This month profiles Donna McDougal of The

Ruby Suit

Fed up waiting on record companies to recognise the potential in their pop-with-a- twist music. The Ruby Suit decided it was time to take hold of their own destinies. At the beginning of this year they went into the studio. recorded their debut single and released it on their own Hook. Line And Sinker label. Various line-up changes have meant live dates have been rare in recent months but all this is about to change. With a recently completed session in Edinburgh's Palladium Studios with Jon Turner and a string of dates in Central Scotland. pundits will be given the chance to savour a completely new set from the

supremely confident band.

Age: 29

Born: Ayr

Occupation: Musician Lives: Just off Leith Walk

How did you become involved in the music? I started playing guitar at thirteen. I never wanted a real job. I wanted to be a pop star.

Favourite record at the moment? Neneh Cherry's Money Love

Favourite film you have seen recently? Cape Fear on video. It's the best film in ages. with a great soundtrack as well.

Favourite TV programme? Coronation Street

Favourite book ? Perfume by Patrick Suskind

Who has had the greatest influence on you? I wouldn't say there's one person in particular. Everybody influences me . I suppose.

If you hadn't become a musician what do you think you would be doing? We were talking about this last week and I reckoned I'd probably have been a gardener.

What is your idea of a perfect night in? My feet up in front of the telly with a carry-out meal so I don't have to cook.

What is your idea of happiness? The satisfaction I get from writing songs and being able to do exactly as I please.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Why? I'd try a wann country. somewhere on the outskirts of a town with its own studio simply because it's so bloody cold here.

Do you have any phobias? Earwigs. I never have facecloths in the house be- cause when I was a wee girl I found an ealwig in one. Even now when I pick up a dishcloth or towel I have to shake it before I can use it.

What is your most disgusting habit? I'll say grinding my teeth but I'm sure if you asked the rest of the band they'd come up with something worse.

Heroes? I don't really have heroes but I really admire Edith Piaf although she was really screwed up. Musically. I admire Annie Lennox and Ian McCulloch. of course.

Villains? Quite a few. People like Bob Monkhouse - chat show hosts in general. Oh. and Def Leppard.