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LOOKING FOR A HATE. a job, somewhere to stay, an audience, a market place, a soap-box? Get in touch with thousands of people in Glasgow and Edinburgh by taking out a CLASSIFIED AD in The List.


I Gay or Lesbian? For confidential counselling, support or information, call Edinburgh Gay Switchboard on 031 556 4049, any night 7.30-10pm. Lesbian Line operates Monday and Thursday 7.30— 10pm.

I Edinburgh Lesbian Line offers confidential advice, support and information. Call 031 557 0751 , Monday or Thursday. 7.30pm to 10pm or call Edinburgh Gay Switchboard any night on 031 556 4049 from 7.30pm to 10pm.

I Gay outdoor club Regular events throughout Scotland including walking, climbing. cycling, windsurfing. Also swimming/social evenings in Glasgow/Edinburgh. A5 SAE to: GOC, PO Box 1,Newton Street, Cyres. Exeter. EX5 SON.

IS THERE LIFE AFTER WORK? Yes. with NC, a self—run club for career people in their twenties and upwards. We organise many diverse events such as badminton. hill walking, theatre. meals, days out, parties, cinema. . .in Scotland. For details. phone:

041 637 8324 for Glasgow or 031 229 3770 for Edinburgh or 0382 480382 for Dundee.

I lied Rope socialist walking/climbing club welcomes members with different experience/ability. Day and weekend trips. children welcome. Access/conservation activity. Cost according to income. Monthly social meetings. Phone 031 229 2094.

I Guest Glasgow- incorporating Quest Youth For lesbian and gay Catholics who care deeply about

, their faith and sexuality.

Support. social events and meetings are open to any interested Christian. Contact Linkline on 041 333 9340. Sundays and Tuesdays. 7—10pm.

GAY/LESBIAN BUSINESS GROUP branches in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Activities. eating out, drinking, outings. drinking. developing contacts, drinking. All ages, all occupations. Did we say drinking? Those interested contact

Box No 187/G/1.

I Role-playing game: i‘m trying to set up a fantasy RPG in Anima. a world pervaded by spirits. Looking for mature (but not necessarily experienced) players interested in long-term plotting and characterisation. Mechanics are simple and games are intended fortnightly (probably Sunday afternoon to evening). Phone Colin: 041 334 6062 (evenings/weekends).


THE LIST PERSONAL AOS are designed for individuals to meet other individuals. We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement without explanation. Circulars. promotional literature and offensive material are not forwarded where discovered. if you receive such material with your Box replies please let us know. Write. enclosing the material. to: Classified Ads at The List.

I Attractive Glasgow professional lady (34) seeks similar guy (28—40) for fun times. Looking for long-term relationship. Enjoys good food and wine. skiing, cinema, music, learning golf and tennis. Photo please. Box No 181/27.

I Successful professional female (31) petite, attractive. sporty. seeks similar, non-smoking, caring male to share good times with. Glasgow area. Photo appreciated. Box No 186/2.

I Professional male (30) fit. slim, N/S, thoughtful, with a good sense of humour, enjoys classical music, theatre, cinema. travel, tennis, seeks considerate and caring female soul mate to share. Box No 186/6.

I Handsome-ish Glaswegian hedonist (34). ofdecadent disposition. seeks attractive. sensual and unconventional woman to share interest in arts. epicurism and carnaiity. Religious maniacs, Tories and fashion victims need not apply. Box No 186/7.

I Male seeks feminist (historian/cognate discipline) for her intellect and loving. Long Babbity lunches. rustic nights, smoke. endless Rachmaninov. At 39 you‘ve got to have suffered. Fun now? Children? Seriously. Box No 186/9.

I Assertive, attractive female needed for fun and relationship. by male (28) graduate. 5ft 9in. ‘original rock‘ musician. with day job, keen on pubs and trying anything new. Photo ifpossible. please. Box No 186/10.

I Dreamer male (24) (5ft 6in). seeks sensitive female for friendship, romance, pictures. pasta, new horizons, sunsets. Glasgow. Box N0186/11.

I Wild lrishman (or equivalent) sought by much sought-after Scotswoman, for stimulating company, intelligent chat. smiling eyes. mischief, adventure etc. Photo ifposs. Box No 186/12.

I Jovial Glasgow nlhllist (34) seeks sensual, attractive and existentialist female to create meaning through love. interests: art, music. theatre, GFT. philosophy, epicurism, walking and Radio 4. Dislikes: religion, sport, discos. Photo? Box _No 186/ 13. I Tell, ruggedly handsome guy strong personality and wide intellect, seeks attractive, sensuous women (25—40) for delicately humorous love affair. Let me tell you something ofmy interests and amusements. Box No 186/ 14.

ITall, slim 29-year-old professional male. Quiet, but with a sense ofhumour. Looking for a friendly, sensitive girl (25—30) to share theatre, cinema, restaurants and fun. Box No 186/15.

I Attractive blonde (31) with brain. likes eating, drinking. sport, cinema, travel and agood laugh. would like to meet tall, male equivalent for fun. friendship and who knows what else? Box No i86/16.

