I Good-looking Glasgow gal (32) intelligent, adventurous, fun to be with, seeks male of similar kind. Interests include travel, sports, pubs, theatre, cinema and Scottish countryside (photo appreciated). Box No 186/47.

I Edinburgh male (30) gay. non-scene, of Italian/Scottish extraction, seeks caring guy (25+) with similar origins, for more than just friendship. Enjoys music, films, long romantic walks. Photo appreciated. Box No 187/8.

I Tall, darlt male postgrad (32). new to Edinburgh, seeks intelligent female companion for evenings out. Likes film. theatre, music. drinks, exercise,

. conversation, ribaldry and other

forms of wit. Photo appreciated. Box No 187/9.

I Male-to-female transexual (a young 44) seeks non-smoking female or male friends (30-40) for friendship and fun. My interests include cinema. jazz, food, walking. I‘m Edinburgh-based. Box No 187/10.

I Professional guy (24) slim. intelligent, non-smoker. individualistic. well-off, with own home and car. Interests include music. cinema. restaurants, live gigs. Seeks like female. Fife/Edinburgh/ Lothians. Photo. ALA. Box No 187/11.

I? ____________ __

I Zany blonde (34) looking for wildly exciting, attractive man. 5ft 7in tall, slim. sporty and lots ofenergy: great job, empty love life. Photo appreciated. Box No 187/ 12.

I Warmliearted, attractive, intelligent independent and lively Glasgow woman (34), seeks nice, sincere, sensitive and strong man. Two children. Many interests, including other people, outdoor activities, the arts, creativity. . . having fun. Box No 187/13.

I Edinburgh gay male (37) bored with casual relationships. tall. OK-looking with full life, seeks someone to share it with. Interests include history. architecture, music, theatre. No timewasters. Photo please. Box No 187/14.

I Flt, good-looking Glasgow lad (24), professional, into cycling. working out, cinema, etc, seeks guy under 25 with good bod for

fun times/relationship. Box No


I Glasgow female (23) looking for males or females to get out and about and have some fun. Likes music, cinema and eating

out. Box No 18?I46. _ I Lesbian coup a both enjoy

music, cinema, theatre and sport. Would like to meet others for social events, friendship and support. Box No 187/17.

I RSVP if you‘re a professional bloke, in or around Glasgow, 25—30ish, attractive, good-humoured, like sports and music, straight-mannered and gay, like myself. Photo optional. Box No 187/18.

I Crumbling artist seeks beautiful young woman doctor for Quasimodo/Esmeralda-type arrangement, must like cycling, Bob Dylan, and all television soaps. Box No 187/19.

I Handsome, young-looking

I Terry seeks Julian Glasgow gay student (24), just arrived in the city of culture(?), seeks guide/bodyguard. My interests? Crap music, good food, intelligent conversation, Coronation Street. lndiscretion assured. Photo (if helpful!) Box No 187/22.

SOMEBODY OUT THERE wants to know you. Write to the PERSONAL column of The List

and find out who!

I I: rich, foreign trendy (24) gay, with a secret past. You: masculine, under 30, cool, easy-going. Together: only time can tell. Box N0187/23.

I Glasgow male graduate (28) handsome, friendly, not out and non-scene, would like to meet

I Edlnburgh gay male (42) friendly disposition, seeks similar guy (25—40) for friendship, cuddles and possible relationship. Enjoys travel, theatre, music, cats, nights in and out. Can travel. Photo please. ALA. Box No 187/26.

I Good, handsome man (28) 6ft, witty, sometimes charming, quietly confident, new to Glasgow, seeks attractive woman (205), hearty outdoors, drinkin‘ and dancin', veggie, GET, dance music, jumbles, Fringe, travel. Photo. Box No 187/27.

I Individual 24-year-old male seeks intelligent, attractive female to laugh and dance with. Glasgow. Box No 187/28.

I Are you an Interesting honest,

I Slim, cute, Edinburgh gay male

(24). professional, non-scene, seeks similar (25—35) for friendship, possiny leading to relationship. Interests cinema, food, nights in and swimming. Photo please. ALA. Box No 187/16.



IPrint in and send to:

ICLASSIFIED ADS, The List, l4 High St, Edinburgh, Elll lTE

lor CLASSIFIED ADS, The List, The Old Athenaeum Theatre, 179 Buchanan St, Glasgow, G1 2.17..

I BOOKING FORM (not for publication)

I Name

, Glasgow gay male (32) seeks

T good-looking, younger guy for relationship. Enjoy music,

; cinema, travelling, sport. Lot to offer. You mustbc caring/sincere. Box No 187/20. I Thoughtful, intelligent

considerate, brown-eyed, Glasgow male (31) seeks

companionship. Likes: blues music. green mountains, red

: wine, sunshine. compassion.

Dislikes: selfishness,Tories.

9 Photo appreciated. All letters . will receive thoughtful reply.

Box No l87/2l.

I Address

| Inovrnr

I Print message one word per box (NB Telephone Nos. count as one word)

lWhich Section? | Money enclosed E


How many issues?

Tick if you want a semi-display ad

flick if you want a box no (obligatory 5" “mm” [2—]



not out, non-smoking,

(mening males (214,0). .humorous male, Interested In

the arts, music, sports,

giasgoiv or Ef‘inburgg' conversation, living rather than G'scrgnon 8:19"!me N existing? Then this similar male 189725111“ mp '63 on y' 0" 0 would love to hear from you.

I 88mm". “mum Photo. ALA. Box N0187/29. professional female, I Help! Male (33, veggie,

musician/artist (30), open, vibrant soul. seeks friendship and possible relationship with like-minded, gentle, caring, cultured, established/professional male. Age unimportant. Edinburgh. Box No 187/25.

_ non-smoker) returned North after seasonal work, wishing to correspond and exchange visits with similar. Interests: sport, concerts. Willing to accommodate Invemess. ALAWP. Please write! Box No 187/30.



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I This is a lineage advert

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