IAWord In Your Era (BBC2)

9.40-10. 10pm. More hastily cobbled together historical flammery with Ned Sherrin as Winston Churchill. Helen Lederer as Queen Elizabeth 1 and Tony Slattery as Queen Boadicea.

.; "1' -' w. L31; at V I The British At War: lce Cold lnAlex lOpm— 12.25am. The legendary extended Carlsberg ad starring John Mills as the leader of a dangerous trek by ambulance through the Libyan desert in 1942. Anthony Quayle plays the half-decent Jerry (buys his round. doesn‘t get too uppity).

I Falling In Love (BBC2) 10. 10—1 1.55pm. Impressive cast (Robert De Niro. Meryl Streep). dodgy storyline as a couple of happily-married New Yorkers bump into each other in a bookshop and find themselves. yup. falling in love.

I The South Bank Show (Scottish)

10.35—1 1.30pm. American author Alice Walker talks to Melvyn Bragg about her new book The Secret ()fJoy.


I Standing Room Only (BBC2) 6.50—7.25pm. The football fanzine-style show hosted by Kevin Allen includes an interview with the legendary Benfica star Eusebio.

I Desmond's (Channel 4) 8.3(l—9pm. Robbie tries to make a disaster video for Jeremy Beadle. but things keep going


I Animal Squad Undercover (Channel 4) 9-10pm. The secret RSPCA squad infiltrate a pit bull show in Wigan togather information. Nice work if you can get it. I Soldier Soldier (Scottish) 9—10pm. The frankly daft military drama continues, with Dave Tucker‘s wife threatening to have an abortion.

I Film 92(BBC1) 10.10—10.4(lpm. Barry Norman investigates Wurltering Heights with Juliette Binoche as Cathy. and Strictly Ballroom. the quirky Australian tale of dance competitions.


I Take The High Road Special (Scottish) 6.30—7pm. A chance to see the very first episode of the village soap. with some familiar faces looking substantially younger.

I Food And Drink Special: A Cook's Tourol Central Europe ( BBCZ) 8.3(l—9pm. A new series opens with a special programme combining restaurateur Antonio Caluccio‘s reports from Hungary and Czechoslovakia. countries attempting to rediscover their culinary traditions.

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I Without Walls: Darlt Horses/Brigitte Bardot (Channel 4) 9—10pm. Was Shakespeare gay? asks Simon Callow in

the first of three programmes ‘outing‘ some of the greatest figures in Western art. Followed by an examination of the influence of France‘s most famous sex symbol. and we ain‘t talking about Jean-Marie Le Pen.

I Ciwies (BBCl) 9.30-10.25pm. Lynda La Plante‘s hard-hitting drama continues with Frank (Jason lsaacs) stunned by the suicide of his buddy Steve.

I Film 0n Four: Oueen 0t Hearts(Channel 4) ll)pm—12.05am. Ten—year-old Eddie Lucca(1an Hawkes) views the battles, reconciliations and struggles of his family in London‘s Italian quarter (wherever that is). Loose on plot. better on its exploration ofhuman relationships.

I Omnibus: Eye or The Storm Bidley Scott (BBCI) 10.25—11.15pm. A profile ofthe maverick British film director who discovered his own visual style making commercials and went on to direct cult classics that include Blade Runner. Alien and Thelma And Louise. His latest work 1492 Conquest Of Paradise opens this month.

I The Kennedys (Scottish) 10.40-11.40pm. The first ofa four-part series looking at the ruthless. lascivious and tragic American political dynasty.


IAnton Mosimann- Naturally (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. Our Anton tackles bread and its immediate family. including pizza. batter. blinis and muffins.

I Die Hard (Scottish)9—-l()pm.

10.40pm- 12. lllam. Bruce Willis stars as New York cop John McLane caught up in a terrorist attack in LA. I‘Ie duly showsthe wimpy West Coasters how to deal with these kind of scum. Exceedineg popular and somewhat offensive blood ‘n‘ guts thriller.

I The Golden Girls (Channel 4) Ill—10.30pm. The first episode in the seventh and final series of the Miami sitcom. An old photograph causes trouble between Blanche and Rose.


I Gamesmaster (Channel 4) 6.3(l—7pm. Dominik Diamond introduces more computer games antics. hints and challenges. Evil soccer hatchet man Vinny Jones tries his hand at Soccer Brawl. which shouldn’t present him with too many problems.

I Scottish Questions (Scottish) 7.30—8pm. Donald MacCormick and Bernard Ponsonby return for a new session at Westminster and beyond.

I Rising Damp (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. Alan (Richard Beckinsale) joins the cocktail set. but Rigsby hasn‘t quite got what it takes.

I Bottom (BBC2) 9—9.30pm. Richie and Eddie have a spot of slapstick-style bother with a burglar.

I Taggart: Ring Of Deceit (Scottish) 9—10pm. Episode two andjeweller Maurice Newman looks like he could be in the frame for the murder ofJulie Smith.

I Scottish Boolts (Scottish) 10.50—11.15pm. Books reviewed include Alasdair Gray‘s Poor Things.

I Night Flyte (Scottish). Busy bloke Donald MacCormick. He returns with a new series of the late-night discussion programme. tackling topical issues.


I Cheers (Channel 4) 9.30—10pm. A brilliant but eccentric artist wants to paint Diane‘s ‘tormented soul‘. First ofa two-parter.

