I The latestAustralian lookalike sensation are The Bogus Bucks Fizz. Either that or they're the cast at Strictly Ballroom looking distinctly sheepish. See Film review.




‘When I was about twelve, I used to wake up at four in the afternoon, do drugs, and then go clubbing until about 6am. Now there are no drugs and I’m bored by going out because I’ve done it all my life.’

Actress Drew Barrymore shows all the world-weariness of the average

1 7- year-old Hollywood starlet.

‘What we definitely don‘t want is a mirror image of men’s sex magazines. Slapping in men where women usually feature just isn’t good enough. We want sexuality and sensuality, not just sex.

Pauline Brown, editor of Ludus, explains why the first issue of her

kids. you could end up with a badly-damaged basketball. Watch the experts trom French dance troupe Black Blane Bleurat Edinburgh Assemny

I Product placement seen at its most blatant here as Phil Kay takes over hosting

I Mia Farrow could have done with those six months ago. Peta. Peta Lily

Booms. See Dance perlorms Beg at Paisley Arts duties from Jes Benstock at magazine contained photos of a hunk preview. Fools Paradise comedy wrapped in ding fi1m, nights (sponsored by Gold

Bier apparently). See

33mm “sun” ‘I never go in to fight dirty, but I have

to protect myself. Believe me, it’s not table tennis in there.’

The world is relieved to know that Frank Bruno can tell the difference between pugilism and ping pong.

E =." u. CD 5 :

Centre and Edinburgh Theatre Workshop. See Dance preview.

‘If scepticism comes readily to politicians, it comes especially easy to a Chelsea supporter. After all, I have nearly 30 years behind me of high hopes at the start of a season, fading into disappointment with a string of frustrating results by January.‘

John Major finds a suitable Metaphor just as his opponents plan to knock him out ofthe cup.


‘I had this argument with the Dalai Lama. I said, Why go through the purgatory of rebirth? He had to have purgatory translated, and when it was translated he broke his hole Iaughing.‘

; After an interview conducted on The Big Breakfast, musician and TV presenter Bob Geldof is able to

divulge that the Tibetan chosen one

I has a distinct sense of humour.

I A roaring trade tor underwear outlets allover Cental Scotland as Tom Jones hits the SECC loran evening at smooch 'n' raunch. See Music preview.

The List 23 October— 5 November 1992 3