasgow. See Theatre preview.

I Thumbs-up tor the Chandralekha Group. subverting traditional dance. led by Chandy hersell. who has worked with Andy Warhol. Al Glasgow Tramway. See Dance preview.


2 The List 9 - 22 Ocuwcr 1692