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If you are a graduate, or soon will he, and you are thinking about a career. have you con- sidered secondary school teaching?

After all what other profession offers you the chance to influence the future of so many young people? With your help each one of your pupils can make the most of their talents.

If that sounds a little daunting, it is. But a one year professional training course will prepare

you for the challenge and a staff (leVelopment

programme will keep your teaching techniques up-to-date throughout your career.

Let's not forget that a career in teaching offers other excellent prospects. The basic pay scale rises to almost £19,000. And with more than half of secondary teachers in promoted posts an ambitious teacher can certainly go places.

To find out more about how you can become a secondary school teacher please

complete and post the coupon.

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Send to llli 'l‘l )Ml llx’Rl lW'S 'l‘l'..-\Lilll'.l\'. l' Rlil'l’l )S'l‘. l’() I“ >x lljl. lilllNlll'Rlill. lilll “AX IN. stamp necesmryl

Name _,_


l’i islet Klt'

l am interested in training to teach tcucle .is appropriates:

Religious l'.(lll\.ill”ll. Modern Languages Mush 'l'et lmolog'. l’hysics Maths Computing ( llllt‘t 5n HlHldH Ntlm‘ ts

l .mi' a graduate an undergradu.‘ite at .‘t hool other


The List 225—6ctober; 5 November 1992 71