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Open evenings and Sundays from now till Christmas

11 Cowgatehead, Grassmarket, Edinburgh. 031 - 220 6336



On Loan from the British Museum


24 October 1992 - 9 January 1993 (Closed 24/12/92 4/1/93 inclusive)

Monday-Saturday 9.30-5.00 Admission Free 041-330 5431 Subsidised by the Scottish Arts Council

Extended public access supported with Funds from Glasgow District Council

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aspects of the poetic


23 Oct - 19 Dec 11am - 6pm Tues - Sun

Admission Free

The FruitMarket G a I l e r y 29 Market Street Edinburgh tel. 031 225 2383

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56 The List 23 October- 5 November 1992 M


Official Visa Artist for Britain, Barcelona 92

17 October - 18 November Tuesday - Saturday 12.00 - 5.30pm




43 Candlemaker Row Edinburgh

Subsidised by the Scottish Arts Council and City of Edinburgh District Council

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I ASSEMBLY ROOMS 54 George Street, info: 220 4348. Cf!“ EDI! Fri 23 Oct, Mam-4.30pm.

Antique Fair Sat 24 Oct, lOam-Spm.

I BARNES 8t FITZGERALD 47b George Street, 220 1305. Mon-Sat 10.30am-5.30pm. Contemporary glass gallery.

I CITIZENS STUDIOS 17-21 Assembly Street, Leith, 554 1649. Tue-Sat 11am—5pm.

Susan Woods, Stuart Gllmour, Alice Shannon, Ross Leamington Until Tue 27 Oct. Recent works in contrasting styles by four Leith-based painters.

I CITY ART CENTRE Market Street, 225 2424, ext 6659/6660/6661. Mon-Sat 10am—5pm.

Spirit oi the Ukraine: 500 Years oiPainting, from 15th Century Icons to the 20th Century Avant-Garde Until 9 Jan. A big title fora big, inaugural show. drawn from the collections of the State Museum of Ukranian Art in Edinburgh’s twin town, Kiev, and tracing the development of Ukranian art from Iconography to the Socialist Realism smothered by Stalin. The City Collection, Part One: Acquisitions 1979—1992 Until 21 Nov. Paintings and sculptures purchased, donated or bequested to the city. Including works by Bellany, Joan Eardley, J.D. Fergusson and William Johnstone and a number of young contemporary artists.

The City Collection, Part Two: Old Favourites Until 4 Nov. Major works acquired before 1979— the core collection was gifted by the Scottish Modern Arts Association in 1963 including work by Walton and Peploe. I COLLECTIVE GALLERY 22—28 Cockburn Street, 220 1260. Tue—Sat 11am—5pm. Robert Varady: The World oi Myths Until Sun 31 Oct. The prominent Hungarian artist combines late 20th century symbolism with fragments from other ages. creating a heady, metaphysical artistic language.

I COMMONWEALTH INSTITUTE 8 Rutland Square. Daily lOam—Spm.

Sri Chinmoy: Fountain Art Until Sat 24 Oct. Some 200 drawings and 75 paintings, all on the theme of ‘soul birds’, by the Indian poet, painter and mystic.

I DANISH CULTURAL INSTITUTE Carlsberg House, 3 Dounc Terrace, 225 7189. Mon—Fri lOam—Spm.

Recent Danish Poster Design Until 6Nov. I EASTERN GENERAL HOSPITAL Seafield Street, 554 4444. Daily, 9am-8pm.

Three Artists Exhibition Until 27 Nov. Paintings by Jan Bates, Avril Jaques and Elizabeth Lorimer.

I EDINBURGH GALLERY 18a Dundas Street, 557 5227. Mon-Fri 11am—5pm; Sat 10am~1pm.

Mixed Show Thurs 29 Oct—21 Nov. Landscapes, still lifes and figurative work by Charles Harris, John Kingsley, Nigel Grounds and Judith Da Fano.

I EDINBURGH PRINTMAKERS WORKSHOP AND GALLERY 23 Union Street, 557 2479. Tue—Sat lOam—5.30pm.

William Scott: Lithographs 1949-1966 Until 14 Nov. Works by a member ofthe St Ives group of artists who included such illustrious names as Dylan Thomas, Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning and Mark Rothko. Book now for a weekend course in reliefprinting (wood and linocuts). 7-8 Nov.

