Scottish Book Fortnight continues until Sat 31 Oct— these events are marked (SBF).


I Book Sale Moir l lall. Mitchell library . Kent Road. Fri 23. 2' 7pm; Sat 24. 9.3llam» 4pm: disabled prey iew Fri 23.

l 1am noon. Books. t'eeot'ds. easellesattd ‘lots more'.

I Colin Baxter and Jim Crumley Paisley .-\rts(‘entrc. New Street. PtiiSlL‘} . NS- llllil. Sun 25. 7.3llpm and(‘ix ic(‘cntre. tittSl Kilbride. “110115.52 48.551. Mon 2‘). 7.311an l-ree. Audio-\isual presentation. discrission and signing session with the authors of .S/u'I/unr/ l.ond oi the ( )u'nn ((‘olin Baxter Photography £251.(SBl‘l I Alison Kinnaird. Keith Sanger & Fiona MacDonald .lohn Smith ck Son. 57 Vincent Street. 22l 7472. Tue -3. 6.3llpm. l‘ree. An ey ening of Scottish music and poetry w ith the authors of l'ree ot‘SIringy (Kinmor .Music £19.95 h b; £14.95 p b) and Island l'ou‘es ((‘arrick Media £ 10.951. with the added attractions of w inc and whisky. (SBF)

I Open World Poetics Scotia Bar. I I2 Stock“ ell Street. 552 SbSl . Tue 2-. .\‘.311pm. Free. Monthly informal words and music session.

I Pat Kane Waterstone's. I32 I 'nion Street. 221 (18911. Thurs 29. 6.3llpm. Free. The man iron I lue ck ('ry in com ersation with iournalist Stuart (‘osgroye about his new book [tine/Slurry: I’m/i. PU/fllt‘HHIt/ Scot/uni] ( Polygon £2.95 1.

I Heirs ol Tolkien Fantasy Roadshowtohn Smith ck Son. 57 Vincent Street. 221 7472. Thurs 29. 6.3llpm. Free. Rob 1 loldstock. Mike .lelliiesand lisa 'I uttle will talk about the science fiction and fantasy genres. and sign copies of their work.

I A Little Box 01 Horrors The Drama ( ‘entt'e at the Ramshorn. 9S Ingram Street. 552 34S9. Sat 31. 1 1pm. £5 ( £2.5llit in laney

dress). (‘hill your spine for l lallowe'en with readings from classic horror w riters. dance and ‘a few surprises'.

I Michael Palin Moit‘ l lall. Mitchell Library. Kent Road. info 221 7472. Thurs 5. 6.3llpm. £2. Lecture and slide-show by the ti'ayeller. funny -man and author of I’ole to Pole ( BBC Books £16.95). in which he describes tray ersing the globe in the other direction from the last time. Nice work il‘you can get it.


I Andrew Man and Magnus Linklatertames Thin. 53-59 South Bridge. 556 6743. Fri 23. "pm. Free. The lnrlc/wndi'nl political columnist and author of [he [turtle/or SroI/unrl ( Penguin £5.99) talks with the Scotsman editor and co-author of

.-t nqu/ny ()th'Uf/(UUI ( ('hambers £15.99) on the subject ‘The Battle for Scotland - When Will It lind'.". (SBF)

I Andrew Eames ('urrie High School. 29 Dolphin :\yenue. 449 2259. Fri 23. 7pm. Free. The tray cl w riter talks about his latest book Four Scout's/iJourneys (llodder ck Stoughton £14.99). (SBF)

I Mairi Hedderwick .lames 'l'hin.53—59 South Bridge. 556 6743. Fri 23. 7pm. Free. Illustrated talk by the author of High/mu! Journey ((‘anongate £14.95). (SBF).

I Multicultural Library Festival Various libaries. 2631 Oct. lnl'o 5572481). l‘iye-day programme of workshops. talks. display s and readings. plus a book-fair and an arts and crafts lair. all of interest toa multicultural audience.

I Nigel TranterJamc-s‘l'liin. 57 (ieorgc Street. 225 4495. Mon 26. 7pm and Morningsidc library. 1S4 Morningside Road. 447 1 1811. Wed 28. S.3llpm. Free. The best-selling historical noy'elist . whose most recent book 1S(fir/(Irv!)(ill/16.1115! (llodder ck Stoughton £14.99) reads from and talks about his work. (SBF)

I Heirs oi Tolkien Fantasy BoadShOWJames Thin. 53—59 South Bridge. 55b (1743. Mon 26. 7pm. Free. Rob l loldstock. Mike

Jeffries and Lisa Tuttle will talk aout the science fiction and fantasy genres. and sign copies of their work. Signed copiesof all three authors‘ books cart be won by sending a list of all their published works to the shop by Wed 2S ()ct.