I Female shift worker (nurse, 36) seeks similar friends, male or female to share time off. Interests include pubs, movies,

i country walks,laughing.most

music. l‘m good natured. sunny, daft and friendly. Box No I86/17.

I Professional lady attractive, honest. enjoys walking, theatre,

: art. conversation. fun. novice I skier. tries to be Green and

sound. Children grown and flown. Seeks male companion for caring relationship. Box No 186/18.

I ‘Female dreamscape travelling companion do you recognise yourself? You can be wild, rabid. reckless, raw, angry,

; fiery. impulsive. unpredictable, unorthodox.headstrong,

creative. magical. dreamy, colourful; melodious. compassionate. giggly. ecstatic.


mischievous, wily. vulpine, wry. solid. serious. cool. cerebral. adventurous. roaming. gregarious. linguiphilic and always hungry for life. So can 1. male. mid twenty.‘ Box No 186/19.

0 I Gay man (25) new to

Edinburgh University. keen sportsman and film buff. Seeking interesting and fun

company. possibly for

relationship. Photo

; appreciated. Box No 186/20.

I Gay Illan (26) reasonable looks. interests include: swimming, piano, clocks, music - broad range, cinema. Seeks similar (26—40) for friendship, fun and adventure. Non-smoker, non-scene. Box No 186/22.

I oatwoman, Felicity Kendal-type seeks non-smoking, intelligent, veggie male, must be good at massage, willing to body paint and appreciate ‘Test Department‘ first thing in the morning. Box No 186/23.

I Caring, sensual, attractive gay guy (40), interests include music, art, wine, gardens, seeks affectionate, hairy, fun-loving man (35—50) for loving relationship. Edinburgh area. ALA with photo. Box No 186/25.

I Tall, slim, attractive male mid-thirties, athletic/muscular build, intense, passionate, sensitive, intelligent, gentle-natured, sincere and quiet living, not very assertive or socially confident, seeks attractive, understanding and supportive girlfriend. Box No 186/28.

I Independent woman with varied interests and talent seeks uncomplicated, single, leftish man with sense of fun and adventure, age 35—45. for good conversation, meals out, cinema, jazz, concerts etc. Edinburgh area. Box N0186/32.

I Attractive female (32) seeks similar male, late 20s—305, with sense of humour. Likes most types ofmusic, drinking, concerts and generally having fun. Photo if possible. Box No 186/34.

I Intelligent, attractive, straight-forward Glasgow woman (36) into Green issues, films, books, music etc, hopes to meet a kind, thoughtful, humorous man to build a lasting relationship. Genuine replies only, please. Box No 186/39.

I Female (19) cat-loverlikes cinema, books, politics, seeks intelligent, warm, open-minded, amicable males/females for friendship, blether, laughter, nights out etc. Long letters and photo most welcome. Box No 186/41.

I Shy Glasgow male (21) interests: art, GFT, music,

' books, etc. Seeksintelligent,

bespectacled female with a

sense of silliness to share hugs

and warmth with. All letters will be answered. Box No 186/44.

I Glasgow female (28) post-grad, seeking mates for socialising. interests: music, gigs, theatre, film, books, eating out, cats, and much more. interested? Why not drop me a line? Box No 186/38.

I Glasgow male (31) considerate. straight-acting, professional, seeks younger guy to provide stimulating company during nights out and in. Box No 186/43.

I Edinburgh gay professional guy (30) Sincere, straight-acting, non-smoker. Likes hugs and kisses leading to possible one-to-one. Could you be the one? Why not try and see? Box No 187/1.

I Am I the only gay man in Glasgow who wants someone he can talk to the next morning and beyond? i’m 40, fun, intelligent and interesting. i‘m also attractive honestly! if you are the same (30—40) and not a clone, why not send a photo and a letter. I‘d love to hearfrom you. Box N0187/2.

I Time to supplement wishful thinking with action, so (gulp): Female (34) independent, intelligent, attractive, dead brave and compassionate, seeks similar man for long-term relationship. Photo please. Edinburgh area preferred. Box No 187/3.

I Attractive, lntelligentfemale (mid-thirties), Glasgow area. Seeks tallish, intelligent man, nice sense of humour, should like socialising, travel, movies, countryside. independence is fine, but enough is enough! Photo appreciated. Box No 187/4.

I Edinburgh gay professional HiV-neg male. Retired, non-scene, non-smoker, light drinker. Seeks African, Arab, Asian, Oriental (30—45). Friends initially. Enjoy humour, good food, arts, home life. ALA. Box No 187/5.

I Young gay guy living in Fife, straight-acting, not yet out. honest, caring, slim, smooth, looking for friends (21—30), possible one-to-one, especially skinheads, Asian guys. Photo please. Box No 187/6.

I Edinburgh female (26) would like to meet professional, 5ft 10in+ male (25—35). Likes eating out, bands, music, theatre, some sports and interesting conversation. Be genuine. Perhaps things can advance from friendship. Box No 187/7 .

14 High Street Edinburgh EH1 1TE


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