I FLYING COLOURS GALLERY 35 William Street, 225 6776. Tue—Fri 11am—6pm; Sat lOam— 1 pm.

Jane Harrigan Until Wed 28 Oct. New oil paintings, reflecting the changing faces of the Scottish landscape, by the 1990winner of the Laing Art Competition.

I THE FRENCH INSTITUTE 13 Randolph Crescent, 225 5366. Mon-Fri 9.30am—5.30pm; Sat 9.30am-1.30 pm. Back lrom Paris: works by the Miller’sYoung Scottish Artists at the Year (1987-92) Until 20 Nov. This fantastic annual prize provides its recipient with a year‘s use of a

studio flat in the heart of Paris, presumably in the belief that the combined effect of living in a garret and starving in Paris was responsible for many of the century‘s finest artists.

I FRUITMARKET GALLERY Market Street, 225 2383. Tue—Sat 10am-5.30pm; Sun 2—5pm. Cafe.

Poeisis: Aspects ol the Poetic. Until 19 Dec. Fourteen international artists explore aspects of the poetic in a dynamic show of photography, painting, sculpture, lithography and neon, taking as their starting point the simple definition of poetry as ‘anything supremely harmonious or satisfying‘. Ian Hamilton Finlay is an obvious contributor, along with Solt, Nannucci, Fastenaekens and others. Contact Sarah Knox for details of a related workshop on Sat 24 Oct.

Several Kinds ol Books trom Coracle Fri 23 Oct, 2pm. Simon Cutts and Erica Van Horn of Coracle talk about their idiosyncratic approach to holding exhibitions: they present their ’gallery' in the form of a book and sporadic mail announcements.

I GALERIE MIRAGES Raeburn Place, 315 2603. Mon—Fri 10am—5pm; Sat 10am—5.30pm.

Decorated Boxes Until Sat 31 Oct. Selling exhibition of carved, painted, engraved and otherwise adorned boxes of wood, bronze, papier maché etc from around the world.

I GALLERY OF MODERN ART Belford Road, 556 8921. Mon-Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2—5pm. [D] Cafe.

The gallery’s justly renowned cafe is open Mon—Sat 10.30am—4.30pm; Sun 2.30—4.20pm. Entry to the permanent collection is free, and features works by Picasso, Matisse, Mondrian and 20th century Scottish artists. Surrealist Loans Magritte, Dali, Man Ray, Picasso, Ernst and De Chirico are among the artists represented in this recent loan to the gallery.

I HANOVER FINE ART 22A Dundas Street, 556 2181. Mon—Fri 10.30am—6pm; Sat 10am—4pm.

Janet Lawson: PortIPortals Until 7 Nov. Drawings and paintings, including a series on churches and tavernas in Portugal.

I HUNTLY HOUSE MUSEUM 142 Canongate, 557 2480. Mon—Sat lOam—Spm.

‘Yours Sincerely tor Scotland' -Wendy Wood, 1892-1981 Until 5 Dec. Best remembered for her Nationalist activities, Wood was also an accomplished artist, illustrator, writer and broadcaster. This centenary exhibition celebrates her diverse interests.

I JOHN KNOX HOUSE See entry for Netherbow Arts Centre.

I KINGFISHER GALLERY 5 Northumberland Street Lane, 557 5454. Mon—Sat 10am—4.30pm.

Autumn: ‘Season at Mists and Mellow FruittuIness’ Until Sat 30 Oct. Works by Elspeth Harrigan, James Spence, Moira Ferrier and others.

I MATTHEW ARCHITECTURE GALLERY University of Edinburgh Department of Architecture , 20 Chambers Street, 650 2342. Mon—Fri lOam—8pm; Sat & Sun 10.30am—2.30pm.

The Architecture oi lmre Makovecz Until Thurs 29 Oct. Display of work by a leading Hungarian architect, presented by the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland.

I MUSEUM OF CHILDHOOD 42 High Street. 225 2424. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm.

All manner of archive material and old toys relating to childhood through the

Dirutsche Puppen: Porcelain Dolls lrom Thurlngia, Germany Until 7 Nov. Featuring 33 dolls from the museum’s collection , all now collector’s items, as well as information panels and a history of doll-making.

I MCKIRDY'S SEAFOOD RESTAURANT 43 Assembly Street, 553 6363. Mon—Sat noon-10pm; Sun noon—4pm.