I Alastair Scott Stockbridge Library. Hamilton Place. 332 2173. Mon 26. 7.15pm. Free. .‘Xudio-yisual presentation by the traveller. narrator and authorof

‘I rue/(s A cross A [us/(u (A bacus £5 .99 ). (SBF)

I Helena Kennedy Watcrstone‘s. 83

George Street. 225 3436. Wed 27. 7.3llpm. Free. The campaigning Glasgow-horn ()(‘

w ill be talking about and signing copiesof her new book Iii-e ll'us Framed ((‘hattoét Windus £ 10.99). which examines how women and by extension other marginalised groups are treated by the British legal system.

I Alasdair Gray (‘entral Library. George l\' Bridge. 225 5584 ext 235. Wed 28. noon. Free. The popular and highly respected noy'elist-artist reading from his latest noyel Poor Things (Bloomsbury £14.99). (SBF)

I Michael Barry James Thin. 53—59 South

Bridge. 5566743. Wed 28. lpm. Freefl‘he

BB("s Food and Drink presenter will be signing copies of (ireu! House ( ‘ookery (Sawd Publications £14.99) and dispensing culinary adyice.

I Frederic Lindsay James 'I’hin. 53—59 South Bridge. 556 6743. Wed 28. 7pm. Free. The popular thriller w ritcr. most

recently author of After (he Stranger ( ~ume

(Andre Deutsch £13.99) in coriyersatioii with Scotland on Sunday literary editor Alan Taylor. (SBF)

I Pat Gerber & Ian Hamilton QC Waterstone's. S3 (ieorge Street. 225 3436. Thurs 29. 7.3(lpm. Free. The authorsof The Search for Illt’ Stone ()flh’SIIIlt'

((‘unonguu' [11951 and The Taking oft/re

Stone of Destiny ((‘orgi £4.99) talk about one of Scotland's most famous real-life legends. (SBF).

I Colin Baxter and Jim Crumley 369

Gallery. (‘owgate. info 556 6743. Fri 30, 7.30pm. Free. Audio-yisual presentation. discussion and signing session with the authors of Sher/and Land oft/Te ()ceun ((‘olin Baxter Photography £25). (SBF) I Isobel Neill (‘hapter ()ne Restaurant. James Thin. 57 (ieorge Street. 225 4495. Mon 2. 6.3llpm. Free. Launch of a new book on workers in the Paisley shawl industry. The S/iuw/ .llukers' (llarperCollins £15.99).

Itho Auk ducks Agaln Queen's llall. Clerk St, 668 2019. Mon 2 Nov. 7.30pm. £7 (£4). A star studded benefit to raise funds to publish a book of drawings and poems by the late and much lamented Sydney Goodsir Smith. Norman MacCaig. Sorley Maelean. Liz Lochhead, Hamish Henderson, George Bruce. lain Crighton Smith, Ellie McDonald, Billy Kay and Matthew Fitt will be reading from their own and Sydney's work.

I Hamish Henderson Waterstonc‘s. s3 (ieorge Street. 225 3436. Tue 3. 7.3llpm. Free. The renowned singer and folk-song

collector will be reading from his new ' collection ot essays xtlius .Ut‘.‘i/f(l.\

(Polygon £7.95).

I Michael Palin l'shcr I lall. l.othian Road. 228 l 155. Wed 4. 6.3llpm. £4. Lecture and slide-show by the trayeller. funny-man and author of l’o/e to I’ole (BBC Books £16.95) in which he describes traversing the globe in the other direction from the last time (nice work if you can get it). lithe yenue sells out. the eycning may be eligible fora (ilunm'sy Hook oer't'o/‘rty place as the largest hook eycnt ey er.

I Clive Barker James Thin. 5.159 South Bridge. 5566743. Thurs 5. 12.30pm. Free. The leading horror noyelist will be signing copies of his latest optis 'l‘lu’ l‘lu’efof Always ( I larpcr(‘ollins £10.99).

I Women In Publishing Scotland Filmhouse. l.othian Road. info332

1946 343 6221 . Thurs 5. 7. 15pm. Non-members £1.51). A talk about ‘A Life on the Road'. describing the trayailsot ‘that rare breed. the female rep.‘



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