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00 The List 23 October— 5 November 1992

I The Word (Channel 4) 11.10pm—12.10am. A new series ofthe shoddin entertaining live showbiz round-up, with a new line-up. Dani Behr has replaced (as if anybody could) the immortal Amanda De Cadenet and Big Breakfast irritant Mark Lamarr joins the frankly bizarre Katie Puckrik and Terry Christian. See preview.

ICampalgn (BBCZ) 11.15—11.45pm. The series going behind the scenes at the American Presidential election continues, with writers James Wolcott in New York and Elvis Mitchell in Los Angeles searching through 57 channels for clues about the likely outcome of the poll.

I Zelig (Channel 4) 12. 10—1 .35am. Woody Allen‘s black and white spoof documentary manages to be both cerebral and amusing, telling the story of human chameleon Leonard Zelig who managed to be present at most of the momentous events of the 205 and 305.


I Music On 2: Glimpses Of Paradise (BBC2) 7.40—8.40pm. A profile of composer John Tavener following his religious journey from Anglicism to the Eastern Orthodox Church.

I Casualty (BBCl) 8—8.50pm. More ups and downs at Holby General, with fiscal pressures hitting as hard as medical traumas. There’s still time for romance though.

I Court TV: America On Trial (Channel 4) 9—10pm. Cynthia McFadden presents highlights of current trials in the American courts.

I Ghomalcll (BBC1)9.25—11pm. A Screen One special for Hallowe'en, mixing fact and fiction in this tale of a Manchester family desperate to be rehoused by the council when their flat becomes inundated by ghostly presences. Michael Parkinson, Sarah Greene and Mike Smith play themselves.

I Let The Blood Bun Free (Channel 4) 10—10.30pm. Another instalment ofthe anarchic Australian hospital comedy.

I The Fog (Channel 4) 11pm—12.45am. A rather sophisticated chiller from John Carpenter, as a sinister fog bank engulfs a small town in California. A simple style and neat sense of foreboding more than make up for the absence of splatter. And remember, ‘seven must die‘.

I The Vault Oi Honor (BBCZ) 11pm—7.30am. An all-night horror-fest for Hallowe’en, featuring movies, TV classics and interviews with some of horror’s biggest names, linked by an examination of all aspects of the genre. See preview.

I AutttorlAutttorl(BBC1)12.05—1.50am. A comedy drama set in the world of the New York theatre, starring Al Pacino as a playwright under pressure. His new play is about to open, it’s not finished, his wife has left him and he has five kids to



I Scotspott (Scottish) 5—6pm.Jim White introduces all the goals from the Premier Division plus highlights from Europe.

I Scotland's War (Scottish) 6—6.40pm. More tales of grace under pressure from the plucky Scots and our part in licking Hitler.

I Tell Tale Hearts (BBC1)9.30—10.30pm. Bill Paterson and Brid Brennan star in

Stephen Lowe’s powerful drama about a convicted child murderer who is paroled after serving fifteen years in prison. See feature.

I Secret Wedding (Channel 4)

12.35—2. 10am. Alejandro Agresti's black comedy is a parable about Argentina‘s ‘disappeared' and a pointed attack on the hypocrisy of the new ‘democratic‘ Argentina. Tito Haas is excellent as Fermin Garcia. a bus driver and political activist who returns to Buenos Aires ignorant of his true identity.


I The Krypton Factor (Scottish) 7—7.30pm. Gordon Burns introduces another round ofthe ‘superperson‘ quiz.

I Cutting Edge: Truckers (Channel 4) SLIOpm. The Dutch are the best, followed by the Germans, the Italians andthe Spanish. but the ‘Bubble and squeaks‘ (Greeks) are totally unreliable, the French are beyond the pale. and everybody hates the British. Another EC economic summit? No, the world ofthe continental lorry driver as explored in this comic and revealing documentary.

I 2000 Not 0ut(BBC1) 10. 10—1().40pm. Craig Ferguson continues his look at the history of the world as he knows it in his comedy sketch show.

I Sport In Question (Scottish)

10.45—1 1 . 15pm. Archie MacPherson introduces another bout offorthright view-swapping about an item oftopical sporting interest.


I Boon (Scottish) 9-10pm. Michael Elphick gets sadder by the minute asthe ageing leather-clad crime-buster in a series that should perhaps have called it a day a couple of years ago.

I Film 0n Four: Bye Bye Baby (Channel 4) 10—11.45pm. An affectionate comedy from Jack Rosenthal set in the 1950s. following the experiences of a young man through two years of National Service at a naval base. Newcomer Ben Chaplin plays the central character Leo. in a cast largely made up of unknowns.

I As ll Happens (Channel 4) 1 1 .45pm onwards. And so farewell then George Bush. Or is it? The As It Happens team watches America watching the election. going out and about in the bars. on the streets and at the dinner parties, with live reports from Washington DC. California and Little Rock Arkansas, Bill Clinton’s home base.


I Beaches (Scottish) 8—ltipm. That Hollywood rarity. a female buddy movie. Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey star in an occasionally touching tale ofa vulgar wannabe singer and a poor little rich girl striking up a friendship under the boardwalk at Atlantic City. They write to each other and end up as flatmates in New York and all seems the stuff ofeasy-going sparky comedy until the requisite fatal disease turns up. Manipulative but mostly charming.

I The Prisoner (Channel 4)

11.15pm—12. 15am. Dull. convoluted 60$ nonsense for people who own Blake's Seven videos and aren‘t afraid to admit it.


I Focal Polnt(BBC1) 8.30—9pm. Another investigative report on an issue oftopical Scottish interest.

I The Golden Years (Channel 4) Ill-11.35pm. The world television premiere of Arthur Miller‘s play, written over 50 years ago. It looks at the exploitation of the Aztecs by the Spanish conquistadorsin 1522. Ronald Pickup, last seen waggling his daneg bits in A Time To Dance plays the Aztec Emperor Montezuma.

I Talking Pictures (Scottish)

10.45—11.15pm. Film chat and news.