continues Carlyle. ‘He’s one of the most

sensitive men I’ve ever met. He’s able to THE FILMS 0F B||_|_ laugh and joke with some of the boys one

minute, and then talk about theatre with me That 8m“ F n 1979 the next. One day it was pouring with rain Gmoowggflfiggg ) and everybody was huddled into a huge Andrlna (1981 TV drama) marquee on the beach, soaked through, Low Hem (19’83)

when Robin came through the door with a Comtort And Joy (1984) tray of cakes, serving everybody their tea. Housekeeping (1987) Another example: the Raiders were out in Breaking In (1989)

the boats one day, very cold at about 7pm, 38'09 Human (1993)

and when we finally came back onto the beach for the wrap, it was Robin who was scurrying about putting blankets over the guys’ shoulders. He says he loves the Raiders because what he hears is laughter all the time, and that gives him a lift. He loves improvising and going off at a tangent, but I don’t think that’s the real Robin Williams The World According To Garp and Dead Poets’ Society, the sensitivity that runs through those parts, that’s getting closer to the man.’

Back on set, it’s dusk and the required light for a camp-fire scene will last for only about half an hour. The Raiders sit huddled round two fires, telling tales in a mixture of Scots and Irish Gaelic. Shut out the cameras and the mikes, and it’s an authentic scene that seems natural in these untouched surroundings. But, between takes, it all becomes a bit surreal as one or two in the group put down primitive spears and don Walkman headphones. And in the Celtic twilight, Freddie Mercury begins to sing again: ‘Who wants to live forever . . . Who wants to live forever . . .

Being Human will be released in late 1993.

Kala (hethgna Katha kali (troupe (K...)

_......—- 400 year old Indian temple dance drama...

and ’" (the (handralehka Group (Mad...)

. The myths and traditions of South Asian dance reworked in radical contemporary style.

Three different programmes. Plus movement and choreography workshops and make-up demonstrations.


.z' . ..-:. 4'3"; . ' 25 ALB RT DRIVE, GLASG —-——3 l _ Liv.“ HARLEOUIN LEISURE GROUP

The List 9 - 22 October 1992 7