I Have I Got News ForYou(BBC2) Ill-10.30pm. Angus Deayton returns with a new series of the topical news quiz. with the vulgar captains Ian Hislop and Paul Merton joined by guest panellists who include Griff Rhys Jones.

I Terry And Julian (Channel4)

10.30—1 1pm. Last in the series and ourtwo heroes don matching shorts and swan around like nobody"s business.

IThe Biver(BBC1) 11pm—lam. Mel Gibson stars with Sissy Spacek and Scott Glenn in a humdrum tale ofdecent Tennessee folk. threatened both by the power of the river and the clout of big business. who want to build a dam.

I Campaign (BBC2) 1 1.15—1 1 .45pm. The series going behind the scenes at the American Presidential election continues. with columnist Cynthia lleimel takinga barbed look at the candidates‘ wives.

I The MTV Video Music Awards (Channel 4) 11.30pm—12.30am. An edited version of the three-hour pop party from Los Angeles. Performers include The Cure. Def Leppard and Pearl Jam.


I Music On 2: Phantom Of The Operetta (BBC2) 7.40—8.40pm. Apparently Vienna and Budapest adore the music ofAndrew Lloyd Webber. Sad isn‘t it? Marke Steyn asks if Lloyd Webber's musicals are today‘s equivalent of the 19th century operetta.

I Casualty (BBC 1 ) 8—8.5(lpm. More ups and downs at Holby General. Will Charlie and Duffy get together. will Julian and the no-nonsense Scots nurse swap glances over a leaky catheter? Who knows?

I Court TV: America On Trial (Channel 4) 9-10pm. Cynthia McFadden presents highlights of current trials in the American courts.

I Let The Blood Bun Free (Channel4)

10— 10.30pm. Another instalment ofthe anarchic Australian hospital comedy.

I Cinema! Cinemai: A Child From The South (Channel4) 10.30pm—~12. 15am. A film from Mozambique.


I Football ltalla (Channel 4) 2.45—4.55pm. More action from the world‘s best soccer league. with commentary from Peter Brackley and Gazza‘s Golden Goals at half-time.

I Scotsport (Scottish) 5-6pm. From the sublime to the mediocre as Jim White introduces all the goals from the Premier Division plus highlights from Europe.

I Screen Dne: Losing Traclt(BBC1)

9.25— 10.55pm. An emotional and disturbing potrayal ofthe relationship between a father and son. Alan Bates plays a District Officer returningto Britain for the funeral ofhis wife. and confronting his twelve-year-old son for the first time in five years. There is a huge chasm between them which the father tries to bridge by building a magnificently detailed model railway. It doesn‘t work out as planned.


I The Krypton Factor (Scottish) 7—7.3(lpm. Gordon Burns introduces another round ofthe ‘superperson' quiz.

I200!) Not Dul(BB(‘l ) l(). Ill—10.40pm. Craig Ferguson returns to your screens with a new sketch comedy series takingthe rather wide premise ofthe history ofthe world. See preview.

I Sport In Duestion (Scottish). Archie Macl’herson introduces another bout of forthright view-swapping about an item of topical sporting interest.


I Family Pride (Channel 4') 4—4.3(lpm. The return of the Asian soap opera three times a week on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday. with the regulars from the first series being joined by a new family. the Alis.

I The Munro Show (Scottish) 6.30—7pm. More mountains with mouthy Muriel.

I Me" "ehaving Badly(Scottish) 8.3(i—9pm. The laddish sitcom continues sans Harry Ent’ield but none the worse for his absence.

I Film 0n Four: December Bride (Channel 4) Ill—11.35pm. An unconventional love-story set in an Irish Protestant community at the turn ofthe century. Saskia Reeves plays a strong-willed woman caught up in a passionate triangle between two brothers. With Donal McCann. Ciaran Hinds and Patrick Malahide.


I Downtown Lagos (BBC2)‘)—1().10pm. The final part ofthe three-part drama serial set in Nigeria. starring Anton Lesser as a lawyer trying to make sense of mysterious deaths and disappearing defendants.

IYanlts (Scottish) lll.~i(lpm~1 . lllam. John Schlesinger's glossy but uninvolving tale ofGIs on the prowl in Northern England during the war. Richard (iere is the main love interest.

I The Prisoner ( Channel 4)

l l . lSpm—ll. 15am. More baffling (ills nostalgia in the desperately overrated weirdo series.

I Married. . .Wilh Children (Scottish)

12. Ill-12.40am. A treat for insomniacs. this US sitcom debases all the decent family values ofthe genre with its talesof the loathsome Bundys. the onlycomedy family ever named after a serial killer.


I Focal Point (BBCl ) 8.3(J—9pm. Another investigative report on an issue oftopical Scottish interest.

I Taggart (Scottish) 9— llipm. The third part of ‘A Ring ()fDeceit‘. Will Jimtrack down Julie Smith‘s murderer. Well. probably.

I Critical Eye (Channel 4) 9—- 10pm. A portrait ofthe Meadowell estate on Tyneside which hit the headlines last year with nights of violence. The film portrays the everyday life of the estate and the people who live there. who remain optimistic despite extreme poverty. crime and vandalism.

I Talking Pictures (Scottish)

10.45—1 1. 15pm. Film chat and news.

68 The List 9 22 October 1992