I The Senseless Things plug their Homophobic Asshole (it's the title oltheir single, honest) at Glasgow King Tut's and Edinburgh Venue. See Music listings.

I Tony Slattery will gethis ltil oil at the slightest encouragement. See his buttocks wobble in Peter's Friends. See Film preview.


I Daniel Day-Lewis is no slouch at the rippling llesh bit either, proving it in Last 0t The Mohicans. See Film review.

I Closerto Shakythan Shakespeare. this outtit. Diane Langlon plays the Courtesan in the 886‘s Comedy 0t Errors al Glasgow's Theatre Royal.

I See Theatre preview.

or mourn

‘ln State ofGraee I could beat , someone up in a bar or throw a brick through a window and with a bit of i luck get to do it three or four times.‘ I Gary ()ldman reveals the thespian l

. delights that attract him to the world . ()facting.

‘I can write a successful tune about anything: a packet ol'Cornflakes. a bus timetable. even a phone directory.‘

Jim Kerr hints that the lyrics of Simple Minds" next album eotdd makefor riveting reading.

"l’he only sensible solution is for every employer to engage men not women.‘

Novelist I )ame Barbara ( 'artland has her own way ()fs‘()l vin g Britain 's‘ economic problems.

‘Barbara (‘artland is right. Men should be employed in all areas currently hogged by women. Housework. shopping. cleaning. mothering. wiping arses and generally picking up the blooded pieces of a competitive male world.' A spokeswomanfor feminist magazine Harpies and Quotes takes a slightly dillerent view.

‘And here is my appeal. Barbara and l have both tried to uphold the public trust. And character. Bill (‘linton . .. Bruce Willis mentioned this. Bruce Willis said that . . . I mean that Clinton said that it is not the character ol‘ the president but the character ol the presidency. Wrong. 'l'hey're locked in. 'l‘hey are interlocked.‘

(ieorge Bush shows what a deeisive part his oratorieal abilities played in the CS Presidential lileetions‘